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  1. Speedfreak

    A little low on the driver side.

    Every now and then when looking at my car I have sometimes thought she seems a little low on the driver side at the rear. Took out the trusty tape measure today finally and I measure from the middle of the rear wheel arch down to the ground. She is sitting approximately 2 cm lower on the...
  2. Speedfreak

    Fuel and temperature gauge dropping intermittently.

    Any offers advice would be appreciated, very occasionally my fuel gauge and my temperature gauge both drop about 25% of the travel distance, maybe just for a few seconds, then all is well. They never seem to return to the off position, and it only ever seems to last a few seconds. There is...
  3. Speedfreak

    Gear stick bush

    I am replacing the spherical bush that the gear stick sticks into the little pin that obviously locates into the ball on the stick. My question is when reassembling which way do I position this, I’m guessing it’s with the nipple to the front but I wanted to check that doesn’t seem to be any...
  4. Speedfreak

    Drivers seat

    Not sure if this question has been asked here before, but can I put a passenger seat in the place of the drivers seat? I appreciate the tilt adjuster will be on the wrong side, but other than this are there any issues or is it completely different?
  5. Speedfreak

    Where have you visted in your Rover this summer?

    As many of us will have a stay-cation this year, I thought it might be fun to start a "where have you been in your Rover this summer" thread. We could post where and when and a suitable photo. I will get things going.... A caravan weekend at Hayling island on the south coast. Mid may 2021, round...
  6. Speedfreak

    Great new web site

    I see the people at Wins have a great new web site ( ) its like an Aladin's cave! I have no connection to Wins other than I have used them for spares for years now and always found them brilliant to deal with.
  7. Speedfreak

    eBay scams

    I bet many of us on this forum look on eBay to see what P6 cars come up for sale out of nothing more than generally idle curiosity. Every few weeks or so the same white and blue rovers come up for sale at a slightly unusual price, and there’s always a photograph of a note next to it saying to...
  8. Speedfreak

    Heated rear windscreen

    I discovered yesterday that my heated rear window is not working, I checked the in-line fuse just behind the pull switch switch which is 25 amp and the fuse had blown. When I replaced the fuse blue again immediately. Is there a common place where there is likely to be a short causing the fuse...
  9. Speedfreak

    What did Santa bring you for your P6?

    I thought I was on the naughty step having spent many hours in the garage and in fairness a few quid restoring my beloved P6 this year. However obviously Santa took pity on me and delivered this Christmas morning anyone else get any P6 goodies for Crimbo?
  10. Speedfreak

    Dorking Surrey

    Spotted just outside Dorking in Surrey, someone enjoying a winter drive through the Surrey countryside. She pulled off nice and quickly without a puff of smoke. A credit to its owner.
  11. Speedfreak

    Lockdown jobs completed..

  12. Speedfreak

    How hot is too hot?

    Had a faultless 150 mile round trip recently and the car performed beautifully, however I had the sidelights and dipped beam on for about 40 minutes of the trip when I got home and run my fingers along the fuses having removed the lid around the middle of the box it was hot, probably best...
  13. Speedfreak

    Lockdown Jobs

    What jobs are we up to during the period of lock down? I have finally got round to rebuilding four doors that I had refurbished and resprayed four years ago! This is a great time to get those jobs done that you have been putting off in favour of driving and enjoying the car.
  14. Speedfreak

    Free P6

    I have just seen this (sat 15th Feb) this on eBay, it’s free! someone must want it... whole car. Item number... 133334696037
  15. Speedfreak

    P6 on the telly

    Has anyone seen the Visa telly advert, the set to Queens “somebody to love” 36 seconds in we see an Almond P6.
  16. Speedfreak


    I really hope this isn’t a stupid question, however here we go -1973 to thousand SC. I am looking to replace my ignition coil, now I don’t know whether I have a system that has ballast resistance in it or not. I have read some historical comments on here, about measuring the voltage to find...
  17. Speedfreak

    Anyone know what car this is from?

    Anyone know what car this is from? I found it while I was clearing my deceased uncles house. He owned many cars over the years jags Rovers Humbers, and I found this all wrapped up in the back of the wardrobe. It looks like Morgan might use this, but I think this is probably from another car of...
  18. Speedfreak

    Condenser issues

    2000 SC. Can anyone throw any light as to why my car seems to burn through condensers every couple of hundred miles? The car runs beautifully then after a while she suddenly becomes very lumpy with the odd backfire, swap the condenser over and guess what, the problem goes away! She is now...
  19. Speedfreak

    Head question.

    Quick question, do ALL 2200 heads have the large 2.2 stamped on the front of them? Thanks.
  20. Speedfreak

    2.2 SC Head on 2000 SC Block.

    Last summer I had fitted a 2.2 SC cylinder head on my 2000SC block. All seemed fine in fact she went really well however I have developed a noise. I have covered about 800 miles.Always hard to explain a noise, however best described as exhaust sound, but the exhaust is fine with no leaks. If I...
  21. Speedfreak

    Fuse length

    Any advice on fuse length would be welcome. I read on here about the dangers of fitting a fuse that is too short. However how short is too short.? My old fuse measure 32mm and my new fuse measure 30mm. That is is 1 mil either end when fitted.I know how important contact patch is, however from...
  22. Speedfreak

    Power for radio

    Hi, any body know the fuse that protects the original power for the radio? I guess they are all the same? Mine needs the ignition on to operate, position 2 on the key. Just in case it matters I have a 73 2000 SC. Thanks.
  23. Speedfreak


    Ive just replaced my water pump and rad. I'm now experiencing a small rise and fall in temperature in normal driving conditions, almost in to the red at the top end of the fluctuation. Also the rad is sometimes cool and sometime warm/hot at the top. I think I may have an airlock? Anyone have any...
  24. Speedfreak

    How funny.

    How funny, I was flicking through Twitter and a chap who I follow was posting lots of pictures of P6 Rovers. All of a sudden there was a picture of my car! It was taken by somebody last autumn and it would seem has done the rounds on social media. Very flattering, however goes to
  25. Speedfreak

    Water pump

    Not sure if this has happened to many folk. However a reconditioned water pump went on me after just a few hundred miles of use. Made a mess of fan and my trusty old radiator. It seem the shaft from front to back failed and the front part came away and had a fight with the rad. The rad lost...