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  1. chrisw

    New member seeking advice

    They've had that conversation with more than a few people. I'll only deal with Wins or Pierre these days. Also, Richard Woodward has a lot of P6 spares.. from cars he's picked up. A good source of second hand parts is always worth looking at.
  2. chrisw

    Thinking of selling juicy

    If you want a proper valuation, approach a club. However, you might want to include some details, and more than just a shot from half a mile away.
  3. chrisw

    Head gaskets where to buy etc

    My two cents; Wins International. Geoff is good and has a great level of knowledge.
  4. chrisw

    convertible p6 at Practical Classics restoration show at the NEC in Birmingham

    P5 Hearse. It's been there a couple of times over the years. The P6 has simply had its' roof chopped off.. doors haven't been extended, which is a shame. I'd like to see someone actually copy the factory convertible one day.
  5. chrisw

    NEC restoration show

    I tend to only go these days if I'm offered a free ticket.. and then get there as early as possible and just spend a few hours wandering around.
  6. chrisw

    More on MoT

    and a box of free towels on the back seat, to mop up everyone's drool!
  7. chrisw

    New Fuel Tanks

    Are you in Luton? I'm only a few miles away, and have a spare V8 tank if that's of any use?
  8. chrisw

    NEC restoration show

    I'll be putting in an appearance, as I'm a member of several clubs displaying this weekend.
  9. chrisw

    What's next at Lake View

    That's very cool. I have the prototype for this in the garage. Hasn't run since the 1980s, but it will again one day.
  10. chrisw

    Large amount of Vintage Rover related items

    I'd say start with a price that you're happy with, and if they don't sell, lower the price in a few weeks' time. You could use £50 as a start price.. Please let us know your ebay details, so that we can keep an eye on them..
  11. chrisw

    Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars - Rover 2200SC

    I've got the prototype one in the garage.. and a generic manual sliding roof in the shed. I've seen a couple over the years. Clive has a restored one in Derby..
  12. chrisw

    Large amount of Vintage Rover related items

    Hi Garth, You could advertise it on ebay and over social media, in collections of papers. I'd certainly love to see some of the P2 manuals and parts catalogues. Where are you in the UK? Regards, Chris
  13. chrisw

    On eBay every few days!

    Because they live in third world countries, and believe that they can make millions this way. They also believe that it is a victimless crime, as many are under the impression that the banks will reimburse anyone who has lost money.
  14. chrisw

    Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars - Rover 2200SC

    A lot of people converted their cars from TC's to SC's.. when the TC head went, or the exhaust manifold died, it was often easier to convert the car than repair it.
  15. chrisw

    Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars - Rover 2200SC

    Not for an SC it isn't. Would have been retrofitted by a previous owner.
  16. chrisw

    CAR S.O.S. - Mango P6

    Oh I have the factory registration records, so I know what it is..
  17. chrisw

    CAR S.O.S. - Mango P6

    Factory registered 2200..
  18. chrisw

    New round Icelert for NADA P6 models

    Actually, it was for the Federal P6 models. The 4-pots were never called NADA.
  19. chrisw

    just seen this on flickr.

  20. chrisw

    Nice '65 on a C......

    The photo that I posted came from the ebay auction. I'm assuming that it was originally white. Considering that the stainless trims have been removed, I would suggest that the roof has been replaced. As such, it should probably be removed again to check the condition of the roof rails.
  21. chrisw

    1965 p6 on donedeal

    EUO671C was the UK plate..
  22. chrisw

    Nice '65 on a C......

  23. chrisw

    Hi from ireland

    A lot have rusted away.. others are in hiding. There are a few out there, but this really isn't the best time of year.
  24. chrisw

    vip up for sale again

    Yes, it's still a VIP as it's the chassis number that denotes a VIP. Same as someone taking a 2000SC and dropping a V8 into it.. makes it a 2000 with a V8 fitted, rather than a V8. However, it's been personalised to the extreme.. and unless someone were to fix the badges and handle on the...
  25. chrisw

    Anyone know this p6?

    The company had access to, and a very close relationship with, the Solihull VRO which held the XC plate range from April 1964 until the 1970s. That said, only around 10% of cars on XC plates were Rover factory cars, with the majority of those being PED/Export vehicles.