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    Anglesey Vintage Rally - May 18th & 19th

    This is always a good show with a wide range of different exhibits. The classic car section seems to grow every year. anglesey vintage equipment society - Vintage Rally 2019 I'll pop along for a mooch. Anyone else thinking of attending?
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    Timing chain tensioner

    A tip rather than a how to - a small cable tie around the tensioner before fitting it reduces the risk of dropping it down the inside of the engine. Snip it off once you've finished. Also cram bubble-wrap into the gaps around the timing chain to catch anything you do drop. (I prefer this to rags...
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    Brake shield removal

    Ah, that'll teach me to read properly! It was the two into the caliper that I was thinking of - I hadn't registered that they'd already been removed. Sorry.
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    Brake shield removal

    I could have sworn there were two.
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    Lights Camera Action!

    Interesting work there. Just a suggestion, but start a new thread with a more accurate title, in the appropriate section? Folks with no interest in lights may be missing your posts. It might also help anyone searching in the future.
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    Rover P6 parts

    Those headrests are known as "ET" type and are worth a small fortune. I'd suggest that you ask for an honest valuation here before accepting the first offer. Or check ebay's completed listings for an idea how much they sell for. Only 4 of the light lenses look Rover P6 to me, and aren't worth much.
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    Lights Camera Action!

    My car feels a lot better with them but it's not really a fair comparison as I didn't try new original types, just replaced the worn originals with VW ones.
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    Lights Camera Action!

    15928 Eg: Febi Bilstein Genuine Spare Replacement Engine Mounting 15928 for sale online | eBay
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    There aren't many 45 year old classics that ...

    ... you'd risk using on a 240mile round trip to drop your daughter at the airport for a 4am check-in. Apart from thick fog hiding the sign to Terminal 3, all went smoothly. Averaged 60mph and didn't need to stop for fuel. How has your P6 impressed you lately?
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    Brake Master Cylinder Alternative

    You do need to be careful buying Land Rover parts. Prices are often too low to provide decent quality. At a minimum you'll need to strip down a master cylinder sold that cheap and clean out the swarf before risking it on the car. You might also find yourself replacing the seals with better...
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    Wanted early hook type choke or reserve pull handle/knob.

    On some of them, the hooked bit unscrews so can be replaced without changing the whole cable. I can't remember which - the reserve perhaps? (odds are 50:50 anyway)
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    Oil leak

    Mine's embarassing itself the same way at the moment. I'm convinced it's the cylinder head o-ring.
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    LED sidelights

    This page has one solution: Automotive Relay Guide | 12 Volt Planet Near the bottom of the page - "Adding a buzzer that warns when you've left your headlights on"
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    My latest toy.

    The sender is accessible from below without removing the tank. Not a pleasant job but straightforward enough.
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    LED sidelights

    Interesting comment on that site that the dimmer still works with them. That's unexpected.
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    More on MoT

    I agree with all that. I'd find Tobacco Leaf rather a challenge too, though polished up on a good car it can look nice. Personally I wouldn't worry about the 'originality police', P6 circles don't seem to be afflicted with them as badly as some other models. The need to paint all the door jams...
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    keys to the forum

    Keep me in mind if nobody better comes forward. Hopefully I - a) won't be needed and b) won't be a total disaster.
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    keys to the forum

    Best wishes from me too Rich. I do have some experience of SQL so could, at a pinch, help out, and am willing to step up. But, and it's a big but, I've come to the conclusion that I have some form of attention deficite disorder (only took half a century to figure out) which makes me lousy at...
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    More on MoT

    I can't quite decipher your post Robin but it appears that whatever system you used has worked perfectly. So all's well with the world.
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    New Fuel Tanks

    Or find a better used one. I think they're most prone to rust when the car is unused for a long period. I resurrected my P6 after it had been sitting in a garage for 15 years and the tank had a couple of inches of rusty sludge in the bottom which was always going to be a problem. But the tank...
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    Rough from cold - Thermostat?

    That's not something going wrong, that's you discovering what's already wrong. Without driving it, you'll never shake out gremlins like that so they'll just multiply, unseen, until...
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    Bonnet release on P6 3500

    I haven't checked the P6 but on a P4, if you know where to look there's a special hole that you can poke a screwdriver through and flip the catch. Stands to reason that the feature would be carried across later models. (I only know the above because I bought a long unused P4 last week which had...
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    Miscellaneous Switch

    I've just removed an identical sounding switch from a Rover P4. This one had a black wire to earth and another linking into the low tension lead between the coil and distributor. So when "on", the LT circuit would be earthed preventing a spark.
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    Central gear stick console.

    Dean I've sent you a message.
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    de dion tube

    Hi Dennis, I've written down your address so feel free to remove it from the post. Don't worry about the postage, it doesn't weigh much. :)