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  1. machman767

    Three Thousand Five

    :oops: I’ll get me coat…..
  2. machman767

    Three Thousand Five

    Why do people put such a nasty looking CD player in a car such as this? At least try to getting something period looking plus with the V8 why would you need a radio?!
  3. machman767

    40 year mystery to be solved

    I'm going out on a limb and say some sort of Mazda, wheel trims certainly have a Japanese look to them.
  4. machman767

    Rover on Australian TV - Jack Irish

    The back tyre looks to be huge! Reminds me of the time I put 205 section tyres on standard mk4 Cortina rims…..didn’t end well!
  5. machman767

    Bent coppers TV programme

    Watched episode one last night and spotted this, looks like a very late car, anyone got any info?
  6. machman767

    Fuel issue

    I had similar issues trying to sort mine out in 2016, in the end it was a combination of things, what we finished up doing was:- changed oil changed electric fuel pump changed coil added electronic ignition new plugs and leads set timing and truth be told, it’s not been touched (much) since...
  7. machman767

    Oh dear....

    Be interesting to see what would happen if all the doors opened at the same time.....
  8. machman767

    Auto Express' Top 50 all-time greatest British-built cars

    No, this was the seventies, before such nonsense. I wonder if I could put a claim in retrospectively......!
  9. machman767

    Auto Express' Top 50 all-time greatest British-built cars

    My dad had a couple of Heralds, a 1200 and a 1360. A couple of weeks before we were due to go to Dawlish for annual holiday, about 1975, the rear subframe or something went. At the top of our road was a small factory that built metal tanks, still there as it happens, and they offered to...
  10. machman767

    1st post from lurker!

    I’d get that handbrake looked at sharpish before anyone notices it! Nice car, looks very well, my late father in law always had white P6’s, he even had his blue SD1 resprayed white!
  11. machman767

    What's this groove?

    Looks like they used an Etch-a-sketch rather than a camera!
  12. machman767

    NADA / VIP AC Heater box

    It looks like a product of both Heath AND Robinson!!
  13. machman767

    Heather motor upgrade. outta here!
  14. machman767

    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    Charlotte slumbering amongst everyday detritus. I’d decided at the beginning of the year not to do many car shows so be careful what you wish for! And a belated happy birthday, mrtask.
  15. machman767

    And now for something completely different

    The seat reminds me of one in a Mk 3 Cortina GT, is that where its from?
  16. machman767


    My daughter finally sent me a photo of some coasters she was given by her ex boyfriends uncle, no other info on where they came from, anyone have any ideas? Mick
  17. machman767


    I’ll bear that in mind should the level drop again, thanks. Mick
  18. machman767


    Thanks for the reassurance guys, I’ll just keep checking it before I take it out. Had something similar a long time back with a Cortina Mk 4 2.0GL, went to a Rover garage (!) in Blackburn, got back to car to find it sitting in a pool of coolant, topped it up and it never lost any again, very...
  19. machman767


    Last weekend I got the car out the garage, topped up the PAS reservoir, turned the wheel from side to side and even ventured round the block, no loss of fluid!?!? How is that possible?? Mick
  20. machman767


    Thanks, guys, just wondering if there was something obvious to check, hadn’t started car in a few weeks. Am I right in thinking it just uses ATF, any one in particular?
  21. machman767


    I need to find the source of a PAS fluid leak, moved the car just before Christmas and discovered a puddle round nearside front wheel, any quick suggestions as to what to look for? Ta, Mick
  22. machman767

    your radio cassette player, what is it and why?

    I prefer to open the window a little and listen to the V8 burble......;) Mick
  23. machman767

    Rover stuff

    This was mine, was very pleased with it.
  24. machman767

    Collection of Rovers spotted

    Perhaps a bark of Rovers?!;)
  25. machman767

    Warning light

    Thanks, Harvey & Tom, I’ll have a look at your suggestions tomorrow, weather permitting. Oil pressure light works ok, the choke warning light was removed a couple of years ago during the “sorting it out” period. Mick