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  1. whiterover

    Rear brakes

    Hi grey Rover here. I am in need of a piston cup assy part number GI 64327649 to suit the rear brake caliper on my P6, I am in New Zealand. Any help appreciated. John.
  2. whiterover


    Would you believe it? Christmas and Rovers dynamo (what I call a generator) stops working indicated by a brightly glowing ignition light, well I fitted a supposedly rebuilt genny which failed to produce enough volts 11v at idle 13v on the motorway 11v at night. I am assuming the regulator needs...
  3. whiterover


    Hi every one. I don't remember posting a pic of Grey Rover so here is Rover. He replaces White Rover who had a sudden meeting with a Mercedes on the motorway, Grey Rover had only 80,000 odd miles up, no rust but a noisy engine (sc) and gearbox, but now has a 22.000 tc engine and gearbox which I...
  4. whiterover

    Rover wonders

    Hi. Wondering is my Rover normal (if there is such a Rover). At cruising speeds (60 mph) he wonders slightly I am correcting a little to the left then a little to the right, at it the time. There is about half an inch play on the steering wheel, I adjust it out but it comes back. Also I have had...
  5. whiterover

    carburetor settings.

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I reset the mixture on my 2200 using colortune, where the instructions say that the flame should be bunsen blue, having achieved that and with both carbs sucking evenly, idleing between 800 & 900 nicely, I took the car for a drive and the mixture seemed lean (coughing...
  6. whiterover

    sudden bang

    Hi Everyone. The other day whilst pulling away from uphill traffic lights there was a bang and a rattling noise we didn't go anywhere. So after a ride home with the A A, I went underneath and found that I could turn the driveshaft without the wheels turning, clanking noise coming from inside the...
  7. whiterover

    Grey Rover.

    Hi. Feeling proud of myself as I have, with a little [/url]help from friends learnt how to post photos. So here are a couple of Grey Rover. [/url]re a
  8. whiterover

    Shockabsorber settings

    Hi. White/Grey Rover here. Must change my Avatar. Anyway I am looking for sugestions. I have scored a set of used Koni Classic shocks which are at present being refurbished by the Auckland agents. When I install them I am wondering about what setting I should set them at, would the rear ones be...
  9. whiterover


    HI EVERYBODY. Well I enyoy the forum and read the posts regulalary. So it is about time for me to post the latest hapenings here. Let me explain how the colour changed from white to grey, and that is not my hair which is mostly grey anyway and nearly went white. This happened on the way home...
  10. whiterover

    front bushes

    Hi Every body. Can anyone give me abvise about which bushes to use. I have to replace the front upper bushes as some are showing serious wear, I can replace with either nos or Uruethane. I am not looking for race type suspension. All information gratefully recieved. John.
  11. whiterover


    Hi Everybody. White Rover now has the 2200 running gear installed from the 1974 P6 donor car. A lot to report really. I must say the end result has been worth it. Rover pulls better on hills, gets away from the traffic lights smartly, has more torque at driving speeds, a delight to drive so much...
  12. whiterover

    gearbox oil

    Hi White Rover here. I am confused as my car manual specifies sae 20 as the grade of oil for the manual gearbox, where as two gearbox specialist I have spoken to say I should use sae 75-90, what does the forum think? I am getting quite close to transplanting the series two 2200 motor and gearbox...
  13. whiterover


    Hi everybody. Can anyone tell me in which wire to bridge an ampmeter in. Recently we were having flat battery issues, Caused by a faulty generator, worn brushes, worn bearings and polling, all fixed, the regulator is the correct one for Rover about 18 months old, I thought I would install an...
  14. whiterover


    Hi Everybody. I wonder if the collective knowledge can help me with Whiterovers brakes. When I depress the brake pedal I can feel something happening (through my foot) before the brakes start happening. Now both the vacume unit and the master cyl were rebuilt about twelve months ago, by...
  15. whiterover

    starter less.

    Hi every body. Well Rover towed our little boat on our holiday, and we had a good time. There was one little incident however. I flicked the starter switch when the engine was turning backwards (another incident) this really didn't do the helix any good at all and caused it to jam inside the...
  16. whiterover


    Hi Everybody. White Rover here. Wishing everybody Christmas wishes and all the best for the new year. In the new year we have lots to do even though the rebuilt 2200 engine is nearly finished (pics to come). Next is the gearbox, and some sound insulation. But first we are going to Taupo (A lake...
  17. whiterover

    engine rebuild

    Hi Everybody. White Rover from New Zealand here. I am hoping that someone can tell me that the pistons bo not come completly to the top of the block on a 1974 2200 4cyl motor. I have asembled the motor, with new std pistons after deglazing the bore, Fitted a new crankshaft with new big end and...
  18. whiterover

    Harmonic balancer.

    Hi. Whiterover here. I now have the crankshaft, main bearings and have ordered the big end shells from Wadhams, so some progress is being made. I am taking the time to prepare parts like in the pic. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the peg attached to the harmonic balancer is for. John.
  19. whiterover

    engine rebuild.

    Hi Everybody. I have started to rebuild my replacement engine, and have found that the crankshaft thrust face is very badly worn. I have located a new crankshaft but it is for an auto. does anyone know if there are differences? I was wondering about the flywheel mounting. John. Oh! I meant to...
  20. whiterover


    Hi. Recently when driving in heavy rain Rover started missing. On stopping under some convenient shelter I found that the distibutor cap was verry wet. Dried it and of we went. I wonder are P6 2000 prone to this. Cheers. John.
  21. whiterover


    Hi. John from New Zealand. I am the proud owner of a really good Mk1 P6. it has a really straight body and exellent upholstery, especially after I had the drivers seat rebuilt. We recently enjoyed driving a 3500 Mile tour of the South Island. Rovers original home. I have recently bought a 1974...