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    Webasto and head lining

    Hi All Long shot I know, but after 24 long years my 2000 TC is now road legal all that needs doing now is my fully restored Webasto sun roof needs to be installed along with the headlining. I'm currently on chemotherapy which has complacated the problem as you can imagine. So I'm looking for...
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    Head & fog light switch

    Hi all just a quick question. I not sure of the correct wiring connections for the headlight switch for my 1967 2000tc. I seem to have either no headlights on or all four lights on. Sidelights seem to work ok as normal. including the four connections the switch is numbered 1 to 8 as per diagram...
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    Boot seal

    Hi all just a quick question, I'm trying to do it the boot seal to the edge of boot (the monoc not the lid itself) and it appears to be too small does anyone know whether it just sit on the frame or should it overlap which would make it a lot easier to fit!! Cheers Kevin
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    headlight switch

    Hi All Just a quick question having more problems with my headlights, no matter how I wire the switch can't seem to get my head lights on, they appear to come on when I move the switch up to the top setting which I assume is for fog lights but the bottom position doesn't have any affect. I was...
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    Indicators not working

    Hi All I'm still having issues with the indicators, now can't get them to work at all. I tried to wire in a hazard unit which worked briefly but I think it burnt out the flasher unit as it go very hot, so replaced it for a like for like unit and now nothing fuse ok and pretty sure all earthed...
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    Indicators not working

    Hi All I'm still having issues with the indicators, now can't get them to work at all. I tried to wire in a hazard unit which worked briefly but I think it burnt out the flasher unit as it go very hot, so replaced it for a like for like unit and now nothing fuse ok and pretty sure all earthed...
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    strip speedo wiring

    Ho I have series one P6 with the strip speedo, I'm having problems with the indicators they work but I get either both flashing on the dash or three with the full beam on as well! I was wondering if anyone knows the correct sequence of the wiring at the back of the strip speedo so far the only I...
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    Britax static seat belts

    Hi All I've decided to swap my Britax seat belts for a pair of inertia seats belts so have a #the static ones up on ebay if anyone is interested regards Kevin P6 Rover Britax static seat belts
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    Conversation to inertia seat belts.

    Hi All I've decided to install the three point inertia seat belts in my series 1 [ my britax static belts are now on ebay if anyone is interested "]P6 Rover Britax static seat belts and was wondering if anyone has done the same and if so where did they drill the addition hole for the third...
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    boot badge, chrome surround

    Hi All I'm the latest to ask if anyone has the chrome surround for the central boot badge? mines got one of the lugs broken off
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    hazard lights

    Stupid question time; I'm coming to the end of my restoration of my series 1967 2000 tc and was wondering if hazard lights would have been fitted to this model and year can't find a switch or knob for one, try to keep it original as possible.
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    non starter after tappet adjustment

    Hi All need some help, recently had tappets sized correctley and now I've refitted them and put the cam back as I took it out refitted it all and now the car turns over but refuses to start! at no stage did I take the dizzi out and there is a spark at the plugs I could have the leads in the...
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    series one chrome trim

    Hi a long shot but I'm looking for series 1 chrome trim set,(the thin one) incomplete as I only need one door strip anything considered. In anticipation thanks
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    bi-metal voltage regulator

    Hi All making progress with my 2000 tc converted it to alternator and going through the gauges, both the temperature and fuel gauge are not working, according to the wiring diagram there is a 'bi-metal voltage regulator' [no 58 on the wiring diagram] anyone have an idea where it might actually...
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    fuel pump !

    hopefully someone can stop me going mad! I've stripped down my glass bowel type petrol pump for my 1967 2000tc and changed the usual parts, new diaphragm etc. I've now got petrol going in and not coming out! if I operate the lever underneath the pump petrol will dribble out, I've blown through...
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    HD8 carbs set up

    Hi All just got a question I've recently had my twin HD8 carbs refurbished, they look great but I can only seem to get them running for about 30 seconds before the car stalls, they run quite fast and then stall I'm assuming they are flooding but as everything should be new can't figure out why...
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    Carburettor refurbishment

    Hi All Just thought I would pass this on I recently decided to have my twin carbs properly refurbished, and after a phone around found this company called Classic fuel systems in Bradford that carried out a concourse standard refurb for half the cost quoted anywhere else in half the time and...
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    flashing over a dynamo

    dear All Just had my dynamo refurbished and it still doesn't charge, the chap who refurbed it replaced the armature, and before I took it away he said it would need to be flashed over he showed me that all you need to do is switch on the ignition and spark the terminal against the body of the...
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    Brake Disc skimmers

    Hi Just thought I would pass on this site I used recently. He's bases around Newmarket in Cambridgeshire, very helpful had all 4 disc skimmed while I waited for very reasonable price.
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    head lining fitter

    Hi All I'm finally getting close to completing my P6 2000 [paint job is due end of June] and I'm looking for someone to fit a webasto tudor sunroof that I had refurbed by R & S Coachbuilts. Also need the roof lining fitted. Does anyone know of someone or somewhere that I can contact in the...
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    rock hard brake pedal!

    Hi All seasons greetings to one and all; now to the point I finally got my 2000 Tc running even stats in this weather! but one issue still remains a problem, I've swapped out the master brake cylinder some time ago but I've had it out recently seems to be ok , piston moves, and I've changed the...
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    choke set up for 2000tc carbs

    Hi can anyone help; I;ve got my 1967 2000tc running [again!] but after getting in a car tune expert he says the choke isn't working properly. I've now taken the carbs off and am at a lost to see how the choke cable operates, it appears that it is just connected to a static braket so when...
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    rev counter wiring

    Hi can anyone give me a simple break down as to how the rev counter is wired up on my 1967 2000 TC I have luminetion ignition and now the car runs fine but there seems to be no power to the revcounter and I'm not 100% sure as to how it is wired up Cheers
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    ignition diagram

    Hi everyone need some help, I've recently had the head off my 1967 2000tc [non runner] and had it converted to unleaded, so far so good... before this the engine ran of sorts but at least turned over. Now there appears to be no life past the ignition switch I changed the switch for a new one...
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    stuck inlet valve

    Hi looking for some more guidance, I've managed to get my 1967 200tc running but only one three cylinders, number 3 cylinder has zero reading on compression test so assuming inlet petrol valve is stuck closed. I've tried the usual WD40 through the sprk plug hole then when engine warm engine oil...