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    Replacing your Rover

    Lottery win for me would be an FF.
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    What can you tell me from this engine number....?

    Have a look here.. Rover V8 Engine Numbers Updated: - The V8 Owners Forum -
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    Gearbox options

    I have a Jaguar 4 speed Overdrive in my P6 at the moment.
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    Odd bolts

    Hang onto them, or at least one of them, they make handy thread chasing tools.
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    Mid-life crisis!

    Enjoy the Alfa! South Africa did some crazy things with Alfas, the GTV6 3.0 being the maddest of them.
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    Ruskie the 3500s

    Get a bolt with the correct thread and stick it in your vise. Cut the bolt lengthways at an angle to create a flute in the bolt shank, turn it 2 flats and repeat for a quick and easy thread chaser.
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    I used my auto shaft behind an LT77 and now it's behind a 4 speed O/drive Jag box.
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    Good bye old girl

    Well, beyond saying you need to refill that space ASAP, all I can add is to suggest you sally forth and find yonder classified section.
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    Good bye old girl

    Sad to hear you have parted ways with the P6, I was hoping to pick your brains about a few things when my "Roundtuit" arrived for me to dig mine out the garage and start fixing her up.
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    Pulley sizes

    So, slightly underdriven. This bloke's problem is that he has fitted a truck water pump with an adapter he made, and it runs close to 100C on the road. On the track, it was fine due to the speeds he was doing, but now, he wants to go back on the road as a daily driver.....
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    Pulley sizes

    Does anybody have the crank and water pump pulley sizes for the 3.5 engine to hand please? Is the pump equal, underdriven or overdriven relative to the crankshaft?
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    Mid-life crisis!

    And to think I was offered one of those in bits for the equivalent of about 150 Quid back in 1994.....:rolleyes::hmm::hmm:
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Meh, soak it in thinners and chuck a match to it.
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Mmmmm, I'd heard of anti reversion steps before, but not that they are only at the top of the manifold(ie. the outboard radius)... Learned something new today. Winner!!
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    Rover 75 p4 pick up truck

    That is a very well executed aftermarket conversion. It will be a real conversation piece when it's restored to it's former condition. I have seen a Mercedes W123 done very nicely and a rather poorly done Jag XJ6 in South Africa.
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    Mid-life crisis!

    You probably remember the weapon of choice for a certain segment of the population was the 3 liter Cortina and the 3.0S Fords..... I used to have fun with them in my 2 liter Alfetta, they'd normally bite on the overhead freeway where it passed Customs House, and if they took the route towards...
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Next time, get a scrap bolt and cut it across the threads at an angle with a hacksaw and then open it up a bit with a triangular file.
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    Sticky brakes. immediatly loose when engine is switched off, Solved!

    Goed gedaan Pepijn! Ek is bly jy het jou stryd gewen! Groetnis uit die Suide!!
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    Finally a tidy 3500S!

    There is a mod the Land Rover guys do to that release fork to prevent the pivot ball pushing through, like this..... They do a bit of surgery along these lines.... I don't remember if the LT77 has the little plastic clips, but if so, a second one is probably not a bad idea to have, and the...
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    Service covers..

    Any of the places that sell car bits and bobs should have them. They are generically known as Fender Covers, I believe.
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    P6B S Project Car

    Remember, stainless and aluminium are not friends, so use Never-Seez or Coppa-Slip on the bolts, and a thread sealer on the "wet" bolts.
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Probably a ZDDP additive for the cam, essential to use it, according to those who know more than I.
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    Fuel issue

    Try rerouting the cable first. It may just be badly fitted from last time it was off.
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    LT77 gearbox ID

    For the speedo gears, take a look here... Rover 5 speed speedo drives (LT77 etc) - The V8 Owners Forum - For box type/model, here.... LT77 Gearbox Identification - The V8 Owners Forum -