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    Heavy duty V8 shockers

    Hi All I'm after a set of NOS front and rear heavy duty shockers for a V8 if anyone has some for sale Cheers
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    Viscous water pump

    Hi All, does anyone have a NOS V8 viscous type water pump for a p6? Cheers Lee
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    NEC classic car show

    Hi All If anyone is going to the NEC please pop over to the Police Car UK stand and say hello we are in the Pavilion P1-730. The Guvnor will be there with another met p6 area car, met SD1 and met Jaguar s-type Cheers Lee
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    Running in rebuilt engine

    Hi All I'm looking at getting my original V8 rebuilt and I'm wondering on the best way to run the engine in?. The rebuild will include the following Re ground crank New con rod and mains bearings new cam and lifters new 9.75.1 pistons and rings and pins SD1 Heads Many thanks in...
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    Lurch when cornering

    Hi All When cornering at speed and initially turning into the corner I have noticed that the car lurches away from the apex, the car has just passed an MOT and there are no knocks, is this normal for a p6 and can it be improved upon? Once the lurch has happened the car is stable, it feels like...
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    Radio cassette overhaul

    Hi All Does anyone know of a reliable company that can overhaul my 1980s radio cassette, preferably in the midlands?. Thanks in advance,
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    Wiring up square eights

    Hi All I need to wire up my square eight lamps on the Guvnor. I'm looking at using the fog position on the head lamp switch Am I correct in saying the power and earth pick up points are on already on each loom going to the head lights, and will the wire on the lamps reach these points or will...
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    Engine number

    Hi All Just looked for my engine number and there isn't one. Any ideas why this is?
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    Brand new Pilkington's windscreen

    Hi All Has anyone had a brand new windscreen from Pilkington's glass? They show it on there web site and have enquired about a cost but haven't heard back yet. Fingers crossed its not too expensive and they can do sundym.
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    Badges font / artwork

    Hi All Looking at getting some vinyls made up for the ROVER & 3500 wing and boot badges. Does anyone know the font or have any artwork for these?. Cheers
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    Steel wheel black gloss level

    Hi What's the factory steel wheel gloss level? Cheers Lee
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    Under bonnet sticker layout

    Hi All Does anyone have a layout for the under bonnet stickers on a 76 v8 auto?. Thanks in advance
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    Help please

    Hi all, Having reassembled the Guvnor after her respray I'm struggling to get the brake lights and reversing lights to work. I still haven't connected the osf light unit and rear number plate light but this shouldn't effect the above should it?. All the lights worked before the car was...
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    Which model of p6?

    Hi All Hyperthetical question, which model of p6 would you recommend to someone with no experience of them? Disregard condition, it's just down to each models strengths and weaknesses. Over to you!.
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    Isofix in a p6?

    Hi Anyone fitted isofix to a p6 or is it possible? Thanks in advance
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    Hi all Does anyone know if Wins are on holiday? As the phone goes to answer phone and the message box is full
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    Door rubbers

    Hi all Looking at the small rubber clip parts that fit where the window frame meets the door panel on the ends. What's the general consensus, mine are not very good so is it worth finding good replacements, mackle up something or leave them off.
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    Wiper spindle seals

    Hi All Can you get new wiper spindle seals that fit the front decker panel?
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    Hi all Just about to get the p6 reprinted in avocado and the test paint piece seems to dark compared with the door shuts. Does anyone know of a paint brand that gets close to the original colour and also a paint reference? Many thanks in advance
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    Boot light

    Hi All, The boot light does not work on the car, and having checked it there is no wiring from the switch to the lamp. Where does this missing wire go?
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    Seat foam disintegrating

    Hi All Noticed that when jumping in and out of the car the seat foam seems to be disintegrating and comes through the brushed nylon and goes everywhere. Is this common and is it fixable?.
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    Speedo reading

    Hi all The Guvnor is now on the road,however the speedo under reads by 5mph. Eg at an indicated 30mph it's 35mph on the sat nav This is against the sat nav and is the same whether at 30mph or motorway speeds. The tyres are the correct size so not sure what to do. Is it a fault or does it...
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    3500s Tilton on the hill

    Spotted I think a lunar grey 3500s tonight in Tilton on the hill, Leicestershire Rather a nice surprise!
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    Uploading pictures

    Hi all Probably a silly question but how do you upload a picture on the forum?
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    Newby on board

    Hi All. Just thought I'd say hello, Been lurking on the site for a while and I've finally bought a p6! Its the ex met regional crime car from Nick Dunning, it's currently being recommissioned by D&G. Counting down the days till I get it!. Cheers Catboy