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  1. ghce

    Serious money for a TP

    Found this on a local auction site. Graeme
  2. ghce

    Pimp my P6

    I think we need a thread like this to admire or scorn the creativity of the diverse community of P6 owners. We could probably do a similar thread on P5's and P4's.... whats that did I hear a pin drop? though I have got to admit I have seen the odd P5 or 2 with some far out work done unto them...
  3. ghce

    Oil pressure switch

    What are the Rover part numbers for this part, this is for the oil light not the electric gauge unit. Mine is a 1974 9.25:1 engine. Mine seems to be a non taper thread with a cooper washer for sealing. Graeme
  4. ghce

    What engine and box is this?

    Would put it in the P6B engine section but it isnt :p All I know is what the seller says 4.0 L Range Rover.
  5. ghce

    No oil pressure after winter layup

    Hi, went to start the car this morning after a long winter layup and have found that there is no oil pressure. I presume the best first plan of attack will be to take off the distributor and spin up the oil pump manually using an electric drill. Does any one have a picture or dimensions of said...
  6. ghce

    If you could buy a new P6B in 2017-18

    What would you want it to have different from 1968? ABS, airbags, stability picky and detailed. What's on your wish list and what would you expect to pay given that the P6B of the day was an executive car to rival jag at its best. Graeme
  7. ghce

    6 speed auto should be now possible

    Have been doing a bit of googling on the net and it seems that there are now a number of after market stand alone auto box controllers which can be used on Toyota, GM, and Ford boxes. Testing the Latest Transmission Controllers - Car Craft Magazine Compushift Standalone Transmission Control...
  8. ghce

    The Hatching

    plenty of p4 in this horror movie.
  9. ghce

    Who's up for Das P6 Electric

    Saw this and thought I would share and of course it leads to thoughts if you can retrofit a German why not a Brit, Visions of an updated Gattaca? or maybe just a green light sleeper. Graeme
  10. ghce

    Another cheap Cyclops NZ seems to have the world remaining stock of these, and this is a very nice unrestored one
  11. ghce

    Rare rover Cheap as chips
  12. ghce

    Tuesday laugh

  13. ghce

    Great donor car A few late model bits and bobs and injection, perfect for a P6, just a shame it's not a Twin Plenum model
  14. ghce

    Bonnet Badge

    Has any one any information as to when the new p6 (US sourced) bonnet badges might be available again? Graeme
  15. ghce

    EFI thread?

    Would be really nice to see a thread on this, also some figures for economy and performance as well. A few of the members on here are I know pursuing this, would be very good to get some progress reports. Graeme
  16. ghce

    BW65 rear rubber mount nut thread bolt size and thread type

    Hi Just replacing my rear rubber mounts on my BW 65 box, Scotts have supplied the new mounts but they dont have the nuts on them, in conversation they said they require some modification to the mount to fit the replacements. Any one know what nut size and thread type I require? Graeme
  17. ghce

    Edward Heath and a P6

    Just spotted on the news.... perhaps not the best look, time and police investigations will tell. ** Edit** he was getting out of the drivers seat, not a P5B so I guess a personal ownership? Graeme
  18. ghce

    What you don't know about spoons

    Last night, I went with some friends out to a new restaurant, and noticed that the waiter who took our order carried a spoon in his shirt pocket. It seemed a little strange. When the busboy brought our water and utensils, I noticed he also had a spoon in his shirt pocket. Then I looked around I...
  19. ghce

    A steal!
  20. ghce

    I have a dream!

    To open a public / private utility called the: " Goldfinger Pay As You Go Public Restrooms " now is that not a great idea? your thoughts below :mrgreen: and dont forget to flush when you leave :lol: Graeme
  21. ghce

    CRANK: High Voltage

    Spotted in the Luke Cunard segment of this movie P6 in police livery. PS great film for a larf Graeme
  22. ghce

    For sale yet again....... ... 820361.htm Graeme
  23. ghce

    another Estourer? Looks like a good project car but I suspect on previous seen ones it maybe a rot box underneath. Graeme
  24. ghce

    P6 2015 work plan

    Well it is new year and so I need consider what needs to be put on this years project list for my car. First up is to install an oil catch tank and then plumb the crank case gas from that receptical into the filter inlet, this will be followed up with a rolling road and and Carb setting as...
  25. ghce

    Petrol tap O ring size?

    Just noticed at bed time a strong smell of petrol coming from the garage (internal access) a quick look underneath and I could see a steady stream of drips from the bell housing drivers side onto the garage floor :( . so pulled the reserve tap knob which has reduced the stream a little. But...