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    Worcestershire Rover P6 Clubs (both!) meeting - Change of Day

    Just to let everyone know that we have changed the day of the Worcestershire P6 Clubs meeting from the third Tuesday of the month to the third Wednesday. This means that we don't clash with the Shrops and Staffs meet which we always did! It also means that I can get there! (Tuesday was a bad...
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    Recommendation for a supplier of an exhaust for a P6 2200 SC Auto

    Told at the MOT that it was blowing a bit so need to find a new exhaust. Any recommendations anyone? 2 box system btw. Preferably in West Midlands!
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    Possible new purchase - advice wanted

    I'm thinking of getting another classic but I have an issue with it and whilst I think the background is genuine I'm not sure how to proceed. The car had one owner from new and is totally original and in good nick. The problem is that when the old chap who owned it died his family didn't know he...
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    The Rover P4 70th Anniversary Sunday 8th September

    Anyone else going to this tomorrow at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel, Shurdington Road, Gloucester (just off junction 11a on the M5)? Seems we have to be there at 1030, rally times 11-4. They've opened it up to other Rovers!
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    Some encouragement and advice needed!

    Flush from the success of replacing the seats in Roger the Rover I've decided to tackle the next job on the list, a clunking coming from the rear suspension! After consulting with one of the Club Gurus we decided that first port of call should be the shock absorber bushes as being a possible...
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    Front Seat removal

    I'm having a small issue removing the front seats. There are four screws of which three have loosened off OK but the other, whilst we can get it to turn, won't loosen. What's is screwed into? A captive bolt perhaps? If it is, is there any way of getting to it without major surgery?
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    Meeting third Tuesday of every month in Worcestershire

    Both the P6 clubs hold a joint meeting at the Fruiterers Arms near Ombudley, Worcestershire every third Tuesday night, 2000 onwards... Lots of friendly chat, and advice and help given!
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    Testing and Fitting a Rev Counter S2 2200 Auto

    At last night's Worcestershire Meet I was given a pod with the clock and rev counter as i fancy adding a rev counter so I can see what the engine's up to. I need to test it to make sure it works before settling on a price but I'm not sure how it should be wired up. On the back there is a black...
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    Seat Repair Specialist in the West Midlands, UK

    I have managed to get hold of some seats which are in much better condition than mine and intend to swap them over. Trouble is a mouse has eaten a hole in the drivers seat, about a couple of square inches! I need someone who I can take it to in the West Mids (I am in Worcestershire) for repair...
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    Reversing Lights fault - P6 2200 Auto

    Bit of a strange one, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction as perusal of the wiring diagrams don't really help! The reversing lights come on when in R (just fine!) but also when it's in D, but NOT in 2 or 1! Any thoughts?
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    Rear Lap Belts - Fixing Holes - Photos?

    Does anyone have photos of the location of the seat belt fixing holes in the rear of a P6, please? I've been looking for them but can't see them!
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    Windscreen Wiper Blades Sizes - 2200

    As the relevant part of my handbook is missing this information (hopefully I'll be getting a new one soon so can stop asking daft questions!) what size are the wiper blades for my 2200? It currently has 16" ones on but they seem to touch in the middle so I'm guessing they should be a tad smaller?
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    Water Leak, rear drivers side from the rooflining.

    We had a short, sharp shower yesterday and whilst the rest of the car remained dry I got some water dripping down from the headlining onto the rear drivers side seat. After it had all dried out and the sun had come back out I got a watering can and dropped some water on the rear quarter of the...
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    Hello Folks!

    After reading that other thread about ringed cars for new owners I'm rather worried about posting this thread in case I find out something I don't really want to about my latest purchase! I've always had a soft spot for P6's since I travelled from Glasgow to Bristol in the early 80s in an old...