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  1. Richard Zahra

    Surging, when cold

    have you set the carburetors? they might be slightly unbalanced or slightly weak. Apart from following the workshop manual , i rechecked my work using a Gunson colortune which showed I was slightly out on mixture. For balance either use a piece of tubing listening to the hiss or a balancer . Is...
  2. Richard Zahra

    Loss of brake fluid

    When my master had a leak it did not go into the footwell as normally happens. Somehow the dust cap kept the oil from leaking inside the car so the oil ended up leaking inside the cavity and dripped onto the suspension rubbers. I was under the impression that either the reservoir leaked or the...
  3. Richard Zahra

    Rough idle

    sorry Sdibbers didn't read your reply before posting my reply.
  4. Richard Zahra

    Rough idle

    You will need to check from inside the engine bay . The tap works through 90 degrees and sometimes gets stuck half way through.
  5. Richard Zahra

    Rough idle

    To add to the reserve fuel line point, check that the reserve tap inside the engine bay is engaged fully in either position. Sometimes when pulling out the reserve leaver from inside and pushing it back in doesn't necessarily push back the tap back in place. This can lead to partial fuel...
  6. Richard Zahra

    Getting back on the road

    I was given this website Power News -- Circular Logic that basically agrees with your way of thinking that it is better to load the engine to bed in the rings than taking it slowly. He even goes on to say that manufacturers push the engines to their limits when testing during assembly. I've...
  7. Richard Zahra

    brakes need lots of pressure and engine running a bit rough.

    Peter, I recently overhauled my servo ( around 2 years ago) and after that I noticed that I was loosing brake fluid from the level in the reservoir. This was a very small leak that I couldn't find and removed the servo twice since I was blaming the seals in the servo but did not find any oil...
  8. Richard Zahra

    A day to remember

    I had the opportunity to spend half a day with James Elliot , Chief editor of Octane Magazine, Gary Axon PR Head at Goodwood and Raoul San Giorgi, Senior Consultant to the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands . They were in Malta acting as Judges in the Valletta Concours D'Elegance and had some...
  9. Richard Zahra

    incrediable garage find, 20 yrs in, and still almost concourse?

    there's a second video to this showing the new owner admiring his acquisition. He seems to be genuinely pleased with what he has.
  10. Richard Zahra

    Proper Bonnet Prop Arrangement

    Lately a friend of mine remarked about the bonnet prop set up saying that the central set up as opposed to the left hand side set up is better since the bonnet stays straight when propped up instead of bending towards the right. Mine being a 1969 TC has the prop hinged to the left of the bonnet...
  11. Richard Zahra

    not Rover P6 specific oil in coolant question

    Note to admin - If you feel this doesn't belong here please delete, I understand. I am posting this question on this forum because I think the members here are very knowledgeable and might be able to help me out. I have recently bought a 1975 Alfa Romeo 105 series Spider and apart for a 5 mile...
  12. Richard Zahra

    Gearbox rebuild 4 cylinder

    I overhauled a gearbox some years back for a friend. If you follow the manual it shouldn't be too difficult and make sure the measurements are adhered to. The only mistake I did was that I didn't fill it up with oil when still on the bench. Unfortunately one of the gaskets had moved slightly...
  13. Richard Zahra

    Where best to mount a fire extinguisher?

    Received an answer from the manufacturer. The Blowy is no longer manufactured and its replacement is in the link below. The link was sent to me by the manufacturer as a point of sale. Cerca - Sophisticauto regards Richard
  14. Richard Zahra

    Where best to mount a fire extinguisher?

    The website for the Blowy manufacturer is the one below In the meantime I have written to the local (Malta) supplier to check whether he would consider shipping to the UK. I have also written to the company asking if they have a representative in the UK. Will let you all...
  15. Richard Zahra

    Where best to mount a fire extinguisher?

    I use a miniature fire extinguisher which I keep in the glovebox beneath the steering wheel. Its called a Blowy . See the attached video. Locally these are becoming popular with the boating fraternity.
  16. Richard Zahra

    JR Wadhams interior retrim

    do you have a side on view of the car please?
  17. Richard Zahra

    Play in the diff?

    @harveyp6 - how much do you expect the propshaft to rotate with the wheels on the ground on a 4 cyl manual car? I've just come back from a trip to Sicily and noticed that if travelling at around 50 mph or more and releasing the accelerator, a vibration can be felt and heard. I did not have the...
  18. Richard Zahra


  19. Richard Zahra

    1972 P6 2000

    Remember that the gearbox takes engine oil not gear oil.
  20. Richard Zahra

    losing the will to live now! help

    When replacing the condenser always have a second one spare as it happened twice to me that a brand new condenser was faulty.
  21. Richard Zahra

    Oil filters

    In the meantime I found specifications for a Bosch filter which according to Bosch fits the P6 and it is stated that the valve opens at 0.12 Bar. I think we are safe! Article №: 0 451 203 154 Oil Filter Car parts maker: BOSCH Suitable for ROVER 2200-3500 (P6) 2200 (TC) (83 KW / 113 HP / from...
  22. Richard Zahra

    Oil filters

    Vern, This is were my query started from. Going back to basics to try and explain what I mean, oil filters have at least 2 valves. One is the rubber flap seen beneath the 6/8 holes where the oil enters the filter and this is an anti drain valve and the other valve is installed inside the filter...
  23. Richard Zahra

    Oil filters

    Checked, Technocar.
  24. Richard Zahra

    Oil filters

    Thanks Deborah. If you find the time to come to Malta please do let me know . Would be great to meet . By the way that offer to meet when in Malta is open to all forum members! Regards Richard
  25. Richard Zahra

    Oil filters

    Hi Deborah, good to hear from you. The filters I have were bought way back in 2012 (you were still Squires then:D) and are in black boxes. I am sure they aren't Mann but at the moment cannot remember the name although they start with a T. I'll confirm this evening. The Mann filters the club...