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  1. 74westy

    Oil Pump Priming

    Question: Do you need to pack the gears of a new ungraded oil pump with Vaseline IF you are going to spin the pump through the distributor hole before engine startup?. I'm fitting an oil pump upgrade kit as well as new cam chain and gears. Thanks, Craig
  2. 74westy

    One for Harvey - BW35 output flange.

    Hi Harvey, I’ve been chasing my drivetrain clonk over the years and the list was to check the output flange was not loose. i thought it may have been as my speedo wavered all over the place. Well I have checked the flange and the nut is very tight and I can’t move it. But, does move in and out...
  3. 74westy

    Manual Steering box o-ring seals

    Hi, Replacing the seals on my steering box. The later type with flat top. I have the larger o-ring for the rocker shaft but need the one for the input shaft. Can anyone provide the size for this (Rover 261855). Many thanks Craig
  4. 74westy

    Rear Window Trim

    All, I'm ready to refit the stainless trim to the rear window. A new screen rubber has been installed. Can I please have some tips from people who have done this already. The trim seems to have to go into the window channel between the rubber and the body. Looking at it it looks like you need...
  5. 74westy

    Front screen spacers

    Hi, Does anyone have the thickness of the front windscreen spacers which go under the bottom channel. When I removed my screen for rust repairs there was none. NZ assembled car, maybe we didn’t fit these? The rear screen has a hard nylon spacer ~10.5mm at the center. Many thanks Craig
  6. 74westy

    Dismantling hydraulic lifter

    Hi all, As part of the general cleanup and internal gunk removal from heads and valley, I've removed the lifters and are going to clean these. But, I can't get them apart? I can get the clip off and the top section which seats the pushrod, but the internal sleeve piston will not come out. I...
  7. 74westy

    Inlet Mainfold heater feed pipe

    Has anyone replaced the heater feed pipe which runs INSIDE the manifold?. Mine was blocked and has disintegrated. I have one on order from Rimmer Bros, 90611532, but need a bit of advice on replacing it. I.e. does it screw in or is it a press fit. Either way to remove the old hose connection...
  8. 74westy

    The Big Roof Replacement

    Well the time has come to take the roof off and replace it. I have all the bits and bobs and the car is in the garage. As I mentioned in an earlier post the roof has rust in the edge above the drivers door. This has migrated to the gutter, bummer. Not sure how bad but I'll find out soon...
  9. 74westy

    Roof Sealer

    I've had a new roof painted and are about to install it. The old roof had a firm/heavy flexible sealer a bit like blu-tak. I have some black windscreen sealer but this is quite fluid in comparison to the old sealer, maybe the old sealer has dried a bit. The concern I have with the windscreen...
  10. 74westy

    Workshop manual pages

    Hi, I have an original 3500 workshop manual #606495 which for some reason is missing pages 21 through 36 inclusive. Very odd as its nicely bound and stapled? Is someone with a pdf version of this manual able to email me these pages. Much appreciated if you can Thanks, Craig
  11. 74westy

    Front Caliper Rebuild

    I went for a drive in Rover the other day and noticed it was a bit sluggish on the get go and wanted to slow down quicker than normal. Did a couple of checks on the road i.e. release the brakes put in neutral on a grade, and no movement. As I suspected the brakes were locking on. That ended...
  12. 74westy

    Rear brake rotor

    When replacing the rear suspension bushes on my 3500 P6 I noted that the brake rotors had a couple of slight cracks in the apex of the curved section between the pad area and where the rotor bolts to the diff. I noticed these due to a weeping of oil form the opposite side due to a slightly...
  13. 74westy

    Differential resilient mounts

    I am replacing the differential and pinion extension mounts. I have new ones from JRW. These new ones are metalastic brand like the originals, but they are 8mm shallower in height and slightly smaller in diameter. With these new mounts installed the rear of the diff will sit 5mm higher to the...
  14. 74westy

    Propeller shaft sliding joint

    Hi all, I'm cleaning and greasing the prop shaft as part of some maintenance on the diff and rear suspension. On dismantling the sliding joint the thick (~4mm) cork washer between the splines and the spring washer disintegrated. I've searched for info on this but found none. Is there a...
  15. 74westy

    Front hub seal

    Could someone kindly post the front hub inner seal size and manufacturer part number. The rover part number is GHS114 but I would like to source from a local bearing/seal supplier. I have the bearings, Timken Set-6 and Set-2. These come as a trailer bearing kit from timken, Made in USA. Kit...
  16. 74westy

    Handbrake cable adjustment

    I know, I can hear you all thinking "not again!!". But I have read all the posts and nowhere can I find the exact method of tightening or slackening the handbrake cable. Backing the car up a bit. I have rebuilt both rear calipers (girling) new seals, orings etc. Both have been bench tested and...
  17. 74westy

    Interior Coat Hook

    Hi All, Is there anyone selling or reproducing the interior coat hook. This is the hook which screws above the rear doors and I think has part number 383326. I have searched the net and the popular parts sites with no luck. If these are no longer available I may have to look at casting my own...