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    Wanted: Stainless braided flexible brake hoses for P6B

    Braided Stainless flexible brake hoses: for P6B, anyone stock these?  best Graham
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    Craigslist, Oregon, one-owner 3500 NADA US 2000 looks like a good deal for someone G
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    Replacing the dash pad, tips and tricks?

    Would appreciate feedback from anyone that’s done this, is it necessary to remove the front screen? thanks! Graham
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    Aftermarket front guard indicator

    Someone’s added an indicator lens assembly to the front guard; any suggestions of what car this might be off? I can’t afford NOS NADA lens sets… I don’t really want to fit these but a legal requirement here it seems Graham
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    Power Steering Fluid: sub for Castrol TQF??

    I’m using a 3.9 Discovery motor and p/steer pump; the rest of the system is P6B; are there any substitutes for Castrol TQF ( ? ) Mobil ATF for eg... best Graham
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    A Win and Two Fails...

    My Rover arrived at Daikoku wharf, Yokohama Port mid January, Customs clearance done, my plan was to put on some temporary plates and drive 40km home; no dice, the clutch master cylinder had failed so “Plan B” a car carrier pickup The cars 2nd trip across the Equator; its first being as a...
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    Wanted: Series 2 V8 ignition switch and key

    NOS or very good condition... Graham
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    Battery size: length x width x height, Series 2 V8

    I need to pick my car up from the wharf in the next couple days and the battery ( located in the boot ) has died... I would like to visit the parts store to buy one and need to know the size; not "part number" ( they won't have it ) , not "cranking amps" but the actual physical size if someone...
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    A P6B in Tokyo... Project car

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    Alloy Wheels, 800 euros a set of 4; P6 and P5 Italian

    Not my car; these have the correct ( and very uncommon ) plus 35mm offset Styling somewhere in between Daimler Double 6 and Rover P5B, I think not excessively priced and look very Smart certified as TUV compliant in Germany; these are 15”s GW
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    New Rover V8 book

    I’ve got the old Hardcastle book; which is so ancient now it lists products long unavailable and companies long out of business... Nice to see a new publication on our favorite engine; Amazon and EBay won’t ship to me but after the lockdown I’ll order a copy Graham
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    Rover P6B Dealership manual ( that quotes workshop times for maintenance )

    This is a fairly slim volume that quotes billing-out times for workshops; eg: "Clutch replacement: 3.5 hours" "Replace and tune SU carburettors, 4.3 hours" Somebody kindly sent me a PDF of this but that was 2 x computers ago ( ! ) Would be happy to purchase a print edition; reprint or...
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    Vermont, USA v. clean 2200 P6 with 5-speed South of France, then UK, then USA.... anyone on here owned this? And Japan: P6B with Automatic overhauled, new carpets and paint GW
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    Key blanks for '73 P6B

    Don't have to be a "real deal" Rover part, just something that works! Thanks! Graham
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 16inch Wheel set Yahoo Japan Correct bolt pattern, offset and PCD for a P6B Dunno about the center caps but I like the wheel, and these look in good nick GW
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    Anyone have a part number for K and N Airfilters

    or similar; like the ones fitted to this Rover V-8? * 20 second clip held on by a jubilee clip each side... best Graham Ware
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    Japan P6B, Japanese Yahoo Auction Tinted glass, Airconditioning, right hand drive Sat for 24 years in a garage and was found with 4 x flat tyres and didnt run, think this is the same car that was listed a couple of years back that didnt sell Very low mileage tho, if its...
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    Starting at a hundred bucks in Indiana... GW
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    P6 "Repair Operation Times" book

    this gives details of the workshop billing hours for various repairs on a P6; an original would be nice, a photocopy also appreciated, PM me and I'll get back to you Thanks in advance Graham
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    Wanted, Radiator Expansion Tank

    MG-C, MG B GT V8, or similar, preferably with bracket
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    eBay, NOS Konis

    I can't post a link as I am on my mobile; But: search "Koni Rover 3500" and there is a set in the States with a Buy-it-Now and the seller ships Worldwide Front shock pair original part number was: 80-1666 which the seller could likely verify ( mentioned in his listing as 80A-1666 ) Believe the...
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    Rover workshop "hours" book...

    Rover issued a dealership book which contained suggested workshop times for certain maintenance; eg: clutch replacement, 4.5 hours... Rear shocks replacement: 1.5 hours, etc. What is the book called and how easy is it to get? What does the book suggest as "hours" for an engine/ gearbox...
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    Likely been posted before, BUT... Thanks to Rudiger for making the link through Facebook; this is one gorgeous P6B!! GW
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    Two Lane Blacktop ( YouTube ) Classic car movie with Laurie Bird, James Taylor, Dennis Wilson + Sam Peckinpah regular, Warren Oates Harry Dean Stanton has a cameo as a hitchhiker There were 3 x '55 Chevrolets built for the film at least one of which later appeared...
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    KMPH Speedo for Series 2 V8

    Face in kilometers per hour, not miles Were fitted to some export models; PM me here or; Thanks! Graham