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  1. whiterover

    door glass channel

    Hi Karl. Give me a ph on5 I am in Auckland. John.
  2. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    Hi Mark. Again thank you for your help, I have been in touch with Pierre (Voking2000) and have ordered the parts and when they arrive I will be able to get a full pedal again. John
  3. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    Hi. Thanks for that but how do I find my PM ? I s it by email it might have changed, it is now I could find the item on ebay probably because of my computor ineptitude. John.
  4. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I AM VERY GRATEFULL , Now all I have to do is find out how to buy from eBay. Thanks
  5. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    Hi grey Rover here. I am in need of a piston cup assy part number GI 64327649 to suit the rear brake caliper on my P6, I am in New Zealand. Any help appreciated. John.
  6. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    Hi Grey Rover here. I am in need of an adjuster on the rear P6 caliper, does anyone have a spare available? I am in New Zealand, the part number is GI64327649 it is called piston cup assy. Thanks in advance John.
  7. whiterover

    The Misunderstood 'K'

    Hi agreed a most informative read, enjoyed it as I have a 45 year 2000, bought with 80.000 ks on the clock to be my every day car, it had a noisy trans bearing which has been replaced with a second hand unit (bit of a story there). Also I have done a head job on it very carefully along with a...
  8. whiterover

    Broken Pinion Shaft (Not my Rover)

    Hi. Grey Rover was facing uphill at the traffic lights in the city, when the clutch was let out instead of moving forward we rolled backwards and there was a rattling sound, luckily no one behind, so Rover went home on the back of a truck. On examination the shaft appeared to have a...
  9. whiterover

    Cooler engine bay.....?

    Hi. I fitted a electric fan with the idea that Rover would be a little quieter and more economical but found that the temp was either hot or cool and used eight amps when on, so occasional flat battery, so back on went the mechanical fan and I raised the cut in temp of the electric fan so that...
  10. whiterover

    your Top 5 classic Rover piccies

    Adventure drive in the South Island New Zealand.
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    Hi and thanks. Attached is a pic of Grey Rover . The generator is a C42 and was run up (momentarly) to 40 amps and the regulator is a RB340 which is what i suspect is wrong. so I will take it to my favourite auto sparky as soon as he is back I can use it during the day ok. Cheers.
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    Would you believe it? Christmas and Rovers dynamo (what I call a generator) stops working indicated by a brightly glowing ignition light, well I fitted a supposedly rebuilt genny which failed to produce enough volts 11v at idle 13v on the motorway 11v at night. I am assuming the regulator needs...
  13. whiterover

    Modern vs Classic Tyres

    I had a set of Toyo tyres on Rover and they were nice initially but two de laminated, then I couldn't find any 14 165 80 so fitted two 165 70 wondered if I was doing the right thing, anyway he drives O K although the motor will be reving a little more as I figure that the circumference is about...
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    Hi every one. I don't remember posting a pic of Grey Rover so here is Rover. He replaces White Rover who had a sudden meeting with a Mercedes on the motorway, Grey Rover had only 80,000 odd miles up, no rust but a noisy engine (sc) and gearbox, but now has a 22.000 tc engine and gearbox which I...
  15. whiterover

    Rover wonders

    Thanks Harvey.
  16. whiterover

    Rover wonders

    Hi. Wondering is my Rover normal (if there is such a Rover). At cruising speeds (60 mph) he wonders slightly I am correcting a little to the left then a little to the right, at it the time. There is about half an inch play on the steering wheel, I adjust it out but it comes back. Also I have had...
  17. whiterover

    carburetor settings.

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the input. He is running well now. John.
  18. whiterover

    carburetor settings.

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I reset the mixture on my 2200 using colortune, where the instructions say that the flame should be bunsen blue, having achieved that and with both carbs sucking evenly, idleing between 800 & 900 nicely, I took the car for a drive and the mixture seemed lean (coughing...
  19. whiterover

    sudden bang

    Hi. Thanks for replies. Well the replacement casing and shaft bolted straight on and we are mobile again. It was a nice clean break. I wonder why they break on both the 4 cyl and the 8cyl when the engine output is so different, perhaps a bearing on each end of the shaft would have prevented this...
  20. whiterover

    sudden bang

    Hi Everyone. The other day whilst pulling away from uphill traffic lights there was a bang and a rattling noise we didn't go anywhere. So after a ride home with the A A, I went underneath and found that I could turn the driveshaft without the wheels turning, clanking noise coming from inside the...
  21. whiterover

    Irrational speedometer

    Hi. I had a similar experience some time ago on Rover, and it turned out to be the nut on the end of the gearbox main shaft not being tight, allowing the scroll which drives the speedo cable to slip thereby giving a faulty reading. tightening the nut solved the problem. John.
  22. whiterover

    Pilkies update on cars and me.

    Hi Dave. When you come to N Z the Rover Car Club of Auckland would be very happy to give any assistance and would look forward to meeting you. John, From the Rover Car Club of Auckland.
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    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    Hi Michaelme. Wellcome to the forum from Grey Rover (P6) who lives in Avondale. This has to be a wonderful and informative Forum. Is your SD1 a V 8 or a SIX? John.
  24. whiterover

    Daily Driver

    Hi Luke. Grey Rover is my daily enjoyable drive and he copes well with Auckland traffic. Grey Rover was a 1969 2000sc, but now has a 1974 2200tc engine with electronic ignition and an electric fan. He keeps up with the modern traffic well but, in stop/start traffic I worry about the constant use...