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  1. ghce

    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    My 1998 Honda Accord's original battery died last year, so 22 years of excellent service, one of the cells suddenly went high resistance under load, up till then it was great. Graeme
  2. ghce

    Putting a three litre in a 90.

    Hi and welcome to the forum, I am sure someone will know of a conversion, got any photos of the car? Cheers Graeme in NZ
  3. ghce

    SD1 3500SE spotted

    Wott !!!! an SD1 not in a garage, that will be a rust spot on the ground by lunchtime tomorrow. Oh you are in OZ , lunch time next week. :) Graeme .
  4. ghce

    what's your best 60s Ford?

    For me, my best ford was a MKIV Zodiac 3.0 litre V6 four on the floor manual with comfy bucket seats that had been an ex Police car so had some suspension mods (slightly lowered) and I am sure a few other tweeks, handled like it was on rails. Lovely metallic green paint it looked the mutts...
  5. ghce

    Hello from me !!!!!

    eww shiny! Nuthin better than a freshly painted shiny motor, but you seem to be missing 4 cylinders :LOL: And a lady bug to boot! Graeme .
  6. ghce

    Series 2 2000 Bonnet Badge

    Yes, aged plastics tend to micro crack and its not visible to the naked eye. If you use any solvent based paints you could be in for a nasty surprise as Gerald found out. I doubt there is any way to stabilise the plastic safely. A water based paint? but even then the water may find those...
  7. ghce

    Disconnect the Clock

    I think the pulse time is more like a minute between resets, as the mechanism gets worn ( unserviced) the time may become shorter, also the solenoid contacts become pitted causing other problems of their own. I had mine serviced a few years ago, made a big difference, the draw current pulse was...
  8. ghce

    Disconnect the Clock

    Yes indeed! tell us how that works out for you.
  9. ghce

    Disconnect the Clock

    I would suggest that the clock needs a service if its that loud. Another point is that these clocks can draw much more current when they are in need of a service. Graeme
  10. ghce

    Weber carb conversion

    My 4 pot X 2 is laid up at the moment with head gasket and oil pump issues which recently has got me to thinking about the possibility of a nice Atkinson 4cyl 2.0 litre coupled to an electric motor ie a Honda accord hybrid set up transplant to my P6B, day dreaming I suppose but its a thought...
  11. ghce

    Weber carb conversion

    Well that explains it, a nice big Weber on a 4 pot would be cool. Is there such a thing as a 4 cylinder P6, why would they do that? :LOL: I need to read the thread headers first o_O
  12. ghce

    Weber carb conversion

    Why would you want too? or perhaps you mean the more standard 4 barrel carb conversion?
  13. ghce

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Have seen some of the Firefly stuff, Think I have seen one of the farscape series but was obviously not too excited by it, lot of good stuff out there that never seems to hit the global audiences as it should, instead things like Stranger Things hits top ratings which whilst its okay its merely...
  14. ghce

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Another great series though maybe not everyone's cup of tea is Lexx TV series Lexx - Wikipedia. I managed to find this on torrent download as a complete Lexx universe, probably hasn't stood the test of time as well as Galactica and it has no P6's Real cult stuff spanning the end of last...
  15. ghce

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Indeed an under ground car park on Caprica, I am rewatching the entire series of them and have just noticed it ( right now as I am typing this) in season 2 episode 18 at 20.36 minutes in. I am really enjoying the rewatch, they certainly never got the credit they were due in making this series...
  16. ghce

    Tetraboost on Lower Compression V8 - Worth It?

    I've used mine on unleaded 91 for the 20 plus years, no problems to report.
  17. ghce

    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Fantastic result!
  18. ghce

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Cant say I ever noticed the P6's in that but I must say that reboot was fantastic, I watched the whole series and sequels and prequels a few times. Whoever directed and envisioned it was inspired in his execution and breadth of view, a very underated SF flick series. Graeme. ** EDIT** silly me...
  19. ghce

    OK, not a Rover, but it has twin SU carbs, and a blower!

    Thats absolutely sublime! you should also watch this YouTube as well Graeme
  20. ghce

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Oh God! I just watched, oh the humanity so many deaths of P6's
  21. ghce

    37 years in a Barn

    Wash and polish with wax, some new petrol an you'll have a new car gov'na!
  22. ghce

    Rover 75 p4 pick up truck

    Here is one of them and owner.
  23. ghce

    Hi from kwacka

    Your under bonnet photo shows a lean to the left caused by the direction of torque on failed or failing rubbers, left and right will both be in a similar state plus often the rear mount causes problems as the box slides from side to side either with noise but who knows in the case of a manual...
  24. ghce

    Hi from kwacka

    Nice car, you need look at your front engine mounts probably a good time to look at the rear one as well. Welcome Graeme .
  25. ghce

    Chasing Mustard In NorCal

    Well that certainly is a pickle! or maybe in your case a red hot chilli pepper.