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    Pulley sizes

    Does anybody have the crank and water pump pulley sizes for the 3.5 engine to hand please? Is the pump equal, underdriven or overdriven relative to the crankshaft?
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    Gearbox Manual required

    Can any of the learned members point me in the direction of a Repair and Overhaul Manual for the ZF 4HP22/24 gearboxes, please?
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    4hp22/24 parts

    I remember a thread here where the internals of the 4HP24 were put into the casing of a 4HP22, but for the life of me, I can't find it.. So, my question is, would the same swap be possible with the 4WD boxes? I have an opportunity to buy an automatic Land Rover Td5 Discovery II with a dead box...
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    In case you were wondering...

    .... how an automatatic box worked.....
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    Engine parts

    I am looking for a supplier of engine parts. At the moment, I need mains, big ends, thrust washers and the top gasket set. Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK as my South African enquiries have turned up absolutley nobody interested in helping me.
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    Help please

    I need a favor from someone who has a P5 Manual, please. I scanned the 2 pages of my manual that list the crankshaft and conrod dimensions for a guy that is sourcing the parts I need, but botched the attachment for the email. I just got a message from the guy asking for the attachment, but I...
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    Photobucket fixes

    Copied this from another forum, so not my own work nor can I be responsible for it.... If you're using Google Chrome, go to the three dots on the right side of the screen and click them. A drop down should appear. Hover your mouse over "More Tools," and when the next drop down appears, click on...
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    P5 engine

    Calling all P5 people... I have been tasked to light overhaul and assemble a P5 6 pot engine and reunite it with it's gearbox and fit both to the original car.... Now, having only ever seen a P5 at a distance, I am a bit short on information, so I am asking for the collective's help please. I...
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    Vic Edelbrock Jr. dies.

    Vic Edelbrock Jr., 1936-2017 RIP, Sir!
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    Help and advice needed, please

    I need a bit of guidance from the knowledge base on here for a challenge I have been set.... I have been approached and asked to "FIX" a 6 pot P5 engine. Details are sketchy, but it seems to be in bits, which in and of itself isn't too much of an issue, but the reason it got into the box is as...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to you all, may it bring happiness, health and prosperity to you and may the best you had in 2015 be the worst of 2016.
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    V8 Forum

    Is anyone else experiencing difficulty getting onto the forum site, or is it something localised in the network I am on? I have not been able to get on there since yesterday morning and I need someone to please try and log in and let me know if you succeed so I can decide if I need to yell at IT...
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    Pruis et al, meet your Grand Daddy....
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    I stumbled across this

    It's in French and those who can follow it will get so much more from it, but the pictures speak for themselves in this dedicated rebuild.
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    Interesting tool

    Has anyone come across one of these before? Looks like it could be a winner for body work.
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    Father's Day pressie

    The family gave me a treat today, a little early, but as I will be away at work on the day, it seemed OK. This beauty is now on charge .......
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    Pug 405

    I bought my Father in Law's 405 off him as a fill-in runabout to replace my decrepit old Honda and it died on me thanks to the workshop that replaced the cylinder head gasket and left an engine mount bolt off resulting in a damaged head and block. The Dealer here in Cape Town won't weld the...
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    Do you think this will catch on?
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    part numbers/diagram

    Does anyone have a diagram of the suspension bits and part numbers please. I am sitting in Nigeria and my books are all at home. A complete pdf catalogue would be first prize. Thanks!
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    Parts and suppliers

    I am looking to buy some bits for my car to be shipped in a container and I need some pointers for suppliers and part numbers, please. I have an opportunity to stick some bits in a container for free, so I hope to jump on it and get some normally costly to ship bits for the Rove... 1) Carpet set...
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    Help please

    I need some help from the more knowlegable ones on here, please. I am hoping to purchase some items off a car and neither I or the guy stripping the car have an idea of the honest value of the parts, so I am appealing to you guys for some estimates that won't rip him off or bankrupt me. :lol...
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    Haynes manuals explained...

    HAYNES MANUAL - THE REAL MEANINGS Haynes: Rotate anticlockwise. Translation: Clamp with molegrips (adjustable wrench) then beat repeatedly with hammer anticlockwise. You do know which way is anticlockwise, don't you? Haynes: Should remove easily. Translation: Will be corroded into place ...
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    Father Christmas came early this year....

    So, I lashed out and spent my as yet unearned Christmas bonus today and bought these 2 beauties.... ... t=MAT9053K ... ct=MAT9003 The idea is to get proficient with the TIG machine and start doing small jobs from...
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    Help needed, please

    Somewhere within these pages are some photos of a modified front suspension with adjustable bits. I think they are off a New Zealand car, possibly from By'Gone. I would dearly like to find these pages, but my attempts at navigating the search function are making me increasingly frustrated...
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    Lucky escapes..... ... 0_8r9rln5w I particularly like the one with the artic... That poor driver had to pull over to change his shreddies....