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  1. KeesB

    Complete rear axle for early (Dunlop) P6 for sale in Holland

    I have a rear diff, complete with brakes and drive shafts for the early "Dunlop" P6. Asking price € 125,- but has to be collected from The Netherlands!
  2. KeesB

    Tobacco leaf 3500

    Last december I bought a 1975 P6 3500 automatic in Tobacco leaf. The MOT was expired but it was driveable. A few weeks ago I have started to get it ready for MOT. The parking brake did not work and when I investigated it turned out the brake pads were very worn so I have changed these. Such a...
  3. KeesB

    Vanden Plas Automatic 1982

    Bought last week:
  4. KeesB

    New addition

    Today I have bought a new addition to my fleet. It is a 1982 Rover 3500 Vanden Plas Auto. After having sold my Saab 900 there was a place to fill :D
  5. KeesB

    Happy birthday GH-48-73

    Today it is exactly 50 years ago my P6 was made :D . Will it still be around in another 50 years? Regards, Kees
  6. KeesB

    And another MOT failure, now passed!

    Last friday my ´64 P6 failed its MOT for the first time in 5 years :cry: First just before it went into the service bay the indicators stopped working (they were fine on the way to the MOT station). It turned out to be a bad connection at the fuse which I could easily repair. The MOT went fine...
  7. KeesB

    Classic car events in Dorset last week of April?

    From April 25th to May 2nd we have planned a holiday in Dorset and our P6 will be our means of transport. I have read that on April 27th it is also "drive-it-day". Does anyone of you know of a classic car event we can visit in this period, it would be nice to see some other P6´s too. Tanks in...
  8. KeesB

    1964 2000 LHD

    Here is my 1964 RHD in Copperleaf red.
  9. KeesB

    216 cabriolet

    Our 216 Cabriolet from 1993.
  10. KeesB

    SAAB 900 T8

    Saab 900 T8 from 1985. It has done 458.000 km!
  11. KeesB

    Front brake rebuild Dunlop

    After losing almost al brake fluid the last time I drove the P6 it was time for a rebuild. It was leaking, sometimes, a very small amount of brake fluid from the lefthand side front caliper for some time, but it suddenly got worse. Luckily I had ordered the rebuild kit some time ago. My 1964 P6...
  12. KeesB

    Milestone for our P6

    Hello all, Today, during an event of the Rover Club Holland, our P6 reached the 00000 milestone :D ! If we keep using the P6 as we have the last 3 years it will be another 25 years before this happens again :roll:
  13. KeesB

    connecting the ignition coil

    I want to check if the ignition coil of my 2000 SC is wired up the right way but I do not recognise the codes that are at the connection points so hopefully one of you can help. The connections are marked B and D. Can anybody tell me what these letters mean or which is + and which is -? Thanks...
  14. KeesB

    Very English in Holland

    Today I went to a meeting of the Dutch Rover club. On my way back to home I toke a back road and this is what I met half way. A small country lane, horseman with dogs and a Rover P6. How English is this!?! Regards, Kees
  15. KeesB

    windscreen broken!

    Yesterday we had a meeting of the Dutch Rover Owners Club, it was lovely, sunny and warm weather so a good day to bring out the P6. Gave it a quick polish on saterday and sunday we went to the german border near Arnhem. When we were almost there, on the motorway, a loud bang and the windscreen...
  16. KeesB

    Newbie from Holland

    Hello, After reading (and enjoying) this forum for sometime now, I though it was time to register and become a member. My name is Kees Buijs and I am from Holland. The P6 I have now, I bought in November 2009. In the nineties I also had P6´s but had been without them for more then 10 years. The...