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    hello again.

    Well I could nt stand an empty garage so i ve purchased a p6. Im hoping to collect this weekend. so hello again. marcus.
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    nada on ebay

    Well im suprised no one as mentioned the nada for sale on ebay. Looks a good project for anyone. These cars are going to rocket soon being the ultimate p6 to own. Its a cracking car I ve driven it when my friend owned it. Marcus.
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    rosie rover p6

    Hi all rosie is stuck in gear. Listing changed Regards marcus.
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    wanted 2200 tc/ other bits needed

    Hi im looking out for a 2200 tc engine or a head to fit on my 2200 engine. Its a long term project so im starting the hunt early. I would consider a hole car if its a scrapper or mot fail. I would prefer the complete engine but any parts for a 2200 will be welcomed. thanks Marcus. im still...
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    over rider rear bracket

    Hi as anyone got one of these. Or is there a better item to use instead. :shock: marcus
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    Wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I ve been into my classics a long time but managed to purchase one 6 years ago. Since I joined the world of classic cars I m amazed how many people confuse the joy of classic car ownership with greed. I m really surprised how many people regard themselves as classic car enthusiast , when really...
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    webasto roof

    Hi all I know its a long shot but im in no rush. I m after a webasto roof for rosie complete , I don't mind if it needs recovering as I want it to do over the winter as im replacing the bad panels on rosie this winter. :D I would consider whole car if its a breaker. :( regards Marcus.
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    2200 3rd gear

    Hi all i ve been using the white rover for a week now and it sometimes will not go into 3 rd. It will change from 1st 2nd easy. Reverse is fine. It will go nearly all day into gear then it wont go into 3 rd. If i pull over and start again 1 2 gears it then goes into 3 rd . Any ideas the car as...
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    front door bottom frame repair panel.

    Hi i have some front door bottom frame repair panels for sale. They have some surface rust but are in good order. Im not sure pp cost but im selling them for £15.00 each. Or offers as im not sure on price but im sure someone will let me know lol. Regards Marcus
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    rear arm link

    hi I have for sale or swop the rear arm link its the one that fits the 2000 sc its got the a narrow bush on one end and the bigger on other, I got it as a spare for rosie but she has the v8 ones on so if anyone has the wrong one like me I would swop or sell this one, in good order will need a...
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    2000 or 2200 sc oil pump housing SOLD

    Hi I have for sale a nos oil pump housing for the rover 2000 or 2200 sc I know these can be expensive but I have two of these so selling one , im not sure whats inside them so . marcus
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    lower ball joint.

    Hi i have for sale some lower ball joints. But they dont have dust covers on but they do have nylon nut on. But you can buy these. I got them with some parts i ve just got. They do have a bit of surface rust on but nothing major. They are remanufactored ones. £10 each plus pp. If anyone is...
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    my rosie

    well you know rosie and that she is always in need, just wish i could free more time up to drive her more.