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    unipart gfe295 on offer : £2.89 Save 70% spotted ,ordered and thought i'd share ,to spread the joy.!! neil a fiver delivery whatever the quantity - so be sure to fill your boots..!!
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    seen at gaydon motor museum

    eventually one day had the time to pop into gaydon with the camera: enjoy neil
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    spotted on ebay

    Rover P6 | eBay neil
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    p6 owner in surrey

    hi all, newbie on here but long time p6 owner and enthusiast. i have previously had a 2000 at 18 then a few others afterwards: 2000tc,3500s and now back to my dads old p6 which is the 64th v8 ever made, if i remember correctly.what with all these changes /chenanigans recently with dvla etc...