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  1. Stephen Ward

    P6 manual gearbox detent springs

    As Minstrel keeps jumping of of 4th gear I have been told it is probably the detent spring that needs replacing. So now I am looking to replace all three detent springs in my 2000SC manual gearbox. Are these easy to replace? I know I have to remove the console from the top of the gearbox to get...
  2. Stephen Ward

    A few new problem with Minstrel!

    I used Minstrel to go to work yesterday for the first time. I only work 6 miles from home so didn't travel far. Had no trouble at all on the way to work apart from slight misfiring. I need to tune the carb better. I think Minstrel is running a bit weak. However, different story on the way home...
  3. Stephen Ward

    Heater wiring problem!!

    A few months ago I took the heater out of Minstrel (1972 2000SC) to refurb it. Having cleaned and resprayed it I put it back. As far as I can tell everything works including the heat, so no airlock found. However, when I try to wire it, I find I have 2 wires that come from the fan motor that do...
  4. Stephen Ward


    Well guys, it's time Minstrel had some new clothes. Have started the respray. Have taken off the 4 smaller panels to start with. This is the front and rear valances, front scuttle panel and the rear windscreen deck panel. Was a mildly surprised to find the panels in pretty good nick, although...
  5. Stephen Ward

    Rover P6 Fuel Sender Pipes

    WANTED: Fuel sender pipes for 2000SC. These are the steel pipes that go from the sender to the main fuel lines. My reserve tank pipe has corrode and is leaking. Unfortunately Richard Woodward doesn't have any available. Am hoping someone is maybe breaking a car and would sell me the pipes or at...
  6. Stephen Ward

    Rover P6 2000TC RHD Export Engine with or without twin Carbs.

    I have a 2000 RHD Export (Vin# 44700165b) for sale. Bought by myself about 2 years ago with intentions of putting into my own 2000TC. As I neither have the time or space now to do this I sadly have to sell it. The engine is not seized and have been assured it was running when last used about 5...
  7. Stephen Ward

    Minstrel R/O/S Brake Caliper problems

    I have been having a problem with the R/N/S brake on my 2000TC. It won't work on hand or foot brakes. The O/S works fine. I took the old caliper off, stripped it down and cleaned it. There was nothing seized on it, the handbrake mechanism worked fine. I put it back on only to find it still not...
  8. Stephen Ward

    P6 2000 manual Speedo cable removal

    Good evening Would someone please advise me how to remove the speedo from the gearbox. I have removed it from the speedometer. I cannot see how to remove it from the gearbox. Seems to be hidden at the top of the transmission tunnel which looks inaccessible from underneath. Many thanks in...
  9. Stephen Ward

    1972 P6 Rover 2000 TC Alternator still required

    Good evening people. I posted a thread shortly before Christmas stating that I required the above. I had a reply from Kingrat100. I have tried to find this member today on CRF, but to no avail. I have left an updated post for him/her stating that I would still like the alternator he offered and...
  10. Stephen Ward

    1972 P6 Rover 2000 TC alternator

    Hi people. I am looking for an alternator for my Minstrel. I stupidly connected the battery the wrong way round and burnt mine out. Would be grateful if anyone has one to sell, please? Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Also want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you and...
  11. Stephen Ward

    Alternator for 1972 Rover 2000 TC

    Hi. Has anyone got an alternator as listed above please. The one I have removed is a Valeo, but cannot find a part number on it. Due to stupid mishap on my part I have destroyed the one on my car, I put a battery on the car a couple of weeks ago to start Minstrel up. It was not the same battery...
  12. Stephen Ward

    Door seal tool

    Hi people. I know I have been absent on here for a while and I am sorry if some of you think bad of me. I have been really busy with work over the last few months especially as I changed my job about 3 months ago and now get even less time to do things. Pleased to say The Minstrel is still...
  13. Stephen Ward

    P6 2000tc front n/s brake caliper

    Hi people. Has anyone got one of the above either as scrap or for sale, please. I have cleaned and refurbished mine and now it leaks between the 2 halves. All the seals have been renewed. Many thanks in advance.....Steve
  14. Stephen Ward

    Trailing arm lower bush

    Good morning all. I am after some help regarding the trailing arm lower bush. What is the best way to refit a new bush onto the arm, please? Many thanks in advance.
  15. Stephen Ward

    De-dion tube oil

    Hi guys. I am in the process of refitting my De-dion Tube bàck onto my 1972 P6 2000TC. When I removed it there was no oil in it and it looked like there hadn't been any in it for many years. I am going follow the rules and replace the oil with SAE20W as the book says. I am just wondering why...
  16. Stephen Ward

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay under the limit and on the road. Enjoy the festive season and don't worry....BE HAPPY!! :) :)
  17. Stephen Ward

    Water in sills

    Good morning everyone. I have a problem with my P6. I am, as a lot of you know, restoring my 1972 2000TC 'The Minstrel'. Having replaced nearly all of the flooring, sill to floor, inner and outer sills on her i have now found another problem. Last week we had a really torrential downpour and I...
  18. Stephen Ward

    Classic Car Rally at Friston, Suffolk

    I was invited by a friend who is a member of a local Classic Car Club to go to a rally yesterday at Friston in Suffolk. The rally is known locally as Classics On The Green, I believe. I was totally surprised as to how many cars and motorcycles, pre-war and post-war, were there! There was well...
  19. Stephen Ward

    WANTED! P6 windscreen support channel, please.

    Good evening fellow Roverites. Can anybody help me out please? I am looking for a P6 windscreen support channel. It's the channel that runs at the bottom of the windscreen behind the white panel. I have looked on eBay but it wasn't very forthcoming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many...
  20. Stephen Ward

    The Ten Rover Amendments

    Just found this online at Rover Club of Sweden whilst looking for a toy model of my black and white P6 2000TC 'The Minstrel'. Thought some of you guys might like to read this: The Ten Rover Amendments These Ten Rovermandments were originally published in the RSTCA newsletter for February 2000...
  21. Stephen Ward

    Suffix letter for Girling or Dunlop

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the suffix letter for my 1972 P6 2000TC as described in the Owners Workshop Manual Autobook 890. It states 'Two types of brakes have been fitted. Dunlop to SC cars with suffix letter A,B,C and D and TC cars with suffix letter A. All other cars and all...
  22. Stephen Ward

    My 2000TC 'Minstrel' needs a lot of TLC..

    After buying my 1972 Rover 2000TC P6 a couple of weeks ago I am finally going to start getting her back to health and ready to go on the road again. Apparently this car had been standing for about the last 18 months or so without being used much. It failed the MOT in November 2015. This is the...
  23. Stephen Ward

    Hi to you all

    My name is Steve. Thanks for letting me join your elite group. Last week I purchased a 1972 (L) Rover P6 2000TC to do a partial restore project with my son. It failed an MOT in November last year on body and chassis corrosion. Also failed on some brake issues, but that problem is not as serious...