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    Solex Carburettor

    My Rover P4 80 has a solex carburettor and after a run out and then parked up I think the heat from the exhaust manifold is evaporating the fuel in the carburettor because the next morning the car won't start, when I remove the carb top the carb bowl is dry, if I remove the air filter pipe from...
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    wiper arms

    Rover P4 80 how do you remove the wiper arms, looks like they should pull off a spline but mine are seized solid
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    Medium grey paint

    Hi Could anyone help me with a paint code for medium grey or where I may buy some , for my 1961 Rover P4 80 Thanks
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    Gearbox oil

    Rover P4 80 I am going to change the gearbox & overdrive oil, but there seems to be a bit of confusion about which oil to use, the manuals say EP90 but some members say 20w 50 engine oil, what do members think or what have they used when doing a gearbox oil change, I also have a slight gearbox...
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    P4 80

    1961 Rover P4 80 where is the gearbox level plug & filler plug on this gearbox with over drive fitted