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  1. rover100rich

    Half door skin

    Hi all, im doing a front half door skin and got a wadhams panel, just need to ask do you leave the piece of angle which comes spot welded to the panel in place when you weld it in or remove it? Thanks, rich
  2. rover100rich

    Door to door seals

    The picture shows the door to door and wing to door seal from wadhams against the original, the new one is wider so the front door catches the seal on the front of the rear door as it closes, is there a better seal available or a work around this please, rich
  3. rover100rich

    p6 rpi video ,anyone here?

  4. rover100rich


    1970 Stunning series 1 V8 3500 For Sale | Car And Classic
  5. rover100rich

    20k mile p5

    Duncan Ellison Vintage Car Specialist & Dealer i know its stupid money and not a p6 but check out the pics of this p5 ,the engine bay in particular looks like new
  6. rover100rich

    p6 works rally car for sale

    1966 Rover 2000 P6 ‘Ex-Works’ car. For Sale | Car And Classic
  7. rover100rich

    1965 p6 on donedeal

    Rover P6 1965 for sale in Cork on DoneDeal , just come up in ireland,early car , seems to have been known in uk before it was imported here,its a 2 litre but has a 2.2 engine fitted, i last saw the car years ago and it was in pretty good nick ,i had no idea paddy still had it,rich
  8. rover100rich

    vip up for sale again

    Rover P6 3500 VIP | eBay
  9. rover100rich

    series 1 grill badge

    Classic Rover Boot badge/grill badge p6 p4 1960/197 barn find | eBay im sure someone is looking for one
  10. rover100rich

    on car and classic

    ROVER P6 3500 V8 ORIGINAL CONDITION!! For Sale (1971) on Car And Classic UK [C882742] what do you think?
  11. rover100rich

    low mileage p6 in ireland

    All Sections For Sale in Ireland -!
  12. rover100rich

    steering wheel on ebay

    1960s Rover 2000 P6 Steering Wheel w/ Hub Clifford 2 Spoke Restorable CORE 28058 | eBay spotted this,is this a rarity?standard or aftermarket?rich
  13. rover100rich

    new seat covers on ebay

  14. rover100rich

    top money for this one

    Used Rover 3500 P6 for sale in Brigg, Lincolnshire - Monument Garage Ltd are they chancing their arm or should they be worth this in top condition?
  15. rover100rich

    anyone own up to this?

  16. rover100rich

    guy selling bits on ebay | eBay
  17. rover100rich

    you dirty rat!

    please dont be as daft as me and put neatsfoot oil on your leather seats and wrap them in clingfilm , then store them in the loft,rats like them for dinner,cheers ,rich
  18. rover100rich

    rear seat base

    hi all, i need a rear passenger side seat base box pleat leather , mine is bronze , or something that can be recoloured,thanks,rich
  19. rover100rich

    v8 engine on ebay

  20. rover100rich

    p6 racer on carandclassic

    1970 Rover P6 For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C700189]
  21. rover100rich

    new bumper on ebay

    ROVER P6 3500S Rear Bumper. New Old Stock. NADA Specification. dont know if this is any use to anyone,rich
  22. rover100rich

    2.2 in wexford ,ireland , cheap enough
  23. rover100rich

    2000 on donedeal ireland

    PRICE DROP ROVER P6 2000 for sale in Clare on DoneDeal
  24. rover100rich

    for sale in ireland
  25. rover100rich

    convertible on carandclassic

    1972 Rover 3500s convertible For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C739070]