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  1. drabbers

    GAN 340 J

    I am considering selling GAN 340J due to imminent storage issues. Owned for 12 years and always dry stored. Please see members projects for extent of works carried out and detailed pictures. Genuinely rust free to all usual suspect areas. Surely one of the best base units available - with...
  2. drabbers

    Cam running in procedure.

    Thinking about the cam running in procedure. Always advised as the 20 min @ 2000 rpm from start up (which I will follow) What happened when the cars were new ? The original running in procedure would probably have involved gentle driving for first 500 / 1000 miles ? Is this why many cams...
  3. drabbers


    Spotted waiting to board ferry @ Calais on Monday - brown 3500 - beige vinyl roof - what looked like amg wheels (from a distance) Mark
  4. drabbers

    White p6 Farnham

    Spotted White P6 near Farnham this afternoon. Series 2 2000 with a set of wheels ? Mark
  5. drabbers

    Chrome Rostyles

    Hi all. Has anyone got a really decent set of 14" chrome rostyles (V8 width) looking for a new home ? Will travel for the right set. (Would consider P5 15" if really good) Mark
  6. drabbers

    White series 2 - NADA bonnet - A329 M

    Just seen a white series 2 with possible NADA bonnet heading towards Reading on the A329 m. Looked a nice car. Mark.
  7. drabbers

    Carpet sets

    Has anyone used Tech Autos as advertised on eBay for their carpet sets ? It's getting to the stage when I need to source a good - fitting and quality - carpet set and recommendation is everything as they say. Mark.
  8. drabbers

    Series 1 V8 bonnet - complete with finishing strip.

    On closer inspection - my recently acquired bonnet has been repaired in the past and will need a lot more work than anticipated. So I am now looking for a - complete - series 1 V8 bonnet - including finishing strip - in good un damaged condition. Please message if you have one. Mark.
  9. drabbers

    Chrome rostyles

    Last attempt for my favourite wheels ! Does anyone have an - excellent - set of chrome Rostyles they are interested in selling. I will pay sensible money for the right set - but no 'speckley' chrome 'good for their age' etc please. Ideally the proper P6 V8 14" 5.5's - but if excellent might...
  10. drabbers

    Series 1 V8 bonnet strip

    Looking to buy the aluminium finishing strip for bonnet front edge. Please pm if you have one available. Mark.
  11. drabbers

    21k 3500s - Unique restoration project -

    21k FROM NEW 3500S for sale - TOTALLY RUST FREE - UNWELDED BASE UNIT. Please read following information - it is a very accurate description. 1) Late model - registered March 1977. 2) Brasilia - beige cloth - brown vinyl - sundym - power steering. 3) Last on road 1989 and dry stored (mostly)...
  12. drabbers

    Base unit vents

    My base unit has vents to rear pillars with rubber 'flaps'. Later 'donor' base unit has none. What is their purpose as there is no obvious ' flow' possible with trim etc fitted ? Mark.
  13. drabbers

    SDI heads

    I have just looked over a pair of SDI cylinder heads I bought online. Am I correct in thinking they are not handed as when casting numbers are both visible the heads effectively look the same hand ? Mark.
  14. drabbers

    Series 1 V8 grill into series 2 V8

    Has anyone fitted a series 1 V8 grill and badge to series 2 (retaining series 2 bonnet) and do top screws show ? If I go this route I would delete bonnet badge. Mark
  15. drabbers

    BW35 / 65 swap

    Hi all, My car has a 35 which drains fluid - leaks - when stood which is fairly normal from previous posts. But - only has to stand for a couple of days to do this - puddles and burning off exhaust. I have bought a later good 65 box / torque convertor - no leaks. Is swapping these over 'nuts and...
  16. drabbers

    Zircon Blue - mixing formulas

    Hi all, Does anyone have any current mixing formulas for Zircon blue please. I have had a couple of samples mixed using ICI formulas found online - they are a much darker blue and lack greenish tint (checked against un faded) Many thanks. Mark
  17. drabbers

    Set of series 2 locks with key.

    Has anyone got a set of locks with keys please for series 2. Both front doors - boot - petrol cap. I have ignition key - but non of the above and am not sure if others are odd (changed over the years) Mark.
  18. drabbers

    Alternator wanted

    Has anyone got a complete alternator set up with brackets etc for early series 2 V8 please. Mine is incorrect and bracket has been welded / extended. Mark.
  19. drabbers

    Why the LARGE panel gaps ?

    As the P6's base unit is so rigid - why are the panel gaps between wings / doors in particular so large ? Mark.
  20. drabbers

    Colour change - does this affect value ?

    If a low mileage late model 3500s were being restored - would a (bare metal) colour change impact on value when finished ? Mark.
  21. drabbers

    V8 front valance

    Maybe a silly question...... (The front valance is off my car and radiator etc out) Why is there a square 'hole' within the 'mesh' detail both sides on the front valance ? Mark.
  22. drabbers

    BW 35 overhaul

    Can anyone recommend a company that can check over / overhaul my box - which will be removed from car - in Berkshire area ? The box has cherry red fluid and performed ok on a short drive 5 years ago but during lay up leaks a lot of fluid. Read articles posted previously and assumed converter...
  23. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Hi all, I have joined the forum to 'revitalise' my project which I have owned for 5 years. My Rover is a 1971 3500 automatic - Zircon blue - Sandalwood leather - no power steering - early carbs - hooked choke & reserve knobs - square Rover lettering to the bootlid. This was my late grandfathers...
  24. drabbers

    New member

    Hi all, I should have joined long ago as I have enjoyed reading topics on the forum for some time now. The story so far........In 1976 my late grandfather bought GAN 340J a 1971 Zircon blue 3500 automatic with sandalwood leather interior - and no power steering !! At the time it was 5 years old...