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  1. 302Rover

    Rover 3500S Center Crossmember

    I have a center cross member, the one that supports the diff extension tube, available for free. You pay shipping, I'll gladly package it and search Parcel Monkey for the cheapest shipping cost. The cross member is from a 3500S, a car that spent its life in Southern California, so it is rust...
  2. 302Rover

    Rover 3500S Center Cross Member - Free!

    I have a center cross member, the one that supports the diff extension tube, available for free. You pay shipping, I'll gladly package it and search Parcel Monkey for the cheapest shipping cost. The cross member is from a 3500S, a car that spent its life in Southern California, so it is rust...
  3. 302Rover

    Fuel tank sender unit

    Hello all, I'm not sure where I should post this question since there doesn't seem to be a section for fuel systems so I will try here. Can anyone give me a length measurement for the fuel sender float arm? The best measurement would be from the center of the mounting plate to the end of the...
  4. 302Rover

    Steering Wheel Cover

    Hello Fellow Roverites, I'm not sure if this question is appropriate for this section or perhaps under Steering/Suspension but has anyone found a good source for leather steering wheel covers? I'd like to increase the size of the wheel rim to get a 'fatter' feel as opposed to the original...
  5. 302Rover

    Synthetic Oil in Steering Box?

    Does anyone have an opinion about using synthetic oil in the manual P6 steering box? The service manual calls for EP90 but I have some Redline gear oil that is claimed to be the equivalent of EP90 and am wondering how wise (or stupid) it would be to use it? Cheers, Tom
  6. 302Rover

    Differences in HD8 carbs?

    Hello all, can anyone tell me what the differences are between the HD8 carbs used on the 2000TC vs those used on the E-Type Jags? In particular I am wondering about differences in the choke mechanism including the jet housing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tom
  7. 302Rover

    Front Spring Bump Stop Clearance?

    Hello All, could someone tell me what the clearance between the bump stops in the front springs should be? I measured the clearance on mine (new springs fitted) and it is about 1 inch. This strikes me as too close but I'm just guessing. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Tom
  8. 302Rover

    Front Suspension Top Link Question

    Looking at the illustration of the front suspension in the service manual I see reference to a mysterious 'set bolt'. The outer top link mounting bracket (pivot block) has a 3/8 threaded hole and the illustration shows the following for that hole: "Set bolt (3.8 in. UNF x 1 3/8 in. long) fixing...
  9. 302Rover

    Front spring clearance with sheet metal

    Hello all, recently I changed the front springs in my Rover 2000TC (now a 5000TC thanks to the Ford small block V8). I fitted stiffer springs from a 3500 along with a new, stiffer anti roll bar that I had machined at a local shop. While the car now seems to handle better, there is an annoying...
  10. 302Rover

    Power Steering Leaks

    Well, not exactly 'leaks' but does overflow through the filler cap. Here is the situation: I fitted a power steering box from a 3500S into my highly modified 2000TC, coupling the box to a Saginaw pump/reservoir unit (so called 'Ham Can'). The limited real estate under the bonnet, with the...
  11. 302Rover

    Steering Adjustment and Effect on Castor Action

    Hello Fellow Roverites, off and on I've been chasing a directional stability problem with my Rover 5000, that is to say it wants to wander at freeway speeds. One of the things I did during the extensive mods I made to the car was to fit a 3500S power steering box. I also noticed, at that time...
  12. 302Rover

    Brighter Tail Lights?

    Hello all, periodically I research ways to get brighter tail lights, looking at things like replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs or perhaps halogen bulbs or even brighter incandescent bulbs. Regarding LEDs, the opinions on various car forums seems to lean towards LEDs being no brighter...
  13. 302Rover

    More exhaust noise from my Rover 5000TC

    All, yesterday I mounted my cheapo Chinese $14.78 video camera to the rear jacking point and aimed it towards the twin tail pipes. Some of you may recall that I fitted a Ford 5 litre V8, a 300 hp crate motor from Ford Racing, into my Rover 2000TC. It is coupled to a Tremec 5 speed gearbox and...
  14. 302Rover

    Refitting Front Springs

    Today I was looking up under the right front wing of my P6 (as we do;-) and noticed that the top front of the spring is actually contacting the bulge in the sheet metal just above it. In fact there is some evidence of scraping and this may be the source of the thumping and bumping noises I...
  15. 302Rover

    Rover 2000TC Rear Spring Stiffness?

    Hello all, can someone tell me what the spring rate is for the 2000TC rear springs? The reason I am asking is that I fitted a set of 3500S springs some years ago to my 2000TC at the same time I installed the Ford V8. But the car has been plagued with oversteer, a very 'twitchy', light feeling...
  16. 302Rover

    PAS Pump Pressure?

    Hello all, can anyone tell me what the output pressure of the 3500S power steering pump should be? I've fitted a PAS box from a 3500S into my 2000TC and coupled it with a Saginaw pump salvaged from an American car but need to make sure I'm running the correct pressure for the Rover steering...
  17. 302Rover

    Rover 2000 Front Brake Upgrade?

    As noted in my recent post on the Members Projects Section, I have installed a Jaguar XJS differential and brakes in my Rover 2000TC. Now I would like to increase the size of the front brakes, hopefully via some sort of bolt in conversion. I recall reading that the 3500S front 3 pot calipers...
  18. 302Rover

    Jaguar XJS Differential in my Rover 2000TC

    Hello all, a number of months ago I joined the Forum and posted a description of my '68 Rover 2000TC which I converted to a 5000TC (my nomenclature) by fitting a Ford 302 V8, a crate motor that I purchased from Ford Racing. Coupled to the Ford V8 is a Tremec 5 speed gearbox to handle the...
  19. 302Rover

    Front Spoilers for P6?

    Hello all, has anyone fitted a set of these spoilers offered on ebay? If so, what effect, if any, have you noticed? ... 1c348754be The problem I'm running into is a very light feel at freeway speeds, sort of 'twitchy' steering as if the front end is...
  20. 302Rover

    Waist Seal End Finishers?

    I'm told by a parts supplier that the waist seal end finishers for the P6 doors are no longer available and haven't been for decades. So the question now becomes "what is being done to substitute for them"? The obvious solution is a tube of RTV but I am hoping for some thing a bit more...
  21. 302Rover

    P6 Master Cylinder Equivalent?

    I'm in the process of converting the NADA dual servo brake system on my P6 to a single servo system. As some of you may recall, I posted some descriptions of how I installed a Ford 5 liter V8 into my P6. However the dual servos block access to the right bank of plugs on the V8 so I would like...
  22. 302Rover

    The old Solihull Plant Location?

    Hello to all in Rover Land, I'm wondering if there is any thing left of the Rover Solihull plant or if not, is there any access to the site? Can anyone tell me where the main entrance used to be and are there any remnants of it still remaining? I'll be in the area for a couple weeks in May...
  23. 302Rover

    Exhaust Sound of a Rover 5000TC

    Rover 5000TC :?: , I hear you asking. A while ago, after I posted some of the details of my Rover 2000TC conversion to a Ford 5 litre V8, some Forum members encouraged me to open a YouTube account and post a video of the exhaust note of the car running the modified Ford 302 V8 through 26 inch...
  24. 302Rover

    Update on driveline vibration problem

    Hello all in Roverland, a few weeks ago I posted about the vibration problem I've been having in my P6 with the Ford V8. Since then I've done a lot of testing and fiddling but to little avail. Here is what was done and if anyone has any further suggestions, please comment. 1. Put the car up...
  25. 302Rover

    Diagram of P6B diff mount needed

    The differential (final drive) pinion housing mount was changed considerably from the P6 to the P6B models. For the 4 cylinder cars it was a short piece of stamped sheet metal whereas the 8 cylinder cars got a long, heavy weldment that traversed the width of the car. Would anyone have a...