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  1. stue1972

    Boot badge

    A boot badge i have listed on ebay.
  2. stue1972

    Fresh coat of almond

  3. stue1972

    Spotted in Portsmouth

    I did post on Facebook yesterday but thought I'd share here too. In Portsmouth Hampshire uk
  4. stue1972

    Manual pedal box wanted

    Looking for a pedal box for my v8 manual conversion. Ideally from a 3500s but anything will be usable
  5. stue1972

    P6b project

    Probably should have started this before I started pulling it apart but here goes. Bought it running and driving. engine seams good with good oil pressure and no nasty rattles. Was planning on it been a quick couple bits of welding, change a couple of doors bit of paint and back on the road but...
  6. stue1972

    Front seat base

    Would anyone have a boxpleat front seat base in sandalwood they would be willing to sell.
  7. stue1972

    D post lower repair panel

    Has anybody by chance have a drivers side lower d post repair Panel as been informed by wadhams that theres a problem in manufacture and they dont have any
  8. stue1972

    Project 1967 2000tc

    Due to a lack of time, space and facilities to do welding I am looking for offers to recoup what it owes me for my 2000tc series 1 Cars located in Havant nr portsmouth Hampshire. Photos can be found here. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=18831
  9. stue1972

    Inline fuel filter

    Have flushed my fuel tank the best I can but still a little concerned about what may still be in tank as its not very easy to see. I don't really want to cut into the fuel hose but can anyone see a reason why I cant fit an inline fuel filter in the line?
  10. stue1972

    67 2000tc gearstick

    Have been looking at many posts on here but don't think my stick is quite as it should be. I have the early type box
  11. stue1972

    2000 clutch bolt lock tabs

    All of my lock tab washers are damaged, do I really need them as most modern cars just use spring washer.
  12. stue1972

    2200sc auto diff in a series 1 2000tc

    Will a diff from a series 2 2200sc auto fit a 2000tc manual. I suspect its the extension tube was just wondering if the parts are interchangeable between series 1 and 2 and what would the ratio difference be
  13. stue1972

    1967 2000tc SGN

    Collecting my new project from jules (8866nk) Saturday morning. To say I'm a little excited would be an understatement :) Photos to follow once ive collected
  14. stue1972

    2000tc 2200sc girling calipers

    Am I right in thinking that the front calipers on a 1967 2000tc are different to 2200sc. Only asking as have a pair of 2200sc already off the car to rebuild for my new 2000tc project. Also are the rears all the same or should I just rebuild all the calipers on the tc.
  15. stue1972

    in tank fuel catalyst Always seeing these on ebay, does anyone have any experiance of these. Do they do what they say
  16. stue1972

    breaking 2200sc auto

    Just posted in my projects page that due to the large amount of parts missing i'm now going to break my project p6 up. Will be keeping a fair amount for when i purchase another but let me no if you require anything specific and if its a part i'm not keeping we can sort something out. Car is...
  17. stue1972

    2200sc ballymena

    Again to far for me but doesnt look bad at all.
  18. stue1972

    1976 3500 for spares/repair

    Might be worth a look for someone up that way. to far for me. Although o/s rear pillar looks a bit dodgy in the bottom of photo 5.
  19. stue1972

    1973 2200sc project

    Picking up tomorrow so no photos yet but will ad some soon. Went to view today and although the "white" outer panels dont look the best i found very little rot anywhere else. Cover sills were off so that was good, and no rot there. Shame the engine and box were gone as appears to be low mileage...
  20. stue1972

    v8 into a 2200 shell or not?

    First off wasnt quite sure where to post this question Off tomorrow to look at a 1974 2200tc rolling shell (i say shell, only engine and box missing) Been led to believe it has little or no rot but was wondering if its viable to fit a v8 or am i better off sourcing a 4 cylinder as per original...
  21. stue1972

    Project wanted

    Any projects about around the 500 mark in the south.
  22. stue1972

    New member from portsmouth hampshire

    Hi all Havent actually bought a p6 yet but hopefully loking to get one over the next few months. Hopefully a v8 that needs minor work as have done some full rebuilds in the past on fords and dont really want to go down that road again. Have been looking on at some of the great projects on here...