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  1. chrisw

    Rear exhaust cans

    Top two in this picture. 1. 2000 early can, second hand £15 2. Later can, £20 Can post each of them, but they'll be £22 postage each due to the length, or collection from LU5.
  2. chrisw

    3D design and printing

    I know that someone in the States has done the little seatbelt hooks, but has anyone got the ability to create the steering wheel centers, with bespoke engraving? Or is that a little too difficult?
  3. chrisw

    Early 2000TC radiator

    After an early 2000TC radiator, with the screw top.. fairly rare, don't mind if it needs recoring. Anyone have anything?
  4. chrisw

    Various P6 parts

    Various parts, as I work my way through the sheds.. Make me an offer on anything, and I'll post within the UK. Gearlevers are £25 each inc postage.
  5. chrisw

    Suspension elbows + inner wings for sale

    Pair of shotblasted and primers elbows. Have had some repairs in the past, and could do with cleaning up. Clive A tried to fit them when he re-did my elbows on the Auto, but ended up using the originals. Also have several cut-out sections from the inner wings, for anyone who wants to...
  6. chrisw

    1964 P6 2000

    I'm currently working my way through the 2000, believed from our records to be about the 12th oldest remaining 2000. It has 17,000 miles from new, but has been kept outside for a long time. I'm going over the base unit to find the areas of rot, so that any potential buyer can make an informed...
  7. chrisw

    1964 2000

    So I've had this car for a few years now. It's been displayed at the NEC a couple of times, but off in storage for the last two years. It's now back in the garage at home, and I've started to go through it, to see how bad it really is. This, according to the data we've collected, is the 12th...
  8. chrisw

    NADA dual brakes / electric window regulators

    Anyone after anything? I have (probably) two NADA LHD brake systems, and enough regulators for four windows.
  9. chrisw

    Sill covers

    Sill covers - not all are perfect. Some have issues on the underside edge, but all are in good condition on the visible sections, albeit with some surface rust. If anyone needs any, please let me know Located in Bedfordshire LU5
  10. chrisw

    Parts - gear levers, roof aerials, rear view mirrors with built-in lights

    Latest batch of stuff from the sheds. I've got several short and one long gear levers Several roof aerials - pitting, average condition at best Several early rear view mirrors with the rectangular lights fitted on the back If anyone is interested - that's interested, not just wishing to see...
  11. chrisw

    Headlining frame / material

    I've got several later headlinings, with the light in the center, that I'm looking to get rid of. If anyone needs anything, let me know - happy to strip the material from the frames, especially if anyone needs any pieces for patching or spares.
  12. chrisw

    P5 shocks

    Not sure if these are P5 or P5B.. but they're new. Anyone able to identify them, and anyone need them? Offers invited..
  13. chrisw

    Red door cards / black door cards

    P6 owners; I have four decent 1964 door cards in red, plus the glovebox covers (removed). I need four (two front, one rear minimum) in black without any speaker holes cut into them. Anyone want the reds, and anyone got some blacks?
  14. chrisw

    Parts for sale..

    Starting to go through the garage and sheds.. Pictures have been added to Federal Rovers Group on facebook, as that's the easiest place to upload pictures Federal Rovers Group Rostyle centre caps x2 Export number plate lamps - or Austin I think Oil pressure springs V8 2000 early cylinder...
  15. chrisw

    December 1964 base unit - scrapping

    Hi all, I've got a December 64 base unit that I've been storing for a while. It's time to scrap it, keeping the bits that I need. The boot floor is good.. so are the roof rails.. the main issue is that it needs full inner and outer sills, and I have way too many projects. If anyone needs any...
  16. chrisw

    2000 Auto

    So, decided to have a play with the 2000 Auto today. Hasn't moved since it arrived back, a good few months ago. I've done some work on it, but nothing for a couple of months. Hooked the battery up, turned the key and nothing. Damn. Rubbed down the earth lead area, checked the lights and...
  17. chrisw

    Door glass - fitting to runners

    I've recently started to refurb the second set of prototype electric windows - one set is on 102FJJ, the other on JXC822D. The problem with the set on 102 is that the glass it mismatched. I've removed the mismatched glass from the runners and cleaned them up, but not sure how to secure the...
  18. chrisw

    Replacing vinyl

    Has anyone re-done their sandalwood vinyl lately? Are there any sources that people know of? Looking for a roll of material to re-do stuff that a previous owner has painted. Any thoughts on whether this is close enough? Old Beige Vinyl Thanks, Chris
  19. chrisw

    Taking responsibility, both as a club and as a supplier

    Over the past few years, I have spent time as a committee member with two different Rover-related clubs. I am no longer a member of either of the clubs, and have joined others than I consider to be more socially responsible. One of the areas that I have pushed heavily for was club and supplier...
  20. chrisw

    LHD Steering idler

    LHD Steering idler Posting the picture here, as I can't seem to attach it to a message.
  21. chrisw

    Gearbox ID - one for Harvey?

    Does anyone know what gearbox this is, or is from? It's got a laycock overdrive attached to the back end..
  22. chrisw

    Rover Sports Register AGM 2015

    The RSR will be holding its' AGM on Saturday 3 October 2015 at 1400 hours. The venue is the Coventry Museum of Transport, Millennium Place, Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD. Please see the RSR website at for further details. We hope to see as many members as possible there.
  23. chrisw

    LHD Series 2 P6B Stripping

    As the title says, I have a complete s2 LHD P6B that I'm going to start stripping this weekend. The bodyshell is rotten, as are the wings. Everything else isn't too bad. I'll sort some pictures when I get a chance, and probably post them on facebook.. So if anyone needs any parts, let me know...
  24. chrisw

    RSR Icebreaker Event - Sunday 22 February

    The Icebreaker 2015, Whitewebbs, Enfield., Sunday 22nd February 2015 The ninth RSR Icebreaker event returns again at Whitewebbs Museum. Come one, come all and join the usual crew as they brave the elements the start-of season at Whitewebbs Museum, Whitewebbs Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9HW...
  25. chrisw

    Practical Classics Restoration Show - 28-29 March 2015

    Just a place holder for now, but the RSR will have three cars on the stand, so please take the time to come and visit us. Although the RSR is more of a general Rover Club, than one dealing with specific models only, we currently have over 140 P6s within our membership. As such, the Restoration...