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  1. roverp480

    Brake Pedal Pushing Back

    As mentioned, it sounds like a leak in the servo or part of the pipework or none return valve. If you blip the throttle, does the pedal go down again ?. Hold brake pedal with left foot and blip throttle with right to try this , it increases the manifold depression. .
  2. roverp480

    Steering Wheel Removal

    Whilst you have access to the switch, check power is getting to it , light green wire with a brown trace should show 12 v with ignition on, if not check the flasher unit has power, which I believe is unfortunately behind the instruments . Are the screen washer and gauges working as they are on...
  3. roverp480

    Steering Wheel Removal

    There are 4 screws in the face of the cover which when removed lifts off over the column, revealing the switches. The connections to the wiring are found by opening the drivers side glovebox. Just by the where the column recess is, there is a fabric retaining strip which can be slid off a metal...
  4. roverp480


    Generally it is not a routine operation. I would use clock oil if the lubricant is all dried out.
  5. roverp480

    Steering Wheel Removal

    Have you got a standard wheel as from what I can see, once the wheel is off ,the screws(4) are revealed to remove the cover to the switches and then the screws (2) that hold them on ?
  6. roverp480

    HOK 36L - 2000TC Progress Report.

    As a matter of interest what interference fit did you achieve in the end?
  7. roverp480

    mates p4 1

    The coil contacts inside can get burnt and break contact. They can usually be repaired and I have seen them fitted with transistor switching to relive the contact of the electrical load. all hidden inside the clock. John Wearing will repair P4 Rover Parts: Time Clocks, P4 Miscellaneous...
  8. roverp480

    suddenly a rough running engine

    First time it happened I had the whole fuel and ignition system to bits , gradually using up the fuel with testing etc and eventually had to fill up again . Instantly, problem solved . Another time it was on my Land Rover which had two tanks, one filled with the duff fuel, switching tanks would...
  9. roverp480

    What altenator??

    Original 1975 vehicles had 18ACR & would have 4 wires according to the wiring diagram in my Rover Co. Workshop Manual and was a battery sensed one by the look of it. Replacements are usually machine sensed and don't need the sensing wire connected.
  10. roverp480

    Timing chain tensioner

    According to my Rover Workshop manual, steel Corgasyl gasket should have a smear of "Wellseal" compound on both sides, Composite ones fit dry.
  11. roverp480

    suddenly a rough running engine

    On two or three occasions I have had similar problems and has been duff petrol. Did not accelerate, popping & banging etc. Try replacing it .
  12. roverp480

    Rattle from front somwhere on P6 3500S

    As you have eliminated problems from the front ,I would have a look at the exhaust all the way along, as noise can travel .. I once was convinced I had noise from the clutch , wherever you listened the sound came from the bell housing area. Turned out to be the water pump!
  13. roverp480

    Brake and Ign warning lights.

    Get a Genuine Rover Workshop manual, I have found Haynes a bit hit and miss at times.
  14. roverp480

    Metric brake calipers?

    I suspect the parts book will show only the latest replacement calipers at the time, which would be metric. Also looking at the parts book the flexible's have imperial retaining nuts which would support your findings. I have some pipes off my Land Rover & they are imperial one end and metric...
  15. roverp480

    Brake shield removal

    As Harvep6 says, my 2200 parts list is showing 2 fixings per shield to the calliper and one into what looks like a thread insert in the shield , possibly from the pillar
  16. roverp480

    Brake shield removal

    Use of a hot air gun can often create enough differential expansion to break the rust.
  17. roverp480

    My latest toy.

    I wonder if there is something wrong with the alternator to vehicle wiring . You say the engine continues to run after you have switched off the ignition, when the warning light you have rigged up is connected. There cannot be enough current to feed the ignition circuit through the bulb, so it...
  18. roverp480

    suddenly a rough running engine

    I am talking about the distributer cap. It was trying to fire two cylinders at the same time and caused a severe knocking. I also have suffered poor fuel on 3 occasions over the years , but that caused a misfire , coughing & spluttering when trying to accelerate
  19. roverp480

    suddenly a rough running engine

    Does the "running rough" include any knocking? Just wondering if the spark is jumping across contacts in the cap, had it happen on my Range Rover years ago. Replacement was the only cure.
  20. roverp480

    Loss of brake fluid

    I suspect the front are actually 7/16"
  21. roverp480

    Replacing Plastic Fuel Lines with Rubber

    Given the problems lots a forums are posting regarding modern rubber hose failing after a few months with ethanol content , I would be keeping the original Nylon . I have just fitted a inline filter on my P6 2200 and made up my own extension pipes using black semi rigid Nylon 12 pipework...
  22. roverp480

    chassis number location please ?

    Its the same as the car number stamped on a small plate attached to the "A" post seen when you open front door , left hand side
  23. roverp480

    Running issues!!

    I believe the V8 has a ballasted coil, if the ballast is still in place there wont be 12v at the coil with the engine running, check it with a meter. You may need to get a 12v supply for the electronic ignition from another source.
  24. roverp480

    Running issues!!

    I presume the electronic ignition needs a 12V supply, where did you connect for this?
  25. roverp480

    My latest toy.

    I must admit Champion are not my favourite plugs, having nothing but problems with them even when fitted as original equipment . I use them in the chain saw but not anything else . Are you referring to when they were 5/- each?