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  1. Scimitar1976

    Electric issue

    I have an electrical issue I'm not sure about. I think the gauge is faulty but would like other opinions please. At 2000 revs the gauge shows a continuous discharge. Am I right in thinking it's the gauge at fault. Battery shows 13.46 volts at 2000 revs. Thanks for any help/advice. The gauge...
  2. Scimitar1976

    Newport, Waterloo Road

    Saw a very nice looking series 2 yesterday passing my house on Waterloo Road it then turned right onto Cardiff Road. It was a light green colour I think, I only just caught a quick glimpse of the rear as it pulled onto the junction, it was in very good condition, I couldn't hear a burble of the...
  3. Scimitar1976

    2000 Head replacement

    Hi All, I've found a NOS Rover 2000 head for sale and I was thinking of buying it but noticed that it has a SC inlet manifold for a Rover 2000sc where mine is a 2000tc. My question is, is it a matter of just replacing the SC inlet manifold with my TC inlet manifold. I would also be getting...
  4. Scimitar1976

    What adhesive to use

    Hi all, Just wondering what adhesive to use on the seal that goes around the edge of the body in the boot as there doesn't seem to be a lot to hold the seal in place. I remember years ago we used to use Bostic I (think) on door and boot opening seals as it was a firm rubbery substance when...
  5. Scimitar1976

    Ballist Resistor location 2000TC

    Hi All, Anyone know the location of the Ballist Resistor on the 1973 Rover 2000TC. Or is it a Eureka wire instead of the Ballist Resistor. My coil has two white with yellow stripe wires on the + side which means it's Ballisted. Regards Terry H
  6. Scimitar1976

    High reading rev counter

    Hi All, started the Rover P6 2000TC earlier and even though the engine was barley ticking over at about 650 rpm (guessing that) the rev counter was showing 3500 - 4000 rpm. Not had this happen before anyone any ideas what is causing this. Regards Terry H
  7. Scimitar1976

    Rover Power Steering rack

    Hi All, I have a bad leak on my 1997 Rover Sterling 2.5 rack. I have tried everywhere to get one but none available. No services will do a car of this age either. Does anyone know if there is another car which shares this rack like maybe Honda. Regards Terry H
  8. Scimitar1976

    Rover 2000TC HS6 SU carburettor overhaul

    Hi all, I have what looks like brown oil dripping from the bottom of my carbs and the car wont tic over without the choke out. I plan on doing a overhaul (basic overhaul kit) and was wondering if it is possible to do it without taking the carbs off the engine. I don't have the privilege...
  9. Scimitar1976

    Rubber overflow pipe on heater

    Hi All, On the side of the heater box, right hand side of the car there is a short, big diameter pipe that is screwed on to the heater box, it's held on with a bracket and two screws. It looks like it's the overflow for the top of the heater to take away rain water. Mine has had some sort of...
  10. Scimitar1976

    Headlight problem

    Hi All, I don't know if I have a problem or not but when I turn the light switch on the dash to fog lights the headlights go out and fog lights come on. I don't think Rover would have designed that into the system so I suspect a fault somewhere. Other than that all lights work. I hate...
  11. Scimitar1976

    Loose wire

    Hi All, While I had the car on the ramps this morning I couldn't resist having a good look around underneath, it's spotless and rust free. I did however find a thin brown wire coming out the harness just bellow the alternator with a female spade on it, my first thought was that it was off the...
  12. Scimitar1976

    2000 tc Heater Blower no hot air

    Hi all, I can't get hot air from the heater. Is there a valve in the system on the 2000 engine. I was going to disconnect the heater from the system and back flush it with a garden hose but the weather wont let me play at the moment. Anyone had similar problems. Regards Terry H
  13. Scimitar1976

    Knocking noise

    Hi all, I seem to have a knocking noise when I go over a bump on the nearside front wheel, it sounds like Phil Collins tapping a cow bell. At first I thought it was a wheel nut come off and tapping on the inside of the wheel trim, it's that sort of tinny sound. I've not had a chance to...
  14. Scimitar1976

    Power loss when idling.

    The scenario is, I'm moving down the road at about 30 mph and indicate left. The indicators flash a a regular pace with no problem until I stop at traffic lights. The indicators now flash very very slow and sometimes stop for a long period. The gauge on the dash is holding mid way between + & -...
  15. Scimitar1976

    Intermittant wiper

    Hi All, My intermittent wiper on my 2000 TC P6 works but only as a continuous wiper any pointers where to look. Also my heater only blows cold air, I'm going to take the feed pipe and exit pipe off and flush through first but any other ideas welcome. I've only just bought this car so I'm...
  16. Scimitar1976

    Any information please

    Hi all, I just bought a 1973 Rover 2000TC reg number VTU 735M it's blue and owned by the last owner for 29 years and the owner before that owned it from new. I've not received it yet as it's being shipped from Rugby to me in Newport South Wales. I welcome any comments from anyone who may...
  17. Scimitar1976

    Peddle rubbers

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and Rover P6 ownership. I just bought a 1973 2000TC and the peddle rubbers are missing. Does anyone know if they are fitted to any other car. or is there a Rover parts specialist that may supply them. Rimmer Bros don't appear to stock them. Is there such a thing as a...