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  1. thamesroverp6

    breather pipe

    hi there , i removed the air filter that is between the air cleaner and the block at the rear of the engine , only to find the right angle pipe fitting into the block is loose. Can someone tell me how it is attached to the block? is it pressed in? can i cement it in place somehow? I have pulled...
  2. thamesroverp6

    throttle rod and choke cable

    hello one and all, can i have some help/info please, i have to reassemble the linkages to the SUs after refurbishing the heater assy, and i look at my manual and it shows the choke cable attached to the LH SU side if i have HIF6s (which i have), but the choke cable was attached to the RH SU ,as...
  3. thamesroverp6

    door hinges and overiders

    Hi all, hope all is well. i need some help or answers please. I have made good progress putting the doors back together with one to go (the front passenger) and one sd1 rim to clean up and paint. Then acelerator linkages to reassemble,as had heater out to refurbish,new oil and filter, and oh...
  4. thamesroverp6

    door glass channel

    Hello all , im looking for the metal channels that the door glass sits in, and the regulator slides in. I require the front left hand (passenger side) and a rear right one please Im in the Waikato New Zealand Thanks Karl
  5. thamesroverp6

    trailer plug

    hi all, those who have trailer plugs, where have you mounted them? The old, out of date, round one was welded to a chunky plate on the bar , so cut it off . I wish it to look tidy Thanks
  6. thamesroverp6


    hi , can a camshaft be removed and lobes built up to a certain profile and then reinstalled without servicing the bearings? thanks
  7. thamesroverp6

    sd1 heads info please

    i have a set of sd1 heads laying around and once i get the p6b up and running, i may look at fitting them to the block later on. can someone please tell me: can i remove existing heads and fit sd1 heads without the need to replace/fit anything else? Apart from tin gaskets, will i need new head...
  8. thamesroverp6

    Making progress

    Front seats in Decided to redo the doors so taking them back to bare metal I resprayed them ages ago with cans of colour matched paint but not happy with the same but different shades , so will get the compressor out and spray the paint I have on order.
  9. thamesroverp6

    Help please rear valance screws

    Hi all, I have to email my hardware store with my list of hardware and they will leave it outside for me to collect - so I need to know what the pitch of thread is for the six screws that hold the rear valance in place. Does someone know what they are? The manual does not tell me. Pleases and...
  10. thamesroverp6

    Carb linkage

    Hi all again , hope all is well Some are getting lockdown restrictions relaxed? We in the NZ start ours tomorrow, ANZAC day today Can sometime please confirm whether is this correct or not? There seems to be a metal bush of some description brazed to the arm I'm the photo, I thought it was...
  11. thamesroverp6

    what to do?

    Hi there , not sure what to do here, i do not have the two hoses for the flame arrestor (if thats what it is called) on the left bank and seems hard to find some from a supplier. Can anyone suggest what i could do? Can one fit a filter to the rocker cover outlet and blank off the carbies pipe...
  12. thamesroverp6

    front seat spacers

    hi there, could someone possibly tell me where the spacers go for the front seats please. I have reoved the seats along time ago and now that they are going back in, i have not recorded where they go. i have 2 smaller spaces and two bigger (longer) spacers. They seem to be in one bag so are they...
  13. thamesroverp6

    New carpet

    Starting to refit the interior, left side carpet almost completed. Not a professionals job but looks ok and way better than what was there. Misses is saying I love my car more than her, so that's all for tonight.
  14. thamesroverp6

    Choke cable route

    Hi all , can someone please tell me or a pic on how/where the choke cable is routed ? It's been a while and I cannot remember , I do have the air cleaner assembly off , WSM doesn't show clearly enough Thanks I'll carry on with something else Cheers Karl
  15. thamesroverp6

    carpet order

    hi all, been awhile since i been on here , but been slowly plodding along putting my p6b back together. i have some carpets (new) which im putting in, but not sure whether the sill carpet pieces are laid first and then the piece that runs across the back ( partially covered by the back seat...
  16. thamesroverp6

    wiring loom on both sides

    Hi all, having removed the interior lining from the pillars, there is a wiring loom up the left pillar and one up on the right can someone tell me what/where they belong/go to please? I think theyre the b pillars? The front seat belts are attached to them. Thanks Karl
  17. thamesroverp6

    pressure build up

    hi all, I thought I had read here in a post but cant find it, a way to build up oil pressure first before starting the RV8 up which has been sitting for a few months, not going. Can anyone tell me the easiest and or best way to get some pressure up or oil up to the top end before ignition? Thank...
  18. thamesroverp6


    hi can someone shed some light on if and why there looks to be bung made of steel at the bottom of the b pillar? Its steel cause its rusty but not sure I can remove and replace them. Whats its purpose ? Thanks Karl
  19. thamesroverp6

    front link

    hi all, my front link rubber bush has softened due to pas fluid leaking down to it (seems a common happening with leaks) and I have a spares car with the same problem, rather than replacing the bush, can one use the link from the other side? Or are they handed? Thanks Karl
  20. thamesroverp6

    interior light

    Hi all, can someone give me an idea of why my interior (roof) lense is loose and with some vibration falls out? Is there supposed to be a seal or foam or spring loaded mechanism to hold it in place? Is it still available or something to use in place? Thanks
  21. thamesroverp6

    rear transmission mount

    Hello all, I have dropped the rear of my transmission to facilitate the removal of the seized gear linkages, now a couple of months ago and now i have forgotten how the mount bolts to the chassis. It is not so much the 2 bolts but the thick spacers and their sequence. There seems to be one...
  22. thamesroverp6

    3500s rolling chassis

    Hi all, I have purchased a 3500s rolling chassis. I get it in a fortnight roughly. I'm in Thames 3500 (Waikato) New Zealand It has most bits but some will end up in mine. If you need something let me know, and if its available, go from there. Thanks Karl
  23. thamesroverp6

    exhaust query

    Hi all, I have purchased a 3500s rolling chassis of which has the orig exhaust in it Both pipes have resonators? just from where they would bolt up to the manifolds. Can someone tell me what these actually are? I was going to use these (in part) as a twin set up (yet to design) for the 3500 auto...
  24. thamesroverp6

    inhibitor switch

    Hi there, I have removed my inhibitor switch and tightened the housing and refitted to transmission and adjusted to allow the switching of the reverse lights in reverse position. The manual says that the inhibitor switching can be closed in park and neutral, but I cant seem to adjust the switch...
  25. thamesroverp6

    reversing switch again

    Hi all, just wondering if someone might be able to tell me if I remove the reverse light/ inhibitor switch on my bw35 will transmission oil pour out of its aperture? The reverse lights don't work and the wires are on but I can see considerable movement between the metal housing of the switch and...