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  1. partviking

    Piston Ring query

    Replacing the rings on my 2000. The top pic shows the originals which butted together (I think) and were held in place by the convuluted ring in the groove. The second pic shows the AE NOS replacements. No convuluted ring and I'm assuming they somehow are supposed to interlock together but I've...
  2. partviking

    Hairline Crack

    I have discovered a hairline crack in the base of my block. Whats the general consensus, terminal or unlikely to cause any major concrn? Thanks in anticipation
  3. partviking

    2000 Conrod STD bearings required.

    Anyone got a set of std conrod (big end) bearings for a 2000 they want to sell. My local engineer has refused to regrind my crank to match the +010 set I had on the shelf cos is so close to original tolerances it would be criminal to regrind it! :):) I think the original part number is RTC1715S...
  4. partviking

    Seeking any information on Almond 3500S LGU 482P

    A very long shot but...... My brothers old car an Almond 3500S. Sold in 1981 to (I think) someone living in East Anglia. The last DVLA entry shows the tax expiring in 1982. So the new owner, it seems, stopped using what was then only a 7 year old car when the tax (which my brother probably sold...
  5. partviking

    Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel

    Parts Catalogue lists pre and post 1970-ish flywheel/ring-gear listings. I assume this reflects inertia and pre engaged starter motor fitting. Geoff @Winns lists a ring gear but I'm guessing it's a later pre engaged type (as it says it fits 2200 as well as 2000) when I need it on an inertia...
  6. partviking

    Government MOT exempt discussion forum ... nual-test/ Interested parties may want to express their views and join in the discussions.
  7. partviking

    Factory Rebuilt Engine

    Came across this whilst sorting out the shed today. Guess that's why the block has no engine number. Anyone know the significance of the numbers? Does it relate to a build year ?
  8. partviking

    P6 National 10th August - Potential Travel problems Looks like South London/Surrey will be closed on 10th August. When they had this for the Olympics it caused chaos, A25 closes so everything uses M25 and unless you leave very, very early you'll probably hit it. Be warned! Nick, Godalming will...
  9. partviking

    Dunlop Handbrake Cable

    Bit of a long shot but anyone got a good NOS Dunlop handbrake cable (534963) lying around they want to trade/sell? I have a NOS Girling Handbrake cable I'd be happy to trade for it or let me know how much you want. Best to email me at ......... Thanks Alan
  10. partviking


    Kept waiting for others to upload their pics ...................but no one has so thought I would start it off to see if the floodgates now open. Go on, I've shown you you show me yours! :D :D Alan
  11. partviking

    Rare Rover Blueprint

    I picked this up at Coughton Court on Sunday. I didn't realise just how important it was as I was initially taken with his pristine red cover SC parts catalogue and almost viewed this as a freebie of no significance. However when I looked more closely I realised it was a genuine factory...
  12. partviking

    Badge Bar

    Anyone know where I can purchase a good clamp on badge bar? Trawling the Internet brings up a plethora of different dealers and ebayers. I've noticed many of them are now stainless rather than chrome and are the drill through type as well. Hopefully someone has recently purchased one and can...
  13. partviking

    Very early 2000 engine knock and rattle

    Well the engine is finally back in my '63 car all ready (or not as the case may be) for Coughton Court but I have an annoying knock/rattle so i would appreciate your opinions on the my engine and the possible cause. It sounds like top end to me. I've had the cam cover off and checked the...
  14. partviking

    Early 2000 Exhaust Silencer 534932

    Does anyone have the above silencer or know of a source for either mild steel or stainless? It was the intermediate silencer on 3 can systems and originally fitted up to CH No 400-35390D. Either good used or NOS considered. I haven't yet tried the W's but it's not listed on their websites. PM...
  15. partviking

    Continental 175/80R14 Tyres

    I’m struggling to find a decent 165/80R14 tyre at a reasonable price (I need to buy 5no) but Kwik Fit are doing a Continental Eco 3 (rated a ‘best-buy’ by Which Magazine) in a 175/80R14 for £60.60 fully fitted each. I know they’ll fit the car OK and other than a slight increase in top gear from...
  16. partviking

    Series 1 Bonnet & bootlid with wheel mount

    I have a Series 1 bonnet and a spare mount bootlid from a '68 TC (NO BOOTLID FITTINGS) that I need to move due to lack of room. I think they're Venetian Red though the paint is faded and the finish not to good. Based in 5 miles from Gatwick Airport will take £15 for the bonnet & £20 for the...
  17. partviking

    Look at the tow bar!

    Never seen a tow bar like this before, looks as if it sticks out a mile....or is it my aging eyesight. Also looks like it might have been bolted through the floor.......all that V8 power being taken by the floor don't look good. ... 1c25bab377
  18. partviking

    nice little earner

    Same car a few weeks apart......... ............assuming he paid the asking price not a bad dealer profit ...........and he hasn't even had to MOT it! ... ?logcode=p
  19. partviking

    2200TC Moon Dust

    When you think what it cost NASA to get Moon Dust this is a real bargain! :wink: :wink: Alan ... ?logcode=p
  20. partviking

    Series 1 V8 Seat belt authenticity

    Can anyone advise the original seat belts that would have been fitted to a Nov 69 V8? Grey Irvin statics ? Inertia Reels ? For the record it has black statics with a tongue and clip coupling. The clip part being fixed to the floor with a long thick flexable plastic covered wire like on the...
  21. partviking

    Car & Classic listing

    Lovely car...... Anyone know of it or it's history. Certainly top end money
  22. partviking

    P6 Club Website Issues?

    I've not been able to get on the website for a couple of days. Anyone else got the same problem? Alan (partviking)
  23. partviking


    May I suggest everyone reads and completes this survey which is now 'live'. It will help our governing body protect our right to drive and fight anti classics legislation. Link below. Thank you Alan ... nderway-2/
  24. partviking

    Driving Force

    Excellent mag as always Mark. The article on taking Ruby to Spain was particulalry interesting. Hope the Beamish jaunt goes well this weekend. All the best Alan
  25. partviking

    Latest Mag

    Another excellent mag Mark, love the fun in the snow pics...nothing like the torque of a V8 to send ya sideways! :lol: Who says the winter is no time to drive your classic! :wink: :wink: