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  1. rockdemon

    Searching for our rover 100

    Hi yes you're fine to give the reg. Good luck with your search. There is a chance it's in a barn somewhere so it may take some time
  2. rockdemon

    Sleipnir/PAE (OR Rovey to Phoebe!) - SOLD

    Don't worry I'll still keep the forum ticking over :-)
  3. rockdemon


    Just to let you all know mark's had a heart issue but is on the mend and being looked after. I believe business is being looked after but don't be surprised with some delays etc.
  4. rockdemon


    Just so people aware, MGBD have had to shut down for a few days due to a medical emergency. I dont know details, but wanted to let people know, i) so they can send their wishes and ii) so people who are waiting for something are at least aware. Hope everything is sorted soon
  5. rockdemon

    East Midlands Rovers meet 2nd April.

    Hi all, Just a reminder for the first meeting for the region. I'm still unable to do stuff after my operation but keen to make sure this still happens. All are welcome. Thanks.
  6. rockdemon

    Rover p6b 3500 starting problem

    What fuel pump and fitted where? Hs or hif carbs?
  7. rockdemon

    New old member

    not a problem... I dont like having to sift through them to be honest, but for every genuine joiner we get 3 or 4 people try and join just to fill the forum with adverts for diet pills, viagra et al. There's no real alternative to a human to filter them out.
  8. rockdemon

    New old member

    Welcome to the forum :-)
  9. rockdemon

    keys to the forum

    Thank you :-)
  10. rockdemon

    keys to the forum

    I'm just after someone trusted to be a plan b. I hope we never have to use it.
  11. rockdemon

    keys to the forum

    Aww thanks guys :-) I'm getting better every day. The internet is well surfed and i've got much better at sudoku. Can't wait till I'm allowed to sit up for longer periods as I have plenty I can do then.
  12. rockdemon

    keys to the forum

    Hi everyone, For those that dont know i've had a bit of a rough time recently culminating in surgery on my spine on saturday. Whilst on this occasion it seems that everything is well, it did occcur to me that i'm a potential point of failure of the forum so i think i somehow need to make sure...
  13. rockdemon

    Sandlewood ET headrests for sale

    On sandlewood it all fades like that. I think they'd be lovely in my car as currently I have sandlewood seats with beige headrests... Bigger fish to fry at the moment though. Need to concentrate on recovering first
  14. rockdemon

    New Here With my 1967 Rover tc 2000

    Welcome to the forum :)