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  1. SydneyRoverP6B

    3500S in Balmain NSW Australia

    Looks quite nice, and in a lovely part of Sydney too. Balmain used to be an industrial area on the western side of Sydney Harbour. In recent years the industry has largely gone and property prices have risen enormously. These days you would be hard pressed to find anything much under about...
  2. SydneyRoverP6B

    more electrical questions!

    Hi Mick, Is your alternator an 18ACR? If so, then yes the regulator can easily be changed. As to why your ammeter is now showing a charge when you drive, the most likely culprit would indeed be the regulator. The only time your ammeter should show a postive charge is when the battery is being...
  3. SydneyRoverP6B

    whats this

    It is always a good idea to photograph the item alongside a ruler to provide scale. Can't say I have seen anything that resembles that from the underside. If it fell off there would be a shadow mark, did he find one? Ron.
  4. SydneyRoverP6B

    E85 anyone?

    Hi Rob, I dare say that it would not be a disadvantage to undertake your build with that in mind. Ethanol fuels are noticeably less energy efficient that petrol resulting in your engine producing less power which will be quite obvious, such is my understanding. For that reason you most...
  5. SydneyRoverP6B

    International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering

    Hi Mike, The modelling that I did was within the context of stormwater infrastructure and how changes will need to be implemented to accommodate a changing climate. Pluvial flooding is a major problem in both rural and urban areas as rainfall intensity is the primary initiator. There are ways...
  6. SydneyRoverP6B

    International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering

    Thank you Horselogger, that is very kind of you to say. Hi Mike, I carried out research for my master of engineering thesis, looking at both temperature and rainfall records since records began across 6 local government areas in the Central West of NSW, centred on Forbes. I specifically chose...
  7. SydneyRoverP6B

    International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering

    I have been rather busy of late, what with undertaking a master of engineering degree across two universities, I have also written an abstract. The abstract was accepted without alteration for inclusion in the abstract book for the above conference. I will write a journal paper for publication...
  8. SydneyRoverP6B

    Plug colour.

    Hi Steve, What brand and specification are your plugs? Are they Champion L92YC or an NGK model? If you were to fit a long reach plug into an early head (prior to 1977), then the plug will protrude a considerable about into the combustion chamber resulting in the piston hitting it with your...
  9. SydneyRoverP6B

    Plug colour.

    Hi Steve, Just to note, 9.45 : 1 CR, do you mean 9.25:1? In either case, that CR is not low compression. Down into the 8s becomes LC. Hmmm, not seen a colour combination on the one plug like that before, but that is not to say it is a bad thing. Your background information does not suggest a...
  10. SydneyRoverP6B

    Odd bolts

    Continuing with the bolt theme, here is a technical paper on mechansims and prevention of loosening in bolted joints. The paper is written by Dr Saman Fernando, a professional engineer with a PhD in Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics. hobson-technical-paper-bolting-vibration.pdf A point to note...
  11. SydneyRoverP6B

    Starter motor M45G with solenoid of 3M100?

    Hi Marco, I doubt you will find a replacement starter motor, at least not a genuine item. You might find one for exchange, but my advise would be to have your one overhauled by an old school auto electrician. The hard part sadly will likely be finding someone that knows how to fault find, and...
  12. SydneyRoverP6B

    Australian Camshaft questions.

    Yes, genuine as in an original Rover (Land Rover) item. Unless you're prepared to change the rocker geometry to accommodate a camshaft with a higher lift, then standard is by far the best option. I am not trying to take the fun out of it, but the Rover V8 in road going form is not a high revving...
  13. SydneyRoverP6B

    Australian Camshaft questions.

    My understanding is for an automatic transmission, a camshaft with a duration of 265 degrees or so and a valve lift ideally not over 0.39" would be ideal. You don't need a stage 1 for a road going car with an automatic transmission, as the rev range where you would normally drive will not be...
  14. SydneyRoverP6B

    What can you tell me from this engine number....?

    Interesting puzzle. The 22G00000 engines were fitted into Land Rovers for the Australian market from 1983 onwards, but these were low compression engines, circa 8.13:1. Looking closely, next to the 5, there appears to be an 8. I would be more inclined to think that the 9.75 has been added at a...
  15. SydneyRoverP6B

    What can you tell me from this engine number....?

    The compression ratio is set majorly by the piston, the stroke and bore diameter have no input. That is unusual I would think as the CR that appears is normally what would have been when the engine left the factory. The engine number though doesn't match for a Vitesse, but then that number can...
  16. SydneyRoverP6B

    P6 V8 recon radiator width?

    Hello Graham, I measured my spare which is awaiting a new core, and from the outside edge of each end tank, the distance is 655mm. From the bolt hole slot on each bracket, the distance between is 680mm. To me, your bracket has either been bent or soldered in the wrong spot. Can you bend the...
  17. SydneyRoverP6B

    Castor rod mounting

    Hello Joerg, The base unit of my Rover cracked beneath the lower shock absorber mounting, which is the usual point of failure, so it is my understanding. (48) Base Unit Fatigue Failure | Classic Rover Forum The brackets stiffen the area by reducing flexure, which in turn reduces the impact of...
  18. SydneyRoverP6B

    Luminition ignition

    No one mentioned moving it a mere 6 inches. The wires are sufficiently long enough to move it far more than that and into a much cooler location. Ron.
  19. SydneyRoverP6B

    Luminition ignition

    Hi Rob, Comes down to physics, hot air is less dense then cool air combined with the safe operating temperature range of the power module, -55 degrees to 85 degrees C. Exceeding the higher temperature can reduce the lifespan of the module. When I purchased my kit circa 1990, I received this...
  20. SydneyRoverP6B

    Luminition ignition

    Hi Rich, Ideally the power module should be placed as low as you can, the orientation does not matter. The module is waterproof so getting wet is not a problem. I have seen them fitted on top of the slam panel with a piece of the rubber cushion removed to allow airflow. Some people place them...
  21. SydneyRoverP6B

    Brake pipe bleed points

    Hi Richard, My Rover has the bleed nipple in the wrong spot, been that way for as long as I can remember. Luckily I have a 7/16" spanner that belonged to my Dad with a very noticeable offset and that means I can access it without too much difficulty when laying on the ground. When the time...
  22. SydneyRoverP6B

    A Guide To Front Spring Removal And Refitment

    That is one of those annoying coincidences John. Toe in/out is adjusted by the track rod that runs behind the engine. Camber is adjusted by placing shims behind the top link. Ron.
  23. SydneyRoverP6B

    Uprated alternator

    I was thinking that it may have been an uprated 18ACR rather than a replacement. The alternator will always become hot with use, and certainly touching it will be a brief affair. Always remember that you never get something for nothing, there is always a price to pay. Your new alternator has the...
  24. SydneyRoverP6B

    Uprated alternator

    That sounds a good outcome Steve! Is the uprated replacement an 18ACR or a different model? Ron.