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  1. falkor

    San Francisco/ Chicago 80s and 90s cars nostalgia meet ups

    New York Times is a paid for service so you wont be able to see the article An Auto Show for the Raddest Cars of the ’80s and ’90s but the news is that for the last few years USA has been seeing classic car meet ups in the form of 80s and 90s cars that they remember through rose tinted glasses...
  2. falkor

    1971 Bridge Street, Walton Surrey

    blue Rover 2000
  3. falkor

    what's your best 60s Ford?

    well some Fords literally travelled from the 60s straight across the 70s as did our classic Rovers, so what was your best Ford of the era? for me it was the Capri when I was working up in Kennington in 1976 a mate of mine had a Capri and it was just magic to go out in around London , fabbo motor...
  4. falkor

    Romantic Road

    are you looking forward to any upcoming Films? I know we have Cruella going at the moment but I rarely look forward to anything in the Cinema nowadays Romantic Road is an exception, what a pair!! 'An elderly English couple driving an elderly English motor car across an ancient land' was how...
  5. falkor

    ISS fissures will begin to spread over time

    according to Marc Bennetts article in THE TIMES on Friday ..... a burning smell incident occurred on the ISS on Thursday. But what caught my attention, was the assertion by former Cosmonaut Solovyov (in that article) that superficial fissures had been discovered on the ISS. The ISS was built in...
  6. falkor

    records that never made it to CD

    in 1969 I bought my first LPs, one of which was 'Pictures of Life' (Dr Marigolds Prescription) , the following year I got Mfp 'Beach Boys', now these 2 LPs were right at the top of a growing pile of LPs that I just loved totally. I played them a lot and while I saw the majority of my record...
  7. falkor

    got your vaccine? what happened??

    headed down to get my Vaccine no 1 today Oxford/AstraZeneca was the one I got. Great excuse to get the P6 out on the road, as my nearest Covid centre was 6 miles away, I arrived dead on the appointed time, car park was pretty full but still a few spaces , P6 been the garage for a few months ,so...
  8. falkor

    what's on I player?

    haha who pays a TV licence nowadays? well if you check out Iplayer BBC iPlayer - Apocalypse Now I saw this uears and years ago Im sure you did check out the awesome reel to reel at 13.00 I had one just like it in 1978 , love a reel to reel
  9. falkor

    Auto Express' Top 50 all-time greatest British-built cars

    Christmas jolly : name 1 from Auto Express' TOP 50 and give your reasons well there are some absolute corkers in that Top 50 and being confined to just one is hard, but out of all 50 I would probably go for no 44 the holy Viva back in 1974 I was going out with a girl from Surbiton, their...
  10. falkor

    box sets

    have you got any Box Sets? I have had this Sharpe box set for a while but a few days ago started watching it again beginning with the first one, Sharpe's Rifles (1809) the stories and filming are so blimmen TOP!! what's your best BOX SET?
  11. falkor

    TOP 10 of cars about to go extinct

    1. Lada Riva - 49 left 2. Alfa Romeo 146 - 89 left 3. Fiat Uno - 218 left 4. Renault 21 - 221 left 5. Vauxhall Carlton - 270 left 6. Citroen BX - 286 left 7. Nissan Bluebird - 324 left 8. Volvo 440 - 407 left 9. Peugeot 309 - 409 left 10. Rover 800 - 468 left read the full lo-down but...
  12. falkor

    take your Rover to work week

    did you ever take your Rover to work? Post your piccies of your Rover to work then :cool: here's me arriving at work this morning!
  13. falkor

    Sunday June 28 classic cars 2020 , Warwickshire

    plenty of classic cars last year but not a P6 in sight more info
  14. falkor

    your Top 5 classic Rover piccies

    post your own Top 5 classic Rover piccies, here's mine : no 1 red V8 nonchalant jaunt through town, so slick no 2 brown V8 winter mission, hold on just stopped for a quick cuppa!! brave journey!! no 3 white 2000, "what d'ya mean the vapour lock has never been this bad?" she did make it to...
  15. falkor

    get Running

    do you go running? I finally found a proper plan from the NHS and am now following it, I was trying to go running by just going to the local park and doing a few laps of running, of course my lower legs turned to stone and I was doing it wrong as I hadnt found the NHS "week by week" guide which...
  16. falkor

    posted on 15 Jan 2020 , 1976 Rover V8

    1976 Rover P6 3500S £12000 I do like the look of this car , currently on offer for £12000 and love the blurb:p so the car has had black / silver number plates since new? they were the originals (apparently) I like the sound of that and this is my favourite of the cars for sale this month...
  17. falkor

    Member OF THE YEAR and new Member of the Year

    I nominate new kid on the block Krueger :D who has just joined the site, for new Member of the year 2019, he has joined in on all sorts of threads and is a jolly good egg! I nominate squizzy :) for Member of the year 2019, I was fascinated to read in the latest P6 News that Deborah has just...
  18. falkor

    Classic Rover piccie of 2019

    nominate which photo shown on this site in 2019 was your best!! :cool: I nominate the piccie shown by Rudiger Wicke in the below thread fantastic photo and my favourite of 2019, which is yours? :p
  19. falkor

    is your Rover going out over Christmas?

    the last time I took my P6 over to Reigate it was dark, wet, sloshing it down with rain and windy, I did not much enjoy it particularly as it dawned on me that the HRW was not "happening" however it was a great "test" and the Rover handled as great as ever, so there I will be on Boxing Day ...
  20. falkor

    should the Scots be given a 2nd Independence referendum?

    A Scottish referendum took place on Thursday 18 September 2014 on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. The referendum question was, "Should Scotland be an independent country?", which voters answered with "Yes" or "No". The "No" side won with 2,001,926 (55.3%) voting against...
  21. falkor

    personalised number plates

    do you have one? Preston drivers running out of time over private plates looks like there is paper work to do, this is also covered by Rover Sports Register I can think of one prime example of a V8 with personalised numbers AT LEAST :D
  22. falkor

    40 popular cars listed by MSN

    my favourite is no 3 the Ford Capri Popular cars disappearing from our roads and no they don't even mention a P6 at all coming in at no 40 the most stolen car in Britaino_O
  23. falkor

    traded in my Virago for a scooter!!

    I have always been a true motorcycle man, just look at that Virago! I bought it in 2006 when it was 3 years old but sadly,:rolleyes: although it still looks amazing, underneath it all there is so much that needs correcting - major stuff - I am now on a scooter instead, I amazingly found a new...
  24. falkor

    30,000 miles 1971 ROVER 3500S £10K

    The mileage of 30,000 is believed to be correct with MOTs dating back to 1984. Genuine Factory 3500S with manual gearbox, power steering and leather seats. wouldn't have minded some interior shots but exterior ones look 10/10 , looks like a great car!
  25. falkor

    your radio cassette player, what is it and why?

    what is your music machine of choice? well I got my car in August, it came from the car dealer with a Sony CD player/ radio , but the CD player has never worked and the radio has trouble remembering the push button radio stations, it can search for them fine and if the push button is held in...