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  1. oldbloke

    Romantic Road

    Will look for it. Used to be a bit involved with '30s Rolls before discovering Rovers...
  2. oldbloke

    Seen While On The Road

    A brief meetup in NorCal…
  3. oldbloke

    Where have you visted in your Rover this summer?

    Club run NorCal
  4. oldbloke

    The NADA is home....

    Found this in hobby store and gave bottle to paint shop for match. It IS metallic and I quite like it!
  5. oldbloke

    Chasing Mustard In NorCal

  6. oldbloke

    Edelbrock conversion, throttle linkage

    My mechanic fabricated this for BW35 kickdown...
  7. oldbloke

    Top Gear Featured The Rover V8

    Interesting presentation once upon a time as found on another forum...!/ Top Gear- Death of the Rover V8... : MG Engine Swaps Forum : MG Experience Forums : The MG Experience
  8. oldbloke

    got your vaccine? what happened??

    Happy to report the cooling system of my ‘70 NADA 3500s is working well. Drove her to receive 2nd Moderna. Found myself at end of mile+ line of cars. Moving just fast enough it wasn’t worth turning the car off. Sat idling for over an hour. Needle reached high in the green, but burbled right...
  9. oldbloke

    Distributor Rebuild

    Hi Drew, THE distributor rebuilder for our classics is Jeff at Advanced Distributors in Minnesota. Great tech rep and one of his units on my Rover working quite well. Discuss electronic ignition with him. He's in Minnesota. Luck to ya, Jim
  10. oldbloke

    Hi there

    28.3 C, bright and sunny.
  11. oldbloke

    Hi there

    Luck with your P6. Two have come into my care this side of the pond to accompany two MGBs. Have since sold on the roadster, but found my upper 70s y/o body while preferring the comfort of the P6, I just can't bring myself to let the steady eddy reliable MGB GT go.
  12. oldbloke

    A Road Less Traveled...

    Nope, fog rolling in from coast, our built in air co
  13. oldbloke

    A Road Less Traveled...

    ...above the Napa Valley!
  14. oldbloke

    ID This Rover Number

    Going through old documents rec’ved with my 1970 NADA. Inside cover of ‘Service Guide And Warranty’ booklet. Definetly not P6!
  15. oldbloke

    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    My two NADAs sheltering in place awaiting impatiently their next venture!
  16. oldbloke

    Hi Nick, see my post to you re: paint in the’lounge’ ....! Maybe get the pic in there.

    Hi Nick, see my post to you re: paint in the’lounge’ ....! Maybe get the pic in there.
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  18. oldbloke

    Here ya go, pretty close with a metallic look that makes it pop! See next post, can’t post a...

    Here ya go, pretty close with a metallic look that makes it pop! See next post, can’t post a pic on this comment...!
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    My stable...
  20. oldbloke

    Car Show

    Looking forward to your posts. Have to to live vicariously through others experiences on this side of things. Closest event still being held semi-doable for me would be a 700+ mile trek to Washington state.
  21. oldbloke

    Not a P6 but...

    Would have been a nice addition to the stable. Love mine.
  22. oldbloke

    Social distancing drive with mates

    Great seeing you out and about with the classics. Off for an all Brit car club ride in 20 minutes myself. We meet up and decide if anyone wants to take a drive, Usually in the 100-150 mile range thru Sonoma, Marin and perhaps Napa counties.
  23. oldbloke

    Rover P6 NADA 3500S Driveline update videos.

    Hi Ed, I’m near you in Napa with two 3500S’. See pics in the gallery for NADA/Federal Rovers. June 13 is my all Brit car club meetup in Rohnert Park if you want to come by and kick tires and swap tales. (NoBBC .com) north Bay British Car Club. Meet at Sonoma Bagel just off expressway. Jim
  24. oldbloke

    Make Hay While Sun Shines

    Isolation ride ...empty parking lot...classic farm equipment...classic Rover!6