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  1. GRTV8

    More Cowbell

    Haha. Got it
  2. GRTV8

    Replacing your Rover

    Replace with another Rover. Better the devil you know
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    Rover Gas Turbine - 1S60 - for sale

    that would keep me awake at night
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    Oily, dirty, happy

    Looks great. You can sleep well at night knowing Neil Young isn't singing in your ear.
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    Hello from Fife

    Hi there- welcome .That P6 of yours looks rather gorgeous
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    3500 RU

    My brain won't let me know what an RU is.
  7. GRTV8

    Tour of my 1970 NADA Spec Rover P6 3500s and a drive after.

    Totally enjoyed your Rover and love your enthusiasm for upgrading her for 21st C Great video. Just want to know what is under those covers in your yard
  8. GRTV8

    Wanted – a rubber 'thing' (!) to hold the jack in place against the nearside boot wall

    If you know the size , I reckon you would pick one up from a plumbing/pipe outlet ,in the form of a rubber gasket. I have an original I could take a measure off if no one comes up with a reply
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    Replacing your Rover

    As a bloke that bought his P6 new in '72 ,this was my main driver for about ten years when I thought it was time to upgrade , so I sold it and bought in succession most of the cars I lusted after. After the novelty wore off all these different dream breeds, none really lived up to a P6...
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    Your car -your call. I also like the lower door scuttle painted black. Also not a S1 thing but common on the S2
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    Rear Vinyl Quarter Panels for Series 1 2000

    What ever makes you enjoy your P6 . Cant see a problem in vinyl covering a S1 quarter panel. A bit involved getting the panel off. Was a feature on the S2 as voking2000 said
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    SD1 3500SE spotted

    Looks quite smart from your pic. If its not registered [or have you blanked the plate] , it would be worth chasing for more info.
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    Three Thousand Five

    Amazing that they are still in one piece. I had a nice set of "Michies" on mine for years . Unfortunately the ride was starting to be quite harsh and noisy even with 75% tread left. A tyre guy told me they had "gone off" and to try a cheaper brand seeing as I do low annual milage. I went with...
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    Three Thousand Five

    When I ordered my P6 ,I ticked the 8 track tape-stereo box. Very avant- guarde. That format went out of fashion in the early 80's. Over her ownership Ive replaced my stereo with many units including Cassette and CD's. I now have a bluetooth head unit that interfaces with my Spotify Ph. app...
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    If all the instruments work -thats a good buy
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    If I wanted one - I'd buy yours
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    Repro. Mine is original and has a spring style base to enable a lot of give if it hits and obstacle.
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    Series 2 2000 Bonnet Badge

    I did one once. Carefully pulled it apart, cleaned it all up. Started painting the inside with a tiny hobby brush AND bang. The whole plastic shell exploded - well cracked apart in various places. Must have had a paint/ plastic reaction. Disappointing.
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    Just as an aside- what model Montego air filters did you get or are they all models?- thanks and good luck for the future esp without a P6
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    Weber carb conversion

    Ive got a 4 cylinder P6. 4 pots each side of the engine bay, joined in the middle with a lumpy thing.
  21. GRTV8

    Weber carb conversion

    I know you are talking down draught ,a mate of mine had twin side draught and they were a bloody racket on the throttle .Not becoming the sedate sounds of a rV8 intake.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    So just a gentle nip up? and look for leaks after a run.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    "Dont overtighten the bolts" -thats a tough one without a torque wrench. I like your vaseline trick
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    a minor thing, but wondered if its just me!

    Very easy to create a blow-back on these P6 things, not just the angle of the nozzle but the position of your tongue.
  25. GRTV8

    76 Rover P6 3500 project

    Leave about a third of the nut on the shaft .Save yourself a broken nose or black eye when it lets go.