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    Heavy duty V8 shockers

    Hi Mike I've messaged you let me if you haven't received it Cheers Lee
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    Hi Mike I'm after after both rear shockers part no 529617 And both front shockers part no...

    Hi Mike I'm after after both rear shockers part no 529617 And both front shockers part no 516747 Not sure about a make these are heavy duty shockers Cheers Lee
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    Heavy duty V8 shockers

    Hi All I'm after a set of NOS front and rear heavy duty shockers for a V8 if anyone has some for sale Cheers
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    Breaking 3500s

    Hi is the water pump fan and bolts that fit the fan to the pump available? Cheers Lee
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    Viscous water pump

    Hi All, does anyone have a NOS V8 viscous type water pump for a p6? Cheers Lee
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    21k 3500s - Unique restoration project -

    Hi Is the car still for sale? If yes can you PM me some pics please? Cheers Lee
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    Custom Anti Roll Bar- Cheap opportunity!

    Playing devils advocate is there any down side to this upgrade, why didn't Rover do this?
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    NEC classic car show

    Hi All If anyone is going to the NEC please pop over to the Police Car UK stand and say hello we are in the Pavilion P1-730. The Guvnor will be there with another met p6 area car, met SD1 and met Jaguar s-type Cheers Lee
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    Running in rebuilt engine

    I've read this theory as well as giving it the beans for the first 500 miles to bed the piston rings in!
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    Running in rebuilt engine

    Hi All I'm looking at getting my original V8 rebuilt and I'm wondering on the best way to run the engine in?. The rebuild will include the following Re ground crank New con rod and mains bearings new cam and lifters new 9.75.1 pistons and rings and pins SD1 Heads Many thanks in...
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    VIP not advertised as such

    I think all the late cars suffered with bad paint, sometimes peeling off when relatively new!. My car needed new paint, should be ok now it's had a bare metal respray.
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    1967 2000TC - HOT

    Great stuff, knew you would get it done!
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    My new P6!!

    Congratulations, let's have some pics then!
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    Jamjar - My 1975 Rover 3500 tart up

    Looks great well done!
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Great stuff, well done!
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    The Guvnor

    Took the Guv'nor out today with my 7 month old girl and one of the carbs starts chucking out petrol from the overflow. Manage to get to my mums then get taken by the AA to Derby. Big thank you to Clive Annable for taking the time to meet me down his workshop at 6.15 on a bank holiday weekend!!!
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    Lurch when cornering

    So pumped the front tires up from 28 to 32 and she's a different car!
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    (Budget) Historic Rally Car Project

    They look awesome !! :D
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    Lurch when cornering

    I don't usually belt around in her but after collecting her the other day I had to get home in time to look after the little one :oops: , will see how I get on hopefully I will get used to it!
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    Lurch when cornering

    If they are that much I will get used to the lurch!
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    Lurch when cornering

    Thanks Richard, will give them a call
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    Lurch when cornering

    Think the bulk buy has gone quiet. Are there any downside with the bar? Do you have contact details for classeparts?
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    Lurch when cornering

    It certainly put the wind up me! Will look into an anti roll bar, is yours from classparts?
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    Lurch when cornering

    Will have a play with the tire pressures and see what it does Cheers Lee
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    Lurch when cornering

    Hi All When cornering at speed and initially turning into the corner I have noticed that the car lurches away from the apex, the car has just passed an MOT and there are no knocks, is this normal for a p6 and can it be improved upon? Once the lurch has happened the car is stable, it feels like...