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  1. Jason Parnell

    V8 engine and BW65 box

    hi I'm removing the 3.5 v8 and bw65 auto box from my p6. the engine does loose water only when running but no visible leaks so i suspect head gasket needs replacing. Not sure what they are worth so don't be afraid of making an offer . cheers Jase
  2. Jason Parnell

    4 pot 2000 0R 2200

    Has anyone got a 4 cylinder going cheap, needs to be drivable?
  3. Jason Parnell

    gearbox crossmember

    hi does anyone have a lt77 gearbox crossmember from a sd1 i could buy. thanks
  4. Jason Parnell


    Does anyone have a sd1 manual gearbox mounting they are willing to sell . Cheers Jase
  5. Jason Parnell

    3.9 efi

    hi has anyone fitted a 3.9 with efi to their p6
  6. Jason Parnell


    hi is there anyone near bury st edmunds that can respray my roof
  7. Jason Parnell

    repair sections for gutter and front pillar

    has anyone got a good gutter section for above the passengers door and front post on the passengers side
  8. Jason Parnell

    roof replacement

    hi does the rear screen need to be removed to remove and replace the roof?
  9. Jason Parnell


    hi has anyone got a headling for a standard roof i.e. without webasto or sunroof
  10. Jason Parnell

    Clamp plate for grill center badge

    Hi has anyone got a clamp plate that hold the mk1 grills and centre badge together. Thanks
  11. Jason Parnell

    Mk1 grill

    Hi can anyone show me what the mk1 grill badge fits to. Thanks
  12. Jason Parnell

    Door check strap

    Hi I'm after a drivers side front door check strap or any info on the plastic wear part. As pic
  13. Jason Parnell

    door check straps

    Hi has anyone done repairs to the door check straps ie the nylon guides
  14. Jason Parnell

    Panel above the radio

    Hi are the plastic pins that hold the panel above the radio still available. Cheers
  15. Jason Parnell


    Hi I'm after a v8 bellhousing and a gear lever from a lt77
  16. Jason Parnell


    Hi has anyone got a towbar for a p6 for sale. Cheers Jason
  17. Jason Parnell

    Manual pedal box

    I'm also after a manual pedal box. Thanks in advance
  18. Jason Parnell

    Plain roof

    Hi I'm after a plain roof for my p6, I have a webasto on it at the moment. Cheers
  19. Jason Parnell

    hi finally

    hi finally got a p6 after getting rid of one 17 years ago, so happy.