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  1. oldbloke

    Seen While On The Road

    A brief meetup in NorCal…
  2. oldbloke

    Chasing Mustard In NorCal

  3. oldbloke

    Top Gear Featured The Rover V8

    Interesting presentation once upon a time as found on another forum...!/ Top Gear- Death of the Rover V8... : MG Engine Swaps Forum : MG Experience Forums : The MG Experience
  4. oldbloke

    A Road Less Traveled...

    ...above the Napa Valley!
  5. oldbloke

    ID This Rover Number

    Going through old documents rec’ved with my 1970 NADA. Inside cover of ‘Service Guide And Warranty’ booklet. Definetly not P6!
  6. oldbloke

    Make Hay While Sun Shines

    Isolation ride ...empty parking lot...classic farm equipment...classic Rover!6
  7. oldbloke

    Social Distancing

    Is this enough?
  8. oldbloke

    FS Complete Carb Set For 3.5L V8

    Have swapped the SUs for a 4bbl on the 1970 Red Rover. Believe them to be rebuilt with low mileage since. They were working well when removed a couple of months ago. This includes the air filter, elbows and intake manifold. Asking $600USD plus shipping. Sorry, I won't sell pieces...
  9. oldbloke

    Brigade Red and Arden Green

    Even my shades of red/green colour blindness can appreciate the difference!
  10. oldbloke

    NorCal 1970 V8 FS

    Too bad I'm not really needing any parts and this is being sold as a salvage title!1970 Rover 3500S - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  11. oldbloke

    Result of inattentive driving...

    '65 P5...owner near tears! SoCal Roverphile.
  12. oldbloke

    Rover At Twilight

    When the light is right....!
  13. oldbloke

    When One 3500s Just Isn’t Enough...!

    Like eating peanuts!
  14. oldbloke

    Travels With The NADA

    NorCal run today to hilltop old adobe home of General Vallejo. Instrumental in transition of California from Mexican territory to US possession.
  15. oldbloke

    Brigade Red NADA

    She's baaack! Several months in the shop now sporting 4L heads on a fresh rebuild with a .030 overbore with fast road cam and upgraded oil pump. Hydraulics/brakes/suspension all fresh. The sundym glass with replaced seals and magstars are just some of the areas addressed to get this beauty...
  16. oldbloke

    Side View Sunday...

    A jaunt through the Napa Valley today. Old winery trucks as yard art are fairly iconic in this area
  17. oldbloke

    Mystery item

    This IS a Rover tool! Care to make a guess?
  18. oldbloke

    Another NADA ForThe Napa Valley

    One is never enough...! Found this lovely Brigade Red beauty with new or rebuilt everything and a seller almost allowing me to steal it! (check the magstars)
  19. oldbloke

    All Brit Club Ride

    Fastest and best looking gets to bring up the rear? I tell 'em I'm there to pick up the pieces falling off the cars in front of me ...!
  20. oldbloke

    Looks Fine Just Sitting There...!

    Sometimes I like to just go out and look at her!
  21. oldbloke

    1937 Rover 10 (SF Bay Area USA)

    Lovely old R0ver 10 up for sale not far from me! 1937 Rover 10 * Rare Find in the USA** check it out ** Beautiful
  22. oldbloke

    LHD '69 2000 TC FS

    Looked at it today. Only 25 miles from me. Long time California car (since '70). Sounded great running. Had rebuilt engine, m/cyls, tranny, dist. per seller. Clock was only non functioning. Rust bubble under rear window, but otherwise...? Tired interior, but good headliner. Could use a...
  23. oldbloke

    Taste Of Scotland Rover P6 Tour

    Just back from a most excellent tour with the Rover P6 club. Started in Gretna Green and looped thru Scottish Borders and Western Highlands after seven days returning to Edinburgh. Seven Rover P6s with drivers and navigators and my wife and I in a rental led by the intrepid Scottish rallyist...
  24. oldbloke

    Rain Went Away...Led To New Avatar Pic

    Getting some wheel time following several weeks of resto work being done on the Napa NADA. Showing off her new face, I thought it apropos that I pose an automotive icon with the Napa Valley icon known as 'The Grape Crusher'. No w my new avatar pic!