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  1. cobraboy

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    You boys do have fun...…... Does he know yet ?
  2. cobraboy

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    Ah the old drop 'em onto a big rock test...……………….. big rock 2 TRM 0 Does H ever pay for any of your stuff he breaks ?
  3. cobraboy

    My latest toy.

    Lordy what a nightmare. Don't just glue it on, use a gasket.
  4. cobraboy

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    Ah ok, rubber it is then...………………... ……………….what about fitting a silly side exit exhaust first, then poly ?
  5. cobraboy

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    I think I saw a big rock in H's toolbox when I came over ……………………….
  6. cobraboy

    V8 Fuel starvation

    Does the fuel pipe that runs between your 2 carbs loop down and rest on the inlet manifold ? If it does it will be heating the fuel in there and will give the symptoms you describe. The answer is to slacken the unions and loop the pipe forward away from the heat. You could also put a thermal...
  7. cobraboy

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    Are you replacing the bellcrank pivot bushes with poly ? I would be interested to hear your thoughts if you are. Ta
  8. cobraboy

    New member seeking advice

    Of the two companies that you have highlighted one will provide you with excellent service and advice, and the other will just take your money. One will maybe go the extra mile and help you out if you are looking for a rare part. One will maybe have more to chose from, but may be a bit more...
  9. cobraboy

    Getting back on the road

    Great post and outcome. Perhaps you could put up the seal and bearing info, then this could be a sticky for the complete job ?
  10. cobraboy

    Have I trashed these heads?

    Just dress it with a file at an angle across the corner, it will be fine honest.
  11. cobraboy

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    what's that coming over the hill - Bing video :)
  12. cobraboy

    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    I fitted big air filters a couple of weeks ago and have had to custom grind needles to suit. I have gained a ton of 'seat of the pants horsepower', I cant believe the difference. Beware fitting big filters will make the motor run very lean ! I need to get a dyno test to report on gains, but am...
  13. cobraboy

    suddenly a rough running engine

    The advance diaphragm can be checked by sucking on the pipe, you can tell if the diaphragm is holed or leaky by sucking and putting your tongue over the pipe end, it should hold vacuum. The engine will still rev up if the diaphragm is shot so I doubt that is the problem. BF In post #6 you say...
  14. cobraboy

    1975 P6 3500S with 5 speed gearbox - Filling plug for gearbox ?

    If you are on a bush replacement quest then check out the two cotton reel bushes on the bottom of the rear of the box, and also the bumper rubber in the same location. The selector shaft always leaks oil where it goes into the box from the remote, this runs down and rots out the bushes mentioned.
  15. cobraboy

    Lights Camera Action!

    Not wanting to pee on your fireworks, but I don't think an ordinary nyloc nut will be up to snuff. I cannot recall seeing a nyloc on a big end ever, but I am receptive to being educated.
  16. cobraboy

    Lights Camera Action!

    Agree They would be banging on the side of the block on the way round.
  17. cobraboy

    Lights Camera Action!

    I am staggered that a big end bolt has a thread of 13/16" That has got to be a miss print - come on that is steam engine sizing !
  18. cobraboy

    Hello from Merseyside

    Well its not a proper VW is it :) PS I have a T5 Kombi Sportline SWB ………. Its not proper either !
  19. cobraboy

    P6 3500S Brakes

    Compared to a modern the brake will appear firmer. The V8 does not produce a huge amount of vacuum which is a factor as well. You could always take off the vacuum hose to the servo, plug it and go for a drive to see what unassisted feels like. PS throw up some pics, car sounds interesting.
  20. cobraboy

    Hello from Merseyside

    No Twas a joke about you needing to know what a radiator is ……….. coming from an aircooled VW !
  21. cobraboy

    Series2 v8 manifolds

    I have a set from an auto that I would let go. Send me a PM if interested. Mark
  22. cobraboy

    Hello from Merseyside

    Welcome You wont be disappointed. Start reading up on radiators and coolant :)
  23. cobraboy

    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Good call Jim Submersible Fuel Line Hose | Fuel Line Hose | Engine Hose | Fluid Power | Gates Corporation Richard from what I can make out that J30 R9 hose will not take being immersed in fuel. Of course I may have miss read your post and you have already found the extension piece degraded and...
  24. cobraboy

    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    You may not be out of the woods yet. Gates Ethanol safe rubber hose is two layered, only the inner is E safe. The hose you used to extend your sender might be the same. I would put a sample in a jar of fuel and see if the outer layer breaks down. If it does the extension piece will fill your...
  25. cobraboy

    Front bumper and over riders.

    An elderly neighbour has recently passed away and in clearing out his home relatives have found a P6 front bumper and over riders. They have passed it to me to re home as they do not wish to see it scrapped. There are two small dents on the sharp front edge and pitting to the top surface, the...