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    BW35 Kickdown Cable crimp

    Hi been driving my 2200 SC 1975 for many years with the kickdown cable broken. Got a cable recently, at the adjuster end there is a tiny metal tube sliding on the cable, this has been crimped tightly on the old cable so it didn't move. It all looks fairly straightforward to change but can find...
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    Black exterior trim panel behind top of rear doors - has a small badge on it

    How do you get this panel off - do you pull from the outside or is the fitting behind the interior trim? Have got some what look like rust bubbles under the plastic skin.
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    2200 SC Front Brakes

    Bit confused over what front brake pipes to get for my P6 Auto SC 2200 1975. I had thought they were the same for all later P6's but trawling eBay has cast a few doubts. Metric brakes maybe an issue if it has them?
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    Fusebox Fix?

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    Mystery access panel?

    Replacing carpet in passenger floor after welding trip, found what looked like an inspection panel in the top of the transmission tunnel behind the ashtray and rear seatbelt anchorage bolts, tried to lever it up but solid, too hot anyway, does it come up, if so what is it for?
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    Rev Counter reading double

    Found an old rev counter in a box of junk that came to light, think my brother fitted it to a Mini in the 1960's. Managed to work out how to fit it to my SC 2200 from an earlier thread which contained manufacturers instructions, but it seems to be reading double what it should be. Its a...
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    Matching Green Essex Classic Car Show 7th July 2019 10.00 am

    Anyone going to this, or will I be the only P6 again? Its free!! Details on the Web
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    How can a rebuilt rear caliper be tested before fitting?

    Rebuilt off-side rear caliper of my 1975 P6 2200 SC using data found in various threads - for which many thanks guys. Pretty sure hydraulics now ok, not completely clear in my head as to how the strange rods, s springs and things actually work. Think I have got it all back together, but how...
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    Brake Master Cylinder Alternative

    Just about to sort my brakes out as its warmer, mistyped on eBay and got the Landrover section, plenty of Brake Master Cylinders for 1960's 70's that look just like the one on my 1975 2200 P6, but for a fraction (less than £20) of what the P6 specialists want to squeeze out of us. Whilst the...
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    2200 SC Tyres

    What is the correct size tyre to get for my 1975 P6 auto 2200 SC, standard steel 14 inch wheels, but have a variety of sections, handbook just says SR 14's ? If original size not readily avalable what would be the best alternative ? Heard somewhere that musn't get van tyres due their hard...
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    Rear Brake Calipers Removal

    Need to work on rear brakes so will put the car up on ramps to have a look first, from reading various posts it seems it may be best to drop the diff down to ease access to get to calipers and maybe remove a disc, can this be done leaving the car up on the ramps or do I have to take the road...
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    More on MoT

    My 1975 P6 2200 SC Auto no-longer legally needs to have an MoT, test for which expired a few weeks ago. Whilst I can appreciate that a Test only reflects the state of the car on the day it was done, I was worried that this lack of a check could have some implications on my Insurance, so I...
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    Steering on my 1975 2200 SC Auto seemed more than usually heavy when retrieving it from Sainsbury's yesterday, tyres are at 30 psi which I guess I can up a bit. Is it possible to get new grease or oil somehow into the track rod ends and other steering joints, and change whatever is in the box...
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    Change Speedo bulbs

    How can I get behind the speedo to change the illuminating bulbs of a 1975 2200 SC with a strip speedo. I'm not understanding the Haynes instructions. Have undone 2 screws at the top but it won't come out enough to get my arthritic fingers in. Haynes says something about removing the end...
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    Searching in the depths of my garage I found an old Lucas Rev Counter, thought I'd see if it could be fitted to my 1975 2200 sc auto. I can work out how to switch it from 6 volts to 12 and to Negative earth, but what goes to the terminal that takes a loop of wire around it. Is it the wire...
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    My P6 2200 AUTO fan blades had much too much play on them, so water pump problem. I had had the pump re-con back in 2011 and found the paperwork which had the words 'lifetime guarantee' , so tongue in the cheek made contact again and was told that this was true and just send it back, which I...
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    Stuck Thermostat Housing

    Thermostat Housing Gasket leaking, managed to get the 3 nuts off the studs ok, but can't shift the housing up off the studs, tried levering, small chisel at the join and hitting upwards with a copper hammer, but scared to hit too hard as its aluminium so probably corroded onto the studs. Would...
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    Boot Lid

    Boot lid keeps falling on my head, anybody know how to tension up the torsion things that seem to control this??
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    Rear Box

    Hi, anyone got a rear silencer box for 1975 P6 2200 SC Auto at a reasonable price near Sawbridgeworth or Burnham-on-Crouch - can only spot very expensive new stainless steel ones around, but might have to force myself to buy one I guess. Also serviceable rear over-riders (bumper not brilliant...
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    Indicator problem

    Nearside indicators work ok but slow, offsides light up but do not blink. Changed flasher unit, nearsides worked much better than before so worth doing, no change to drivers side, took bulbs out individually in case of some shorting problem, no change. Any ideas please. 1975 P6 2200 auto
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    O Ring Oil Leak - jointing paste??

    Plenty of oil on rear of engine starting at the join of the head and the block, so have got new gasket set to fit. Is it worth putting some form of jointing paste on the gasket, especially around the 'O' ring ?? If it goes again its up for sale as I can't take it anywhere where friends have...
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    What amp rating battery do I need to buy for my 1975 2200 SC Automatic ?? The current one was a freeby but is not the right one, its an 80 amp Leisure Battery. It passed its MoT yesterday so deserves a treat. Cheers
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    Heated Rear Window

    Could somebody please tell me where the connection is made to the elements in the heated rear screen of my 1975 SC 2200, can't seem to trace where the wire goes - not helped of course by it keep raining when I try and grovel around in the boot. When the car was welded the loom got cooked, I've...
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    Rear Seat Belts

    Anybody fitted seat belts in the rear of a P6? Are there any existing mounting points for either static or inertia ones ? Obviously any original types would be rarer than hens teeth, so a trip to the breakers is envisaged (or eBay) to get a pair - any idea what car would make a suitable donor...
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    Carb leak - 2200 SC

    MoT examiner had to evacuate inspection pit in panic due petrol leak from my carb falling on his head via the hot exhaust pipe of the running engine. Investigation showed that petrol was coming out from behind the stabilising bracket held by two bolts to the side of the carb, which goes down...