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  1. Nigel Edwards

    P6 friendly garage North West/Merseyside?

    Hi folks, grateful if anyone knows of a P6 friendly garage on/near Merseyside that they could point me in the right direction? Need gearbox out/in to fix a simple leak. Trying to find something closer than those in Derby/Chesterfield that I‘m already aware of. Frustratingly I know exactly...
  2. Nigel Edwards

    2200tc gearbox leak

    Hi folks, have a leak running down the joint between front face of gearbox and rear of belhousing on left hand side. Any ideas? Selectors maybe? Best wishes Nige
  3. Nigel Edwards

    2200tc manual gearbox breather

    Help! Where on the gearbox is the breather located! best wishes Nige
  4. Nigel Edwards

    Rover P6 Club rally, Burleigh House, Stamford, 12 August 18

    hi folks, anyone know what time kick off is? Best wishes Nige
  5. Nigel Edwards

    Fuel and temp gauge 2200tc

    Hi folks, I’m after a fuel & temp gauge for a 74 2200TC, temp range 45-100 with 68ltr fuel tank. Here’s hoping! Best wishes Nige
  6. Nigel Edwards

    Belvoir Castle classic car show 08 Jul 18

    Is anyone going? We are taking our 2200TC, be nice to see any Rovers! Best wishes Nige
  7. Nigel Edwards

    2200tc exhaust manifold

    can it be swapped with the inlet manifold still fitted and carbs removed, or do both have to be off? Best wishes Nige
  8. Nigel Edwards

    Hi folks, first P6

    hi, my first P6, 74 2200tc in tobacco leaf with manual gearbox, having had P4s and P5b before. Was enjoying a period of good running after some work when exhaust manifold failed! Never rains but pours. Best wishes
  9. Nigel Edwards

    2200TC exhaust manifold

    Does anyone have one for sale? Mine has just cracked right in the branch join, bugger! Best wishes Nige