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  1. Speedfreak

    Recommended battery for p6 2200 tc

    I got mine from CPC batteries in Surbiton Surrey. The owner of the company had a P6 back in the day and he knew the correct battery that not only fitted in the box but that also had the terminals the right way round. Not a bad price either I seem to remember. Their number is 02083971813 Might...
  2. Speedfreak

    its the small things in life..........15 mins of fun!

    I had exactly the same experience, the variable delay had not worked for several years and like you I thought this is going to be difficult if not impossible to repair. However half an hour of labour, and some creative thinking and hey presto they have worked brilliantly now for the last 10...
  3. Speedfreak

    Throttle linkage set up.

    Thanks Harvey....that makes sense.:):thumb:
  4. Speedfreak

    Throttle linkage set up.

    I am trying to remember the correct set up for the throttle linkage on the 2000 single carburettor. Photograph A is how I was told to do it, but from memory, and from the scoring on the metal I think it’s more like photograph B. Can anyone kindly advise?
  5. Speedfreak

    Rover International Rally Duxford 1990

    This video on youtube shows the Rover International Rally at Duxford in 1990. Where you there? (I was) Was your car there. The TCZ is shown too.
  6. Speedfreak

    A little low on the driver side.

    Hi Cobraboy, many thanks for that, I will get it round to a friend of mine who has a ramp at some point so we can have a good look, I tried to have a look on my drive at home and couldn’t see anything. Need to get on with it quickly as the council will be gritting the roads round here soon and...
  7. Speedfreak

    A little low on the driver side.

    Every now and then when looking at my car I have sometimes thought she seems a little low on the driver side at the rear. Took out the trusty tape measure today finally and I measure from the middle of the rear wheel arch down to the ground. She is sitting approximately 2 cm lower on the...
  8. Speedfreak

    Fuel and temperature gauge dropping intermittently.

    Any offers advice would be appreciated, very occasionally my fuel gauge and my temperature gauge both drop about 25% of the travel distance, maybe just for a few seconds, then all is well. They never seem to return to the off position, and it only ever seems to last a few seconds. There is...
  9. Speedfreak

    Exhaust emissions

    As of today (19/10/2021) When I enter my registration plate on the official transport for London website it says I need to pay the ULEZ fee. However if you then proceed through to the payment section, it only comes up with the congestion charge fee, the box that you tick for the ultra low...
  10. Speedfreak

    Grill paint

    I just use a dab of clear shoe polish and then give it a good buff. I’ve never tried to repaint the silver edges as I’m not sure I’m accurate enough, always scared I’d ruin it.
  11. Speedfreak

    Gear stick bush

    I can see now there is a locator for it, I just wasn’t looking hard enough!
  12. Speedfreak

    Gear stick bush

    I am replacing the spherical bush that the gear stick sticks into the little pin that obviously locates into the ball on the stick. My question is when reassembling which way do I position this, I’m guessing it’s with the nipple to the front but I wanted to check that doesn’t seem to be any...
  13. Speedfreak

    Drivers seat

    Thank you to you both, that’s very useful information:thumb::)
  14. Speedfreak

    Drivers seat

    Not sure if this question has been asked here before, but can I put a passenger seat in the place of the drivers seat? I appreciate the tilt adjuster will be on the wrong side, but other than this are there any issues or is it completely different?
  15. Speedfreak

    Boot Lid R&R issues?

    from memory, many years ago I made the mistake of not putting the hinge bolts back where I got them from. The issue being that one bolt is longer than the other, and if you put the long bolt in the short hole you will puncture the surface of the boot skin. I learnt the hard way on that one. Also...
  16. Speedfreak

    Where have you visted in your Rover this summer?

    As many of us will have a stay-cation this year, I thought it might be fun to start a "where have you been in your Rover this summer" thread. We could post where and when and a suitable photo. I will get things going.... A caravan weekend at Hayling island on the south coast. Mid may 2021, round...
  17. Speedfreak

    Great new web site

    I see the people at Wins have a great new web site ( ) its like an Aladin's cave! I have no connection to Wins other than I have used them for spares for years now and always found them brilliant to deal with.
  18. Speedfreak

    nidgebeaky Hi I am a new member with 2000TC with odd question?

    The auto box is MUCH fatter from memory, pretty sure it simply wont fit. I have had both at times over the years, if I am correct even the carpets are narrower in the auto's.
  19. Speedfreak

    Aftermarket steering wheels...

    Moto-Lita looks nice. I rescued this from a dumped crashed P6 the day it went to the scrap yard in London back in the 80s. I bet the Tow Truck folk cursed me when they were trying to move the car from the lamppost it was wrapped around. The next weekend I saw the same car in the local scrapyard...
  20. Speedfreak

    Hi all from Australia

    I like the colour, pretty sure I’ve not seen that here in the UK. Possibly an export colour. I’m sure someone far more knowledgeable than me on here will confirm. Good luck with your repairs and service. Plenty of clever folk on here always ready to offer advice if required.
  21. Speedfreak

    Hi all from Australia

    G-day that’s quite an unusual looking colour from the photographs is it the original paintwork and if so do you know the name of the colour? Love the big vents under the radio I guess for air-conditioning? Don’t see that and certainly don’t need that very often here in the UK.
  22. Speedfreak

    eBay scams

    I had a very similar experience:hmm: as you say...when it suits them.
  23. Speedfreak

    eBay scams

    I bet many of us on this forum look on eBay to see what P6 cars come up for sale out of nothing more than generally idle curiosity. Every few weeks or so the same white and blue rovers come up for sale at a slightly unusual price, and there’s always a photograph of a note next to it saying to...
  24. Speedfreak

    Heated rear windscreen

    Hi Harvey, not sure when it last worked, however through last summer I did have some welding done to the rear end of the inner sill........I am guessing from your question, that could be my issue. However I shall follow your advice and start tracing things back.