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    If one looks under the title of "Sale of P6B in Members Projects - page 2.

    I have placed the sale of my car in the above section, wrongly. If anyone can tell me how to transfer into the Selling section, I would be most obliged.
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    BW 35 or 65??

    If my memory serves me well then this message is more up HarveysP6's avenue. My car is a 1974 P6B 3500 v8 auto, and I can't remember whether the gearbox is a BW 35 or the later type 65? The reason i'm asking is twofold. 1) I require a "Reversing Light Switch" as mine is duff. and 2) I need to...
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    Mounting Brackets for Square Eights

    Can anyone help me with the above items? I require 2 brackets for the 2 lights. I.E.: 1 for Fog & 1 for Spot lights. Only I have arranged for a mobile electrician to wire them up, but he can't fit them without the brackets. Many thanks Paul
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    Chassis Plate

    Hi, Can any member please shed light on just where on the cars body does one fix the chassis plate? I have just bought one from Deborah at p6ROC. Regards Paul
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    OE part?

    Can any member help me with the "OE part number" for the "Retaining Sun Visor Clip" for a series 2 3500. This clip sits either side of rear view mirror & what the visor clips into! I require this number for eurocarparts as this part is special order only. Paul
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    Series 2

    Spotted a series 2 P6 yesterday on A259 in Brighton. Reg number: SGT 166R. A white 2200TC. Mum & Dad with the children, out for the day! Unfortunately, I was driving the families VW Golf as places to go & people to see, but wish I had been in my P6. That would have been something to see, two...
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    Sun Visor clip!

    Hi, can any member help me with the "Sun Visor Clip". This is the clip which sits either side of the rear view mirror and what the sun visor clips into. Also, I require the black gear stick knob for my Mk2 v8 automatic. Many thanks in anticipation Paul
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    Quarter Light Seals?

    As the subject bar say's, can anyone help me with locating a set of F/N/S & F/O/S Quarter Light Seals/Rubbers please. I require these for my Mk 2 3500 v8. Paul
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    Retaining clips?

    Hi, Does any member know where I might be able to get hold of the "sun-visor retaining clips". These are the ones that fit either side of the rear view mirror and are held in place by screws behind said mirror,to hold the sun-visor in place. The one I require would be about 4 5/8" long! Also...
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    Brake Warning Light, misfunctioning???

    Hi, My series 2 3500 v8 auto's Brake Warning Light comes on when driving at about 55--60mph! But goes out whenever I ease off the throttle. The light flickers at that speed and only stays on if I exceed 60mph! Any idea guys? Could it be a faulty earth? Or maybe the switch on the pads is...
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    I may have broached this subject before, if I have, please forgive me! The subject refers to getting my cars value increased. At the moment as far as insurance company is concerned, my car is valued at £5,000. But since that was done about 3 yrs ago, I have had a new S/Steel exhaust fitted plus...
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    Can members tell me how I can have my car valued. My car: "1974 3500 v8 automatic saloon". The last valuation done about 4 years ago c/o my insurance company, was for £5,000. Since then, a lot of mechanical work has been done to the vehicle, both to the engine & steering/suspension. Do I...
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    Wind Deflectors

    Hi, Please note: I have asked for the following in the "Wanted" section. I require the plastic wind deflector in either blue or black tint that one raises when sun-roof is opened. The one in situ is both cracked & split. Pretty useless actually! My car is P6B 3500 v8. Regards Paul
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    Wind Deflector

    Hi, Please can any member tell me where I can lay my hands on the plastic wind deflector in either blue or black tint, for my 3500 v8. The one in situ is badly split & cracked. Regards Paul
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    Chrome wiper blades

    Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a pair of Chrome wiper blades for my mk2 3500 v8? I have tried various motor factors, such as EuroParts/MicksGarage etc, to name but two. But no one seems to stock them! If any member can help, I'll be most grateful. Regards Paul
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    No Road Tax!!

    Hi, As the subject bar say's, I have finally been able to obtain for my 1974 3500 P6B, "Free Road Fund Licence". After reading fellow members suggestions, I went to my local PO where I explained the situation to the lady behind the counter. At no point did this lady ask to see the copy of the...
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    BMIHT/ 40 yr free road tax?

    British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Can anyone please tell me exactly what I have to do to claim free Road Tax for my 40 yr old car? My car is 1974 3500 v8 and will be 40 years old next April 2015. I have applied for & received the certified copy of a factory record for my car, but I don't...
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    Does anyone know of a good Chroming company not too far from West Sussex, who would be able to remove & replace the bumpers & over-riders of my car? This being: P6B 3500 v8 auto 1974. I must have someone to remove them for me, as I am now partly disabled, due to a total knee replacement last...
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    Windscreen Wipers

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the correct size of windscreen wipers I require to fit my 1974 P6B 3500 v8! All the Haynes workshop manual tells me, is how they work, but not what size (length) they are. The ones in situ are so far gone, that it's hard to know just what size I ought to purchase! Also I...
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    Centre badge wanted for wheel trim?

    Hi, What i'm after, is the Rover disc emblem located in the centre of Rostyle type wheel trims, for my 3500 v8. A set of four would be nice, but i'll take whatever is available. Regards Paul
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    S/S Exhaust for Series 2 v8

    Hi, I am addressing this letter mainly to Harvey as he's the man for Exhaust's, am I right? My series 2 3500 v8 has been to my MOT centre for a pre-mot and I've been told my exhaust requires fixing! The middle box & pipe have holes but would pass the MOT which by the way, is next Tuesday 11th...
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    Instruments/P6 v8 series 2

    Hi, has anyone a pair of the black knobs that operate the Speedometer trip setting and the Panel light switch for my series 2 3500 v8. The ones in situ got broken trying to get them off so I could remove the instruments. If anyones has these with their clips etc, I would be much obliged...
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    N/s carb flooding!

    Hi all, yes it's me again. This is becoming irksome! The problem this time is flooding in the n/s carburetter. My car has twin SU's H1F6's fitted. The problem began after my classic car mechanic had come to my home Friday 13th April to work on the carbs. He stripped down both but only...
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    Brake Servo for series 2 V8

    Hi, Anybody know where I can get a replacement Brake Servo for my 1974 P6B 3500 V8 Auto. According to the Haynes workshop manual, the one I require, is a "Girling Type 8". I have made an enquiry re Geoff @ Wins, but he is quoting £175.00 + VAT (Exchange) P&P £10.95 + VAT. A surcharge of...
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    Brake Reservoir empty!

    Yesterday I started up the car for the first time for a month, and after reversing out of the garage, I switched off & popped the bonnet. Checked engine oil, ok. Transmission fluid, ok. Radiator level slightly down, topped up. Brake reservoir, EMPTY!! WHY!! I quickly refilled with Castrol...