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  1. SydneyRoverP6B

    3500S in Balmain NSW Australia

    Looks quite nice, and in a lovely part of Sydney too. Balmain used to be an industrial area on the western side of Sydney Harbour. In recent years the industry has largely gone and property prices have risen enormously. These days you would be hard pressed to find anything much under about...
  2. SydneyRoverP6B

    International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering

    I have been rather busy of late, what with undertaking a master of engineering degree across two universities, I have also written an abstract. The abstract was accepted without alteration for inclusion in the abstract book for the above conference. I will write a journal paper for publication...
  3. SydneyRoverP6B

    A video view through my Rover's Windscreen

    Recently, Erika and I returned from a week away in Port Macquarie. The photo was taken at Tacking Point Lighthouse whilst the two videos Erika captured as we travelled along The Black Stump Way, heading generally in the direction of Wellington (NSW) having left the railway town of Werris Creek...
  4. SydneyRoverP6B

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    I have just finished watching this terrific series. I wonder if John Simm enjoyed driving the 1971 White Rover 3500. I have read that a third series is predicted to happen. We might see some more Rovers :) Do any of the Rovers in the series belong to forum members?
  5. SydneyRoverP6B

    AC Delco Fuel Filters

    The OEM fuel filters are, and indeed have been for quite some time, hard to come by. I was having a look around and found these: - FS481J FUEL FILTER AC Delco ACF115 AC Delco GF111 AC Delco GF481 AC Delco GF621 AC Delco GF626 AC Delco GF651 AC Delco GF652 - Truck Parts and All Filters Hino...
  6. SydneyRoverP6B

    Suspected Regulator Fault within 18ACR

    I noted on Sunday last that my Rover's ammeter was wavering slightly about the null position whereas normally it is perfectly still. The voltmeter will normally read between 13.5 and 13.8 volts (0.5 volts less than the voltage across the battery) was reading 14 volts. The ignition warning light...
  7. SydneyRoverP6B

    NOS Starter Motor Needed Machining

    A good 30 years ago I purchsed a NOS Lucas starter motor which I was very lucky to find. A few years ago I decided to swap the original for the NOS item, unfortunately though there was something clearly wrong with the new one as it had great difficulty in turing the engine :(. Hmmm, so I took it...
  8. SydneyRoverP6B

    Group A Rover Vitesse - Andy Rouse race car

    I came across this amazing car quite by chance. Hardcastle (1990) stated that the 3.5 litre Rover Vitesse engine built to group A rules developed 300+ BHP running reliably to 7200rpm with a rev limit of 7500 rpm. It powered the rear wheels through a Getrag 5 speed gearbox. The Group A cars used...
  9. SydneyRoverP6B

    1974 3500S for sale in NSW, Australia

    Looks in nice condition, strong price too! 1974 Rover 3500 S Manual ( Ron.
  10. SydneyRoverP6B

    Rover on Australian TV - Jack Irish

    The latest series of Jack Irish began last week. Jack is a former police officer with Victoria Police, and so in a state where the Rover P6/P6B had its highest sales, Jack finds himself driving one. Jack Irish Season 3 - Official Trailer - Hell Bent - YouTube The trailer also features the...
  11. SydneyRoverP6B

    Giving a Presentation

    On the strength of my master of engineering thesis, I have been invited to give a presentation at a symposium organised by Engineers Australia, receiving an email this afternoon. Dear Ronald, Congratulations! On behalf of the Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium 2021 (HWRS 2021) Organising...
  12. SydneyRoverP6B

    Submitted my Master of Engineering thesis yesterday.

    After working on it for one year, I sort of feel at a bit of a loss now. Still, I have postgraduate subjects to complete and I won't graduate till June next year. In the end, it stopped the clock at 55,503 words and 268 pages, which is the most I have ever written for one document. Ron. .
  13. SydneyRoverP6B

    Bought myself a present!

    Hard covers too! Nothing like being able to sit down in a nice corner with a cup of tea and a good book. Books have their own character, feel and touch. I like my books to look like they have never been read, even if I have looked at them over 1000 times. Ron.
  14. SydneyRoverP6B

    Interesting Australian 3500S

    Apart from the twist locks, the bonnet has received treatment that I have not seen before. 1972 Rover 3500 S Manual-SSE-AD-6843809 - Ron
  15. SydneyRoverP6B

    Commer and a Kenworth

    Although they have very different engines, the Commer 2 stroke and the Detroit diesel do sound quite similar. I would be interested to know more about the Commer engine.
  16. SydneyRoverP6B

    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    My Rover has an issue with it's starter motor. In the past when I turned the key and only heard the latching of the starter relay up on the inside guard, I would reach for the rubber mallet. A few short sharp strikes to the starter solenoid and she would fire at the next turn of the key, but not...
  17. SydneyRoverP6B

    Broken Pinion Shaft (Not my Rover)

    A friend in Sydney had the unfortunate experience just recently of having the pinion shaft shatter. The car was out for a brake test as part of the annual registration requirements here in NSW, Australia. Reportedly, after having stopped following a brake test, his Rover then failed to move...
  18. SydneyRoverP6B

    Anyone an expert with MATLAB?

    Wondering if anyone can help? I am trying to determine the point of intersection of the system characteristic and the pump characteristic for a centrifugal pump. I have values for each characteristic in the form of matrices, four in total from which a pair are common to each characteristic. I...
  19. SydneyRoverP6B

    Saffron Rover in Western Australia!

    A rare Saffron Rover for sale, looks in nice condition. 1975 Rover 3500 All Others Automatic Sedan | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Wanneroo Area - Madeley | 1232282399 Ron.
  20. SydneyRoverP6B

    Bryan Adams and my Rover

    A little video driving out of the Bylong Valley, with assistance from Bryan and my partner Erika :cool: Ron.
  21. SydneyRoverP6B

    Service Schedule for Transmission Filter

    My Rover's transmission was rebuilt between June 23 and July 1, 2009, and since that time to date it has covered just on 164,000 miles (264,000 km). It was originally a BW35, but was rebuilt as an M51 specification. Typing quietly so that it does not hear ;) it has performed brilliantly and has...
  22. SydneyRoverP6B

    Have been a bit busy of late.....

    Working not on my Rover, but on my Bachelor's thesis in Civil Engineering. I carried out research into sediment diversionary mechanisms for river intake screens. My finished thesis presenting their design over 207 pages and 43,000 words. In so doing, I solved a problem that had persisted with a...
  23. SydneyRoverP6B

    Suspension Failure

    Well I had some unwanted excitement in my Rover yesterday. Climbing a hill, there was a shudder followed by a slight vibration. Then I noticed the smoke in the rear view mirror accompanied by the smell of burning rubber. Not a good combination I dare say!! So I pulled over to find the n/s elbow...
  24. SydneyRoverP6B

    Differential Noise?

    My Rover's differential and pinion extension case remain original, save for the two drive shafts which I replaced 20 odd years ago due. My reason for their replacement was both as a precaution but more so due to a leaking oil seal. As a unit, it has now travelled more than 373,000 miles (over...
  25. SydneyRoverP6B

    Ammeter Discharge When Headlights On

    I noticed the other day that when I switched on my headlights, there was a discharge on my Rover's ammeter. It self corrected after maybe one minute or so. Without the headlights on, the ammeter needle would sit at the null position whilst driving, but I suspected something was in need of...