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  1. cbv8

    Wanted Oil Filter.

    Hi, Is anyone selling an oil filter for a 1971 P6 3500? thanks :thumb:
  2. cbv8

    Is this a rare factory P6???

    Hi All, I am asking for a friend is this a rare factory P6 etc??? as the vin plate looks very different Chris W where are you i bet you will know ;)
  3. cbv8

    Bargain of the year !

    Hi All, Just bought these brand new never fitted Lucas fog lamps for less than £100 got to be the bargain of the year happy muchness i am :):):)
  4. cbv8

    Whats my P6 worth?

    Hi All, Just throwing this out there as i'm considering selling my P6 3500 automatic as a new project looms it has a rot free base unit which was restore a few years ago with cd rom with pictures of the restoration has done 69k miles from new runs a sweet as a nut as does the gearbox in my...
  5. cbv8

    On Ebay yet again!!

    1970 Rover P6 3.5 V8 Barn/Garage find It comes with an extensive history file.. Its on Ebay again off on off sold not sold wrong listing etc now bids :LOL:
  6. cbv8

    On Ebay...

    Just seen this on Ebay looks a very bodged bits and pieces car to me i would be quite worried about all that overspray everywhere and what lies beneath but that's just my opinion. 1970 Rover P6 3.5 V8 Barn/Garage find *No reserve | eBay
  7. cbv8

    Nearly there.

    My 71 3500 nearly there with not much left to do wearing his new plates yes there some none period parts fitted ie P5b Rostyles and ebony boxpleat ambla seats inertia belts P.A.S and a white roof which will soon be vinyl i am lucky that the car was fitted with Sundym glass from factory so why...
  8. cbv8

    Electronic Distributor which is the best for reliability?

    Hi All, I am thinking of fitting an electronic distributor to my 71 3500 i have a used 35dlm8 in my garage which i know are reliable but fancy fitting something new to my P6 any experiences with new electronic distributors good or bad i have seen a few on eblag Ultra Spark Powerspark Mallory to...
  9. cbv8

    Wanted boot mounted spare wheel cover for 3500 and boot support stay rod and bracket.

    Hi, As above has anyone got any of these items for sale please thanks in advance ;)
  10. cbv8

    Where we buying our oil filters from ??

    Hi All, Now is the time to change my oil on my 71 P6 3500 where are we buying our filters from its been quite a few years since i bought any as i had a few stored as you do but now all used think the last time i bought one was back in the 90s :confused: so any recommendations please ;)
  11. cbv8

    Two door winder securing spring clips

    Hi All, Has anyone got two of these spring clips please the ones that you put on the inner door winder/opener before pushing them back on i will obviously pay for them and postage as i have somehow mislaid mine god knows how has everything else is where i left it ie in the car on the i must...
  12. cbv8

    Wanted 12 P6 chrome wheel nuts 35mm please.

    Hi All, Somehow in all the tidying (the wife again) up in my garage i have mislaid 12 chrome wheel nuts from my set of 25 has anyone got 12 decent chrome nuts 35mm length they want to sell me they don't have to be mint just decent please;)
  13. cbv8

    Wanted early hook type choke or reserve pull handle/knob.

    Hi All, As above has anyone got either as mine has broken into bits thanks in advance ;)
  14. cbv8

    My Two Tone P6

    I have just swapped over some half decent panels from a terminal rotten P6 i am scrapping onto my solid but rotten panelled P6 i quite like the look of a two tone P6 and might even whiten the quarter panels to go with the roof well at least its different :)
  15. cbv8

    Gap between the rear wing and quarter panel???

    Hi All, A silly question i know but have swapped all the panels on my P6 for some half decent ones off a P6 i am scrapping the rear wings are lined up and cannot go any higher but there is quite a gap between the top of the rear wing and the bottom of the quarter panel has anyone else had this...
  16. cbv8

    Wanted box pleat leather seats etc ?

    Hi All, I am still looking for a set of box pleat leather seats black /ebony would be nice but any colour considered may consider ambla? i have a set of leather flat pleat sandalwood seats and also a set of black nylon box pleat seats if anyone prefers a swap? please p/m me ;)
  17. cbv8

    After many hours/days of faffing about with none P.A.S!!

    After faffing about fitting P.A.S to my P6 3500 and swapping pumps turning impellers over etc i have finally found the culprit someone had inserted a little rubber tube/bung into the pump hole stopping any flow so after buying another pump fitting it to find out it was buggered i yet again...
  18. cbv8

    Bohemian Rhapsody movie .

    The P6 makes an appearance WATCH: Queen premiere new trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody movie News Home More from Rock News Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 2:56pm By Scott Colothan @scottcolothan Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter
  19. cbv8

    Wanted Power Steering Pump.

    Hi All, I am looking for a P.A.S steering pump for my P6 3500 must be in good working condition please ;)
  20. cbv8

    No power steering after fitting a kit?

    Hi All, I know this has been discussed but i cannot seem to find what the problem is via the threads i have recently fitted a Second Hand P.A.S kit to my P6b which had manual steering originally the kit came with the car when i bought it. After fitting the kit i bleed the system via the steering...
  21. cbv8

    P6 ET Headrests for sale.

    Hi All, For sale a pair of P6 ET Headrests both in sandlewood one has been re-coloured and has the button missing otherwise in very good condition open to offers ?
  22. cbv8

    Steering side rod equivalent nut size?

    Hi All, Sorry for the dim question but does anyone know the equivalent imperial nylok nut size for the steering side rod nuts pleaseo_O as i want to replace with nylok nuts not castellated thanks in advance ;)
  23. cbv8

    Wanted interior mirror.

    Hi All, Has anyone got a P6 interior mirror they want to sell i am looking for the later larger type not the small one thanks in advance ;)
  24. cbv8

    P6 mot time and passed first time.

    Hi All, Put my P6 3500 in for its mot today and it passed first time not bad for a car that has not been on the road since 2014 :D
  25. cbv8

    Wanted Black Boxpleat Leather Interior?

    Hi All, As above i am looking for a full set of seats i already have the door cards and shin bins the interior must be in very good condition i have a complete flat rib Sandlewood interior for sale or swaps for the above thanks in advance ;)