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    Spark Plug Sockets for P6B V8

    Yes... I know normal sockets won't fit. But it's simply years since I've had to buy one that does............. And a friend is in urgent need............... Anyone have link to one that is known to work? Either box spanner or proper plug socket or anything in between?????
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    Differential Output Shafts - Time to give up?

    I'm on record as being a fan of the Rover Diff, stating that the diff itself is pretty bomb proof and that all it needs is stronger output shaft material. That's drawn in part from knowing that the better material approach works for the long input shaft in the extension case. And from never...
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    There is news from Down Under in Australia...... A second automatic gearbox has been identified that fits and works readily in P6B (and P5B). In the UK and Europe, the upgrade to a ZF HP22/HP24, sourced from a Range Rover, is an established retro fit. That gives an additional overdrive 4th gear...
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    Making Moulded Replacement Lamp Lenses

    A while ago - a long while ago - there was a thread from someone, I think in the USA, who had been making side/tail lamp lenses in a colour of their choice by creating moulds - perhaps latex or similar - and pouring a form of plastic into them to produce new lenses. I've had a search and can't...
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    Next Club Magazine - Pictures Please!

    The next Driving Force is now entering production. I'm doing a couple of articles. The first on Ranald White's recent and epic Monte Carlo Historique, the second on fitting a tow bar and sorting the electrics. I'm looking for good quality photographs of the detail of fitting a towbar to a P6...
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    Appeal for Photos of Seat Restorations

    Hi Folks I'm planning on doing an article on restoration and or recolouring of leather seats in the next issue of Driving Force. There's ample material on here to allow me to write the text, should that be needed. BUT I badly need some pictures... I'd hoped Stina might be able to oblige, but I...
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    It's been awhile since I posted here. I'm now living in Thailand and doing the technical articles for the Rover P6 Club magazine by remote control internet link. Meanwhile, back in England. Lucky continues to progress quietly. He's been in the care of Colin Gould at Farringdon for some bodywork...
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    Bollards! It's a Concrete Pillar!

    After Happy Days's small altercation with a bollard, Lucky seems to have developed an attraction for fixed concrete too. I wasn't at my most alert when I got off the train from Montrose on Monday night at around midnight. So all the available brain cells were concentrating on the car parked...
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    Funeral Arrangements for Ian Wilson, Friday 18th October

    You will all have seen that Donna has posted the funeral arrangements for Ian in the memorial thread: Clearly we would like a really good turn out of P6's on the day to give Ian a fitting send off. We'd especially like to have the cortege completed with a turn out of 3500S NADA's. Could all...
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    Netherlands Rover Rally Team

    You might find this link keeps you busy for an hour or so! Chris
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    V8 Assembly Video

    one for Dave Forrester and Stina here - RPi's version of how to build a V8 bottom end. Make sure you read all the comments too. Chris
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    Photo's of Gaydon Driving Tests Needed

    Hi all Our team is just putting together the 50th Jubilee Rally celebration issue of Driving Force. We've yet to find any photos of the Driving Tests in progress at Gaydon. If anyone has one we can use I'd be very appreciative. Chris York One of the Editors Driving Force Magazine of the Rover...
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    Possible Ringer on Ebay?

    This apparently rather nice (apart from the water in front footwell!) V8 has just appeared on Ebay: BUT, the transmission tunnel appears to be a manual (narrow) one and it has an engine with an ACR...
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    Something a Little out of the Ordinary!

    Anyone for a P6 2.5 D convertible? Chris
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    Petworth This Sunday - Collect from Win's Post Free

    Geoff Unwin of Win's International (who bought the Ian Wilson Rover-Classics stock) are due to be at Petworth on Sunday. If you know you want something specific, make sure you phone or Email Geoff so that he brings it along. That way you can collect on the day and avoid paying postage. I know...
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    One Week to Get Your Articles In

    The Next edition of DRIVING FORCE, the Club Magazine, is intended to be ready for print just before Petworth on Sunday 2nd September. Then we can just pop the Petworth pictures in and have a really prompt report on our National Rally with everyone! So if you'd like to send us an article for...
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    Any Phat / Modified /Rat Look Cars Going to Petworth

    Come on chaps. Rallies aren't just for concours winners and old buffers in tweed caps! How many of the younger owners with grotty paintwork, phat look or other mods are coming along to Petworth? You know you're all welcme on here already. I promise you'll be welcome in a field in front of a...
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    Mk III 3 Ltr with Velour?

    This lovely 3ltr Mk III Coupe is new up on Ebay this morning. But look at the interior. It's clearly cloth, possibly velour or possibly an early example of herringbone? At 36,000 miles from new, surely it wouldn't have been retrimmed, so is this a factory finish? Chris...
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    *~ NEW~* P5 Bumpers in Stainless Steel

    Look what I found on USA EBay!! Newly pressed P5/P5B bumpers done in stainless steel! Gosh! Chris
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    Brasilia and Huntsman V8

    This looks absolutely georgeous! And with the history and pictures of key areas, I would personally have said it was notably underpriced. Chris
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    Winn & Co at Petworth

    The Organising Committe of the RP6C Petworth National Rally have now confirmed to me that Geoff Unwinn of Winn & Co will be bringing a full trade stand of P6 parts. So if you want to order something from him you will be able to pick it up rfom him on the day and avoid paying postage for it...
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    Air Con Alert!

    Just listed on Ebay is this very rough looking Mexico Brown 3500: BUT it's a genuine '72 air con car complete with flat pleat herringbone cloth seats!!!!!! Now that is a car I'd be tempted...
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    4 Cyl Car wanted for N Yoks, 17/18th July

    Hi Chaps we've received this: Amybody able to help? Chris
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    Rick Taylor - Funeral Arrangements Etc

    Richards funeral with be this Thursday 28th June 2012 The Cortege will leave Richard's Home at 14.10hrs It is a request that only family and close friends leave from the house this is only due to logistical reasons as the street is very narrow. To date there are around SEVEN classic Rovers...
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    Richard William Taylor, 20/07/71 to 20/06/12

    I'm very sorry to have to let you all know that our webmaster, Richard Taylor, died this morning. His freind Pete Knowles will be on later to give us all a few more thoughts and information. Pete is currntly up at the hospital with Rick's family. Chris