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  1. Peterv

    Heater air flow leaks

    Hi All Pulled my heater out today to try improve hot and cold air flows. Figured most of the air leaks are from foam seals on the flaps being shot, which they are, but what has caught me eye is the gaps in the duct to the face cold air vents. If you inspect the photo looking into the top hole...
  2. Peterv

    Odd bolts

    Hi All. I pulled the rear shocks out today to check their condition and found these bolts holding the bottom plate to the lower suspension link arm. They look like they are there for a particular purpose but they all have seen better days. Can they be replaced with ordinary bolts and if not, are...
  3. Peterv

    Realistic pricing finally. NZ

    Just listed on 'Trade Me' here in New Zealand. These are the prices these should be fetching. Hope this catches on...:D tradeMe.title
  4. Peterv

    Don't trust anything

    I've been chasing an annoying miss when accelerating and idling for a little while now. New plugs, Leads, cap, rotor arm, swapped the coil, cleaned all connectors. Just the Lumenition ignition system to go. Traced the wiring, earth good, negative good, positive goes to the coil positive. Coil...
  5. Peterv

    mystery plate

    Anyone any idea what this plate was for in the boot floor of a NZ assembled car? (S2) Was it where you could install a lowerable hook to rip up the old speed detector hoses the establishment had back last century? Or was it for anyone riding in the boot to get some fresh air? Thanks in advance.
  6. Peterv

    Factory antenna

    Hi All This is all the car came with. Can someone please post a photo of what the rest of the antenna looks like. Even better, has anyone got one to spare or can direct me to a source. Using the existing mount will save a lot of stress trying to rewire a new one that uses a different mount...
  7. Peterv

    Foamy thing over the PAS hose

    Hi All Could someone or more shed some light on the significance of said foam around the PAS high pressure hose. I'm sure I'd be correct in assuming it's for heat protection from the exhaust manifold But is it necessary? I'm replacing the hoses soon so should I look into an alternative heat...
  8. Peterv

    15" rims tyre options

    Hi All The previous owner had installed new alloy rims and tyres not long before my purchase. He went up to 15" rims with 185/65R15 tyres. According to the tyre shop, they had tried to fit 205s with no luck due to the "bump" on the d (c?) pillar in the wheel arch. Coincidentally, one of my other...
  9. Peterv

    Delaminating switch panel

    Hi All Has anyone a solution for restoring this panel or can tell me about its construction. I only have the one so scared to play around with it. Thanks in advance. Peter
  10. Peterv

    Where in New Zealand?

    Hi All, Especially fellow Roverites in NZ I'm needing to do a cam and follower replacement reasonably soon and wondering where I can get parts required from locally. Planning to take the heads off also to clean up all that lovely black buildup around the rockers. Would like to have all parts on...
  11. Peterv

    De Deon Tube illustrated

    Being new to this Rover thing I've discovered they had some unusual and quirky ways of building the P6. All rather fascinating but none more than the De Dion setup at the rear. Having scoured this forum looking for what's involved in giving said item an overhaul, I managed to build up enough...