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  1. Demetris

    Bonnet release

    Yes, it is a Range Rover, but the bonnet lock is clearly a P6 part. Now, my (rhetorical...) question is: why when you have such an easy access to the lock pull lever, you spend your time unbolting the lock itself?
  2. Demetris

    For those that can weld

  3. Demetris

    Alvis is back?

    Does anybody know anything about this? Alvis Car Company - The Continuation Series
  4. Demetris

    Handbrake failure

    It is some time now that my handbrake failed to pass the Harvey's test, and gradually the handbrake performance became not acceptable. So this afternoon i dived under the rear of my P6 for some manual caliper adjustment. The LH caliper responded as one would expect, and the movement of the...
  5. Demetris

    4 cyl short nose NEW water pump

    I have had a look recently in my P6 parts and discovered that i have 2 new short nose water pumps. I very much doubt that i will need both of them, so i am putting one of them for sale. I want 80 GBP for it, postage to UK included. It doesn't come with a gasket. Payment with Paypal only. Let me...
  6. Demetris

    Rover prototype twin-cam, 16-valve 2200 engine

    I don't remember now where i have found these photos, but the location should be Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre. The block is very recognisable, even without the side plates, as is the water pump, oil pump arrangement and the sump. It is clearly a very close relative to our engines.
  7. Demetris

    Posting all over the place

    I was thinking about this for a long time now, but i decided to ask now. Why do mostly new members don't understand the extremely logical layout of this forum, and keep posting for technical advice in sections that are completely irrelevant, like club news and photo gallery sections?
  8. Demetris

    Under bonnet colours

    This afternoon i removed the bonnet in order to clean, paint, refurbish everything underneath, and i am wondering what were the original colours of the hinges and locking pin and catch. Unfortunately all the period brochures don't really show these areas, while the James Taylor's book isn't...
  9. Demetris

    Ignition timing scatter

    The last time that i went for a ride with my TC, it felt somewhat lazy so i thought i d' better have a look at the ignition timing. Timing light on the flywheel and it was obvious that at idle, the timing varied at what looked like 3 or more degrees. Taking the average of that, it seemed indeed...
  10. Demetris

    Sticky seats

    I have used the gliptone kit in the past to revive the colour in my sandalwood interior, and although the results were very nice just after the work, after some use the seats tend to get sticky in hot weather. Does anyone else has this problem with recoloured seats? Is it because the sealant...
  11. Demetris

    History lesson

    And now, how about some history? Do you want to know how the first incarnation of the P6 rear axle / suspension system looked like? Here it is, in a 1901 De Dion - Bouton! The accecibility is obviously much better here. :D Complete with decorated leaf springs... :confused:
  12. Demetris

    Demetris: 1970 2000 TC

    It feels good when you get out and about just for fun.
  13. Demetris

    Relay on horns

    You only need a single relay that you will bolt in a convenient place, i.e. to the front of the inner wing. You feed the relay using a fused line that is permanent live. In my case (series 1) i connected it to the unfused side of the fuse box because it was easy. The fuse box is bolted on the...
  14. Demetris

    UK visit

    Due to a business meeting, i will be visiting UK on 20/1/15. I haven't fixed an exact schedule yet, but i think that it would be possible to stay perhaps 1-2 days more. Unfortunately i know that this is not the show season and it will be midweek, so probably there is nothing to do P6 related...
  15. Demetris


    Not having something P6 related to wear until now, i jumped in the chance to create something when i received a stamped t-shirt as a present. :D
  16. Demetris

    Tyre roar

    ... or what ever you call it, seems to be one of the most annoying parts of the P6 experience. Noticeable from the lower speeds, it does become a little tiresome on fast motorway trips, beating even the wind noise on rough surfaces. On the tyre front, i have already done my best, using fresh...
  17. Demetris

    4 cyl sump

    Wanted Rover 2000 / 2200 engine sump. If you have anything surplus and you are willing to send it to Greece, let me know. Demetris
  18. Demetris

    Rare Rovers

    I found this rather interesting.
  19. Demetris

    Rover Mobile School

    Photo by James Taylor
  20. Demetris

    TC air filter case

    Does anyone know if the air filter case in the photos is standard series 2 or home made? (Edited...)
  21. Demetris

    10:1 or 9:1 ?

    Is there any cunning way to tell apart the high and low compression TC engines, without removing the cylinder head? The engine number (9:1) is just an indication that contradicts with i 've been told (10:1) by the seller of the already rebuilt engine. After more than 80 K miles in my car it...
  22. Demetris

    2200 TC K&N air filter element

    As the title says it's a free-flow K&N air filter element (part no 33-2011) that fits the Rover 2200 TC and also 60's and 70's Jaguar XJ6, XJ12, XJS, Triumph Dolomite Sprint, Triumph Stag, Lotus Esprit 2.2 and probably some others that use a similar filter case. I have used it only for one year...
  23. Demetris

    Air conditioned 2000 TC

    Well, i have been very patient using my TC as an everyday car for almost 6 years now, but last summer i decided that i had enough of the heat in the cabin during summers. Perhaps as i am growing old i like more and more some comfort, perhaps it is not nice to torture (sort of..) my passengers...
  24. Demetris

    4 cyl Air con underbonnet parts

    What the title says, but not the compressor and condenser, as these will be new parts. I mainly need the compressor bracket, engine pulley, and engine steady brackets. A bit of a long shot i know, and realistically whatever i might find would be on the other side of the Atlantic, but i would...
  25. Demetris

    Wiper assembly

    Does anyone have a spare wiper assembly (link type system) that would like to part with? If it's possible to remove and send just the spindles to save on postage, it would be even better. Thanks in advance, Demetris