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    Job lot of parts sale, Nr Lancaster *ALL SOLD*

    Due to selling my P6b I'm having a clear out, I haven't time/inclination to sell this lot separately so £150 takes it. Decent series 2 dash top, small hole where the end of the stick points. Badge bar. 2 rear number plate plinths, one good, one pitted. 2 mirrors, one Winguard, one Desmo very...
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    She's gone, P6b sold......

    After 3 1/2yrs the 3yr rule had to be enforced and I've sold my V8, keep an eye on the Ace Classics (Leeds) site on Ebay and CarandClassic websites. It was with mixed emotions I waved her off to pastures new. But my Mk1 Escort which has been in the family for over 20yrs, (the only car the...
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    V8 mechanical fuel pump fittings

    Does anyone know the thread size/type for the inlet/outlet ports on a V8 mechanical fuel pump please. BSP or NPT or some other Rover only weirdness :lol: Cheers, John
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    Series 2 nearside rear wing req.

    I'm looking for a good nearside rear wing, preferably in a light colour, Almond would be awesome, drilled for side strips, and within collecting distance of the North West (or V. cheap due to postage costs). Mine has started to micro blister, I want to get one prepped and painted so a quick...
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    Air tools, Aldi 13/3/14

    Cheap 2.5hp compressor and a selection of air tools/filter etc. on Thursday.3yr guarantee as well. ... 3th-march/ John.
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    MOT fail/pass. GGRRrr.

    MOT booked for this morning, all the checks done on Sunday, everything OK except slight weep on pipe to petrol pump, nut nipped, good to go. This morning I pulled the car out of the garage and did checks again, no washers. I had obviously caught the wire tightening fuel pipe. The terminal was...
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    Touring car legends ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed)

    Three part documentary, tonight is the early years. ... ht-at-8pm/ John.
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    Lot of money, lot of car, good colour though...

    I like this a lot, Dear Santa.... John.
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    Fuel pump inlet thread

    Does any one know the thread size for the nut on the fuel inlet pipe to mechanical fuel pump please. I want to take off the fuel pump and would like to stop all the fuel from pouring out when I disconnect it (I have previous for engine arson this year :lol: ), so would like to know the thread to...
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    Nearly lost the car tonight.

    I am unhappy with my throttle response, so I decided to reset it this evening. After the first test run, more tweaking was needed but the engine was too hot to rest my hand on to support myself, so I put an old rag on the rocker cover and set it some more. Then I did another road test. I smelt...
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    It's British car week in the USA

    And Hemmings Daily website has it flagged up with a Pic of a 2000tc ... refer=news John.
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    Today my car made a lady cry

    For the last couple of days I have been at Chipping Steam Fair. When today a couple approached me and started asking about my car, and how I took care of it, where I got it, how long ago, it was like an interview. It transpired the when the first owner died...
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    Marsh Mill, Nr Fleetwood 5/5/13

    Today I went to a show at Marsh Mill, Thornton, near Fleetwood/Blackpool. It had 132 cars of all varieties, ( I didn't count them, I asked the organiser) On the P6 side there was: Tom, in his nice TC A very Nice V8 that looked minty fresh, and marked it's turf in V8 fashion Another V8 with...
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    Venetian blind

    Earlier this year I was at a garage sale, and amongst the tat was this: For £4, so I took a punt, and promptly forgot about it. Today I remembered, and gave it a go. It needed a lot cut off the height and I doubled up the slats for strength, I know the nearside strut is off vertical and this...
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    Drive it day TSSOC/Pilliing Old car club

    Today, a small group of us got together in memory of a friend who died 8 days ago and who usually was involved in our more complicated run outs. It was sunny at 8am, then we met at 1100 at Pilling amenity car park, and it wasn't. It was also sad not to see Little Al's rally Cooper S Riley Elf in...
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    A tad expensive, but sounds nice 3500

    North Manchester, strong money, not many photos though. John.
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    Hungry bear grumbling in my engine bay

    Last night I noticed a grumble like a hungry bear coming from the engine on tick over. It went away when I revved the engine. Today I found a bit of play in the water pump, I could slightly rock the fan. Taking off the fan belt the noise disappeared when the engine was ticking over. AHA! I...
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    My back end squeaks.

    I have just fitted new heavy duty rear springs and only driven the car locally, 20/30 limits, until today. I had a 10 mile run out with lots of sweeping bends, 50 limit. My back end now squeaks like a bag of angry mice. I noticed it first when reverse parking, it's got worse, I can get it when I...
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    Compressor/air tools @ Aldi 14th March.

    As above, here: ... sday13.htm I have one of these compressors, Mines yellow, bought it 2yrs ago. Very useful for the price.
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    removing a wing side strip

    Is there an easy way of removing a rear wing side strip (chrome/stainless) without fubaring it? I will be removing my r/n/s one as the wing has a bit of micro blistering and therefore wants painting. I dont want to end up with a strip of dented and kinked trim. Cheers. John.
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    Hepolite film of Classic motorsports 1955

    Mainly motorbikes of various guises, I'm sure it's a Bentley with the strange external roll cage in the stock car sequence from Odsal, and the double front wheeler at the end of the Banbury Classic Run is interesting. I Policed Coverdale and later the Wharfedale areas shown in the Alan Jefferies...
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    Fast Rover SD1

    If your're going to have an SD1, you might as well build a fast one...... John.
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    Infra red temp gauge

    On the 24th Jan. Lidl have infra red temp probes for £19.99, and right angle drill drives for £4.99 (at a fiver, worth it just to have on the shelf for that once only emergency use). ... date=38163 John
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    New Mango Boxpleat front seats.

    New Mango Vinyl boxpleat fronts eats on Ebay ... 4d08a9d846 John.
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    Renewing membership

    Is the club website link still available for annual renewals? I just don't want my renewal wandering around like the Red Dwarf of cyberspace. John