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  1. mrtask

    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    Looking back through my posts, it seems I replaced my battery last in 2015. After a night out in the cold I notice it took a few more cranks than normal to fire, and it seemed to be cranking slower than usual. So how many years should a battery last? Mine sees regular use, it doesn't usually...
  2. mrtask

    I had to fit a new oil pressure sender, and it worked for one whole day! Groan.

    I fitted a new aftermarket oil pressure sender the other day, and was pleased to see a nice healthy reading. The smile was wiped off my face a whole day later, when the gauge read 0 again. Gulp! A took a quick peek to see if the wire had become dislodged, only to see oil weeping out of the top...
  3. mrtask

    Wanted – a front brake pad wear sensor wire! I've lost one, somehow.

    I've lost a sensor wire from the nearside front brake. I quip about bits falling off my car, but now it has actually happened! Has anybody got a sensor wire from an old used up front pad that I could glue into a (nearly) new pad? Long shot, I guess, but I thought I'd ask.
  4. mrtask

    Wanted – a rubber 'thing' (!) to hold the jack in place against the nearside boot wall

    I don't know the correct name for the rubber doo-dad that keeps the jack snug against the boot wall behind the little curtain, but I need one. Does anybody have a spare one they'd like to sell me? Can anybody tell me what they're actually called so I can look for one online? My lash-up bungee...
  5. mrtask

    Wanted – front lower strut, Drivers side, for P6 3500. Part no is 595741

    Has anybody on here got a good lower front strut, Drivers side, for my P6 V8? Part no is 595741. Ideally including the bushing to the Base Unit, although I might well fit Poly with a sleeve there, so not imperative. Readies waiting!
  6. mrtask

    Storing an engine for a while – what do I need to do to protect it?

    A good mate of mine has begun dismantling his customised P5B sedan apart to effect further modifications. In the meantime I've let him stash the V8 we just pulled out of it in a corner of my garage. He might well be putting a completely different engine back in his car, or he might end up...
  7. mrtask

    Can I mix different PAS fluid when topping up?

    My power steering pump leak seems to be getting worse. What had previously been the odd drip is now more of a growing puddle on the garage floor. :( Whilst I wait for my preferred mechanic to let me know he has the time to work on my car, I was wondering if I should top up as much fluid as has...
  8. mrtask

    Capel Manor Classic and Vintage Car show – Sunday Sept 5th

    Hey there P6ers in and around North London. I'm going to this Classic and Vintage Car Show at Capel Manor Gardens this coming Sunday. It would be great to meet any other P6ers from this neck of the woods! If you see and my Blue Meanie, say hi!
  9. mrtask

    OK, not a Rover, but it has twin SU carbs, and a blower!

    Seen street parked in Belsize Park yesterday afternoon. Nobody else on the busy shopping parade seemed to be even the slightest bit interested in this beauty. I was beguiled, and took a few snapshots with my smartphone. Perhaps it is on its way to Le Mans for this weekends endurance race? I like...
  10. mrtask

    Not a P6, but British, and I believe it has a V8 for propulsion.

    Spotted this afternoon in a jolly nice corner of London, an imposing black sports car which I couldn't identify. Stopped for a nosey, got a few smartphone snapshots which I thought I'd share here. The internet told me later that this is in fact a product of the nations capitol, and apparently...
  11. mrtask

    Boot lid incl. lock and three badges for sale in N. London N2, collection only, a bargain at £25.- !!!

    Would somebody please come and take this Series II boot lid away, for a mere £25.- !?!? I'm having a cut price clear out of lots of old P6 bits'n'pieces. This came off a '72 car. The ROVER, V8 and 3500 badges are included, as is the lock. I might even have a key somewhere... There is no rubber...
  12. mrtask

    ...and suddenly the throttle jammed open! What the *#§%!?

    Never a dull moment when you drive an old car, eh? This morning I was cruising up a steep hill at 20mph in 3rd. Traffic just in front of me had stopped for a red light, I was about to come to a halt and preselect first. All of a sudden as I dipped the clutch the engine revs raced madly. I made...
  13. mrtask

    Where is the reverse light switch in my V8 P6 fitted with a 5 speed LT77 gearbox?

    My reverse lights are permanently illuminated, irrespective of what gear I'm in! For the life of me I can't remember where the switch is. I have fitted a 5 speed LT77 gearbox in place of the old automatic. So the workshop manual isn't useful. Is the switch inside the car, under the carpets on...
  14. mrtask

    What is the best product for corrosion protection on the inside of a re-chromed bumper?

    I've just fitted a newly re-chromed rear bumper. The bent one I removed had a thick coat of wax on the back, which had seemingly served well over the years. What product would other P6ers suggest I smother the inside of the new with, to inhibit corrosion?
  15. mrtask

    Stainless brake upgrades, and green stuff pads

    I remember talk of upgrading standard callipers with stainless bits. I can't remember the specifics. Was it stainless pistons all round, stainless sleeves just at the back? Can anybody enlighten me? Also, what is the consensus on green stuff pads? Worth the extra expense over standard, when...
  16. mrtask

    P6 V8 – SU HIF6 – throttle mechanism; should there be a weld here!?!?

    Attached is a photo of the throttle mechanism visible at the back of my left hand carburettor. I've highlighted something that I've only just noticed. A blob of weld, which I rather suspect is not what the manufacturer originally supplied! So, wise guys, does this look normal, or has it been...
  17. mrtask

    Spotted a tidy L-reg 3500 in North London this afternoon.

    Does this nice blue 3500 belong to anybody on here? Buckskin flat pleat seats looked very clean.
  18. mrtask

    Spotted kerbside in London N10, a nice C-reg 2000

    My sister saw this survivor this afternoon and sent me some photos. Nice old wine red 2000. Is C 1965? Can't be many that old still in regular use. This is very local- Does it belong to anybody from on here?
  19. mrtask

    Spotted; Mexico/Huntsman 2200TC proceeding briskly up The Bishops Ave, London N2 today

    Anybody from on here? I spotted a Mexico/Huntsman 2200TC ascending The Bishops Ave, London N2 at around noon today. Looked well, was moving at a good clip, with a maroon Triumph Toledo or 1500 in hot pursuit. Sorry, no pix, 'cos I was a passenger in a car going the other way.
  20. mrtask

    'Tis the season to be merry!

    Merry Christmas to all of the Classic Rover fraternity. Many miles of trouble free motoring in the year ahead!
  21. mrtask

    Obstruction discovered in choke passageway in carb body. Pennies for your thoughts.

    So some weeks ago I sent my HIF6s off to be refurbished. It has taken somewhat longer than I had hoped, due to circumstances beyond the control of the chap doing the work. He encountered a mysterious obstruction in a choke passageway in the body of one of the carbs. Repeated sessions in the...
  22. mrtask

    Lockdown II – cool car stuff on the web (not actually Rover related, but it has double De Dion axles!)

    I found this article elsewhere on the automotive internet and it was too fantastic not to share with y'all! Incredible engineering and fabrication going on here.
  23. mrtask

    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs?

    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs? Where can I buy them!?
  24. mrtask

    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    I am yet another year older. Hooray. I'd go for a celebratory drive, but my P6 is not working. The carbs have been sent off for a refurbishment, but the carrier hasn't actually managed to deliver them to the right place yet, leaving me speaking to friendly customer service representatives in...
  25. mrtask

    Fuel pouring from drivers side carb... Stuck/sunk float? Thoughts, people?

    Noticed a very distinct whiff of petrol and that my car didn't want to idle without stalling, popped the hood, fuel pouring from the overflow pipe out of the drivers side carb (V8, HIF6s). Tried tapping the carb body with the handle of a screwdriver, to no avail. I suspect float trouble. Sunk...